Should A Man Help Around The House Or Is It A Woman's Duty?

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Should A Man Help Around The House Or Is It A Woman's Duty?
Should A Man Help Around The House Or Is It A Woman's Duty?
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man with a tray
man with a tray

Home and life ceased to be only a woman's lot. In our time, the time of equal opportunities and work, it is somehow not customary to divide household chores into male or female. Living together is work and responsibility. Who else doubts whether a man should help around the house, read the article, we will dispel your beliefs.

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  • 1 Separation of areas of responsibility
  • 2 How much time is spent at home
  • 3 Motivate the man

The topic "who owes whom and for what" is quite acute. We will not conduct discussions and debates, otherwise it will not lead to good. In general, the original formulation of the question is not entirely correct. Probably, this is not really a duty, but compliance with the rules of life.

Let's give an example. At work, everyone is required to understand that return and efficiency, but also proper appearance. This applies to all employees. There are even more stringent requirements for a certain category, but this is not about them. A clean and tidy employee is the norm. This is a requirement for both the woman and the man.

Why, then, should the fair half be responsible for the cleanliness of clothes, for ironed shirts in the house? And it shouldn't at all, this is a common duty, this is a common area of ​​responsibility.

Separation of areas of responsibility

Sharing or taking turns cleaning or cooking is a show of respect in the family. But we must come to this. It is much easier to delimit zones at the very beginning of a relationship. If a man is ready to help around the house initially, then that's great. Otherwise, it should be discussed. Draw up a kind of contract that will help to delineate responsibilities and distribute responsibility evenly.

It is also beneficial for a man. Instead of an eternally exhausted wife, perplexed by a bunch of household chores, he gets a partner who feels the return and care from him, and is ready to devote more time to him. Spending time together is a tremendous value, which is destroyed by an improperly organized life. So, what household chores can be shared or fully delegated:

  • cooking food;
  • purchase of groceries, household chemicals;
  • washing floors or cleaning carpets;
  • washing;
  • ironing linen;
  • taking out the trash.
male help around the house
male help around the house

As you can see, the list is quite small, but how much time it takes from one person. Together, any task is much easier and more pleasant to complete. Just remember that it is necessary to take into account the interests of each other and make concessions. If a man does not want to cook at all, then take this responsibility upon yourself, and delegate him, for example, cleaning the floors or involve him in simple help in the kitchen.

How much time do they spend at home2

The distribution of homework depends on many factors: someone works from morning to night, someone has a shift schedule. All these nuances must be taken into account and help each other out. It is interesting to trace the dynamics and see how much time men from different countries spend on average on housework. The number will change depending on the mental characteristics. After all, there are countries where gender-based rights are strictly divided and limited and the question of whether a man should help around the house is inappropriate, but there are equal states in which cleaning or cooking is not something shameful for a man.

The French Organization for Economic Cooperation conducted research and showed in the results how much time men devote to household chores every day. The first five countries are listed in the following order:

  1. Slovenia - 114 min;
  2. Denmark - 107 min;
  3. Estonia - 105 min;
  4. France - 98 min;
  5. Belgium - 97 minutes
male help around the house
male help around the house

Further, by a small margin, Australia, Canada, Germany, and all Scandinavian countries were included in the list. Men of these nationalities devote from 1 to 1.5 hours daily to household chores. But representatives of the last 4 countries such as Japan, Turkey, Korea and India devote only 20 minutes a day to taking care of the house.

The results show well the dependence and distribution of roles in these countries. It is no coincidence that the eastern states ended up at the bottom of the list, because traditionally, housekeeping falls on women's shoulders.

Motivate a man3

If your man continues to behave like a typical Eastern country, then use the method of positive reinforcement. Its principle is quite simple: for any deed, even the most insignificant, it is necessary to praise. For example, a man washed only one single mug after himself, but this is already a small step towards solving a big problem. Do not forget to kiss him, or give him an affectionate word or hug.

The second principle of the method is to ignore behavior that you don't like. For a while, forget about scandals and complaints about everyday life. Just ignore the scattered socks and T-shirts that are not in the closet, but on the chair.

Only after the appearance of positive dynamics, start talking about areas of responsibility. Will be hostile, again return to the method of positive reinforcement.

male help around the house
male help around the house

In general, a real man does not have a non-male job, but a non-female one. And very few people enjoy cleaning, but taking care of the cleanliness of the house is a manifestation of care and respect for those who live in it. Love each other, take care of each other and fill your home with energy, because most of your life passes within its walls.

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