How Does A Guy Treat A Girl Friend? Let's Tell You All About It

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How Does A Guy Treat A Girl Friend? Let's Tell You All About It
How Does A Guy Treat A Girl Friend? Let's Tell You All About It

Video: How Does A Guy Treat A Girl Friend? Let's Tell You All About It

Video: How Does A Guy Treat A Girl Friend? Let's Tell You All About It
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How a guy treats a friend's girlfriend
How a guy treats a friend's girlfriend

Relationships between guys and girls are sometimes very difficult, which often leads to misunderstandings between them. Often, when communicating with a guy, a girl thinks about how he treats her. It would seem that the young man talks to her tenderly and beautifully, but at the same time he has no serious intentions in terms of romance or relationships. Or, on the contrary, a guy talks to a young beauty coldly and indifferently, but at that very moment he is simply afraid and wants to be with her. This article will help answer the question - how does a guy treat a girl to a friend?

The content of the article

  • 1 Initiative and interest
  • 2 Jealousy
  • 3 Frankness
  • 4 Mindfulness
  • 5 Body and body language
  • 6 Building friendly relations

Initiative and interesti

A guy who is seriously interested in a girl will in most cases start a conversation with her first. He is interested in literally everything that is in her life, thereby establishing verbal contact with her. He tries to be alone with the girl or creates such a situation, that is, invites you for a walk, to the cinema, to a restaurant. A young man may often write or call her. But if a guy treats a girl as a friend, then most likely you can not expect excessive initiative from him.

It is worth noting such a character trait of some guys as insecurity. Such guys are embarrassed to take the first step, openly declare themselves. Therefore, initiative as such should not be considered unambiguously.

Also, a guy who is in love with one girl often reduces his attention to a minimum to other girls and tries to communicate more often with the only one he noticed.

We will tell you about what to do if you like a friend's girlfriend in the next article!

friends in love
friends in love


A guy in love is often very jealous. He can be jealous of almost every guy who speaks with some kind of sympathy with his potential darling. His jealousy can be seen in the change in look and facial expressions in such situations. If he doesn't respond, then there are several options:

  • she is not interesting to him, as a potential girl, and this only means friendship;
  • he is too calm and knows how to keep cool not to show it.


This criterion is very controversial. A guy can be frank in a conversation with a girl if he likes her, and if she is only a friend to him. But if he talks to her as well as to other girls on neutral topics without much interest, then it is clear that the guy does not feel any special sympathy for this girl.

A guy in love will talk with a girl on more explicit topics (family, life stories, victories, failures), thereby expressing his trust in her. But a guy can also be frank with a girl friend if they are "good friends."


A guy in love always notices even the smallest changes in a girl's appearance, as he often admires her. Also, a guy in love can often compliment a girl to emphasize his interest in her. If a guy does not show such activity, then most likely he is only a friend.

how to be friends with a girl
how to be friends with a girl

Body and Sign Language5

Nothing signals an attitude towards a person as strongly as body language and gesture. The human body can betray what is hidden behind the mask of his face. Here, literally everything from looks and body movements to emotionality and gestures in a conversation can speak about the attitude of a guy to a girl. A guy in love with a girl, if you look closely, when you look at her or when talking with her, his pupils dilate. We can say that the eyes seem to "burn". When talking to this girl, a guy is very emotional, he can even often gesticulate, which greatly distinguishes a friendly conversation from a conversation of a couple in love. Also, a young man next to a girl he likes is trying to look more masculine. He straightens his shoulders and chest to appear bigger and stronger. The body of the guy's body when talking to the girl he likes is directed towards her. Also, a young man can put his leg forward a little towards the girl. But if a guy has his arms crossed on his chest, then this definitely means that he is closed in relation to her, and there can be no question of any relationship with a girl.

A guy who is in love with a girl tries to impress her. He will dress beautifully, will monitor the cleanliness of clothes and shoes, since cleanliness of shoes is one of the criteria that can greatly spoil the attitude of a girl to a guy.

Building friendly relations6

There is also one controversial move that can confuse any girl - forging a trusting friendship with the girl. A guy may be interested in the girl's life, but at the same time he will behave like a very close friend, disguising himself, thereby learning a lot of details about the girl. After that, as a cunning tactician, using the accumulated information, he will proceed to decisive actions that the girl did not expect.

how to be friends with a guy
how to be friends with a guy

In conclusion, it should be said that a lot also depends on the psychological characteristics of a young person. Some guys may not quite fall under all of the above criteria. But such a gradation will allow you to accurately determine how a guy relates to a girl.

Read more about friendship between a guy and a girl here.

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