Signs Of A Generous Man: Instructions For Men And Women

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Signs Of A Generous Man: Instructions For Men And Women
Signs Of A Generous Man: Instructions For Men And Women

Video: Signs Of A Generous Man: Instructions For Men And Women

Video: Signs Of A Generous Man: Instructions For Men And Women
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Generous man
Generous man

A generous man is a tidbit for many women. Anyway, they think so. But is it really that tasty? Let's figure it out.

The content of the article

  • 1 The nuances of our perception
  • 2 Do you want to become his wife?
  • 3 It's also dangerous
  • 4 Long live greed?

When we hear the phrase "generous man", we immediately imagine a kind of plump kind-hearted man who throws money left and right with a joyful smile. Meanwhile, generosity is one of the qualities of a person that encourages him to provide disinterested help to others, to provide charity, and yes, to give gifts as well.

And for some reason, it doesn't feel like calling that person generous, who adopted 2-3 children, who disinterestedly invited you to sit with your sick mother, who stays after class to explain to you an incomprehensible topic, no. But this is precisely what is called selfless help.

By the word “generosity” we are accustomed to understanding giving away money that does not need to be returned later. Well, a generous man is the one who will shower everyone with money, while he must have a smile on his face. Imagine a man gives money, but at the same time grumbles. Do you find him generous? Rather, in your understanding, he will be a curmudgeon (and the fact that he still gave money does not count).

The nuances of our perception

The concept of "generous man", in fact, is very shaky and completely illogical. There are so many nuances in our minds that do not allow us to call a truly generous person with this word, we are wrong, but not enough when we think about it.

  • If a man gives back his last shirt, will carry baskets of apples for your children every day and do a bunch of things at your dacha, but he will not be able to give money (because they are stupid), he does not fall into the category of “generous”. You didn't give out the money, you scoundrel!
  • If a man gives you 5-10 thousand all the time, but one day he refuses to give 100 rubles, then he will not fall into the category of “generous” either. And because generous is when he gives money constantly and never refuses (no matter what the reason);
marry a generous man
marry a generous man
  • generous - the antipode of economical. In fact, the economical one can be generous, but in our thinking these two concepts are not compatible;
  • If your man never limits you in money ever, but does not give money to your mother for a new handbag or to your girlfriend for a trip abroad, then he is also not generous. Generous, this is when money is always given to everyone without refusal. Oh yes! More - with a smile!
  • If your man floods you with gifts every day, but does not give money in his hands, such a man is a reptile, but not at all generous;
  • If a man has invested his money in your business (in your home, in your education, in your health, in the education of your son, etc.), but you have not received finance from him, then it is not advisable to talk about generosity. No money, no generosity;
  • a purely automatically generous man is credited with such qualities as joyfulness, reliability, gentleness, smiling, recklessness, because a person with a gloomy face cannot be generous a priori!
  • A generous man must definitely give money, not counting. What kind of generosity is this if he counts every penny!
Generous man
Generous man

That is, from the above, the next portrait emerges - a generous man, this is a man who enthusiastically gives an unlimited amount of money to everyone who asks, who does not dare to refuse anyone, and who does not even think of counting the bills with which he must part.

Is this so? Think about who you think is generous. Perhaps your views will change.

Do you want to become his wife? 2

But now it's worth pondering - is such a husband needed?

Let me give you an example. One friend of our family married a man … let's say, tolerant, not Russian. Generosity is a national trait of this people. In fact, these people are brought up to be generous from infancy. Women are obliged to generously treat and meet everyone who steps on the threshold of their house, and men are obliged to simply shower their beloved with gifts and money (in fact, it was our lady who charmed). The man did not stop being generous after he conquered his lady, but this did not save the situation.

He was very generous. So generous that our friend, already in the second week of living together, panicked eyes, and the generosity continued to go off scale. In their house it was customary to receive guests generously (!!!). Whenever they come. And they could show up at 7 pm, and at midnight, and at 2 am.

marry a generous man
marry a generous man

At the same time, the lady was obliged to smile, throw the richest treats on the table and exude unrestrained delight from the meeting. It's good if such meetings are at least once a month, but what if every day? Do you have a small child? And are you on maternity leave? And if you don’t have money in the morning, even for milk for your child, you go, borrow from your mother, and in the evening - oops !!! again "long-awaited" guests and a generous table?

At the same time, when the husband has money, there are relatives, friends of relatives, friends of relatives of friends who desperately need money! By the way, it is enough just to say “I am from such and such”, and that's it. Money must be given. And they surrender, as it should be, with a smile, with a shake of hands, with "no hurry to nada." The lady divorced her husband. She, of course, was not looking for a curmudgeon's husband, but such a deafening generosity was too much for her.

So … take your time to marry the generous. Although … It remains to be seen whether you will suit a generous man as a wife. In order for a man to be called generous, he must have something to give. Well, who would call a man generous who lives on handed over bottles? It is necessary that the master earns good money, and then generously presents each and every one from his salary. And already the very marriage with a wealthy man is already happiness! And why is it necessary that he was also generous?

Okay, let's say your loved one is making good money and is quite capable of being generous. But you should consider - he will be generous not only with you. His generosity will also be enjoyed by his relatives, and his friends, and his acquaintances, and acquaintances of acquaintances, and relatives of friends, and … Is this what you need?

how to find a generous man
how to find a generous man

Another aspect is a person who gives money to everyone, without restrictions, cannot be considered adequate. If only because he creates an inadequate situation, he gives money to just anyone. For treatment, yes, for education, yes, for breast augmentation for an 18-year-old girl …? What for? On the 27th dress? For what? If a person does not think about it, then he is inadequate. And for what purpose is this inadequate necessary?

It's another matter when a man becomes temporarily generous. This is in the case when he gives money with a long-range scope. That is, for a while he wants to be impeccable (and generosity is a very tempting quality) in order to please you. During this bouquet period, you will be presented not only with bouquets, but also sweets, jewelry and even cars! But … this can stop immediately, as soon as the man gets you or decides to switch to another beauty. Then your wizard will wave a magic wand not at all for you.

Well, one should ask - where is that inexhaustible fountain of money that helps a man to unselfishly waste money? Is everything clean?

The most striking example of a generous man is Sergei Sergeevich Paratov ("Cruel Romance", plays the role of Paratov Mikhalkov). That's good, handsome! And one gypsy a pack of money in his bosom, and the gypsy girls - a bunch of bills, and he does not regret himself! Well, of course, "let's drink to Sergei, Sergei is expensive …". And how did the little man finish? Very successful, I must say. He married the "oil fields". And before that, his generosity raked out all the parental fortune from the peasant, if anyone does not remember.

where to find a generous man
where to find a generous man

Well, which woman wants her generous husband to send his wife and children around the world?

It is also dangerous3

Generous man, these are not so much pluses as minuses:

  • when a person uncontrollably gives money to anyone who asks, from himself, “black days” are sure to come, and he is forced to go into debt. This would not have happened if this person had properly distributed his finances and did not throw money;
  • if a man is generous and can afford it, then people with a bad conscience will surely wipe away with him. And what is in their heads is not clear to anyone. Very often these "friends" substitute a generous comrade so that he either has to hide or drastically change his life;
  • a generous comrade necessarily breeds parasites. At first, people simply use generosity, then they begin to consciously use a generous man for their own selfish purposes;
  • a generous man is not always a joy for loved ones, because very often they then have to pay for the generosity of their loved one - to feed him, support him, until he again has money, which will quickly go away again, etc.;
find a generous man
find a generous man
  • people get used to all good things (to our deep regret). If at first someone accepted a generous gift with gratitude, then subsequent times will be taken for granted, and then, if at some point the voluntary donation of a generous person ends, it is already accepted with hostility - but why? Well, I helped with money and continue to help! If no more help is available, it can be very difficult to maintain a good relationship;
  • if a generous man helps one, then others begin to expect the same. Well, imagine for yourself - if a brother helps one sister and the other does not help (no matter who their sisters live like), it is clear that the second sister will also expect help from the brother. And if he refuses her, then … Explain further?
  • If a man is generous, then it is not at all necessary that he will be respected, honored and carried on his hands. More often than not, they pat him on the shoulder, clatter their tongue - “Well done, he helped! You are generally cool! " But in fact, such a man does not achieve true respect. And everything is explained simply - they respect such a person who knows how to say "no". And in our country, generosity is associated with reliability. Therefore…

Long live greed? 4

From our entire article, one conclusion comes out: generosity is stupid, dangerous, unnecessary, greed is everything!

Generous man who is he
Generous man who is he

Not at all. Best of all, the golden mean. Measure in everything is what you need to strive for.

So, if you decide to maintain the status of a generous man, but avoid all the negativity described above, then:

  • pamper your woman with gifts, not only during courtship, but throughout your family life. And in order not to be left without pants after the gifts, immediately calculate your strength;
  • if you decide to help someone, think - maybe it is better to give a person a "fishing rod" than to put fish in his mouth? Help to get a good job, give good advice, connect with the right people - this sometimes helps much more than just money;
  • never "throw" money without counting. You will soon cease to be good anyway, but the money will go away like water to sand;
  • do not strive to be called “generous”, why do you need this title? Better use your funds wisely;
  • charity is a very good thing, but besides this there is also your own life, the life of your loved ones, your children, and your parents. Therefore, it is better to allocate a certain amount for charity, and set aside the rest for your own needs;
  • learn to say no. Even a very generous man must be able to refuse;
Generous man who is he
Generous man who is he
  • do not let anyone sit on your neck. Remember, even the wives of oligarchs strive to do their own business, that is, they want to work. If you want your beloved to do the housework, then let her do it (then she doesn't need to hire 27 maids), and if she wants to work, then generously give her such an opportunity;
  • remember, if you give your beloved a 5th car per year, and your children from their first wife cannot wait for alimony from you, you have no right to call yourself generous. Yes, and your beloved will very soon think about whether it is worth marrying for you if you treat children like that. She will definitely think about it, it's over, if she doesn't need you only as a thick wallet;

And the most important advice is to observe the measure in everything - in gifts, in helping, in borrowing money, in treating friends. A sense of proportion is the only thing that is never enough.

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