Alarm Signal: Falling In Love Looks Like Insanity

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Alarm Signal: Falling In Love Looks Like Insanity
Alarm Signal: Falling In Love Looks Like Insanity

Video: Alarm Signal: Falling In Love Looks Like Insanity

Video: Alarm Signal: Falling In Love Looks Like Insanity
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girl with blue hair
girl with blue hair

Ah, love! A feeling praised by some, despised by the latter and terrifying by others.

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  • 1 Forgiveness
  • 2 One for all and all for one
  • 3 Addiction to social networks
  • 4 Jealousy
  • 5 Proofs of love
  • 6 Occupation
  • 7 At risk

A romantic relationship is designed to help two people find happiness and harmony. If one of the parties begins to dissolve in the relationship and becomes dependent, expect trouble.

How to understand that you are on the verge of madness from love:


Being able to forgive is the lot of strong people. But if in a healthy relationship partners solve conflicts, express their claims and come to a solution together, then a crazy girl in love is ready to make any concessions in order to maintain the relationship. Deception, betrayal, humiliation and insults, coldness, manipulation and so on - you will find an excuse for everything. He doesn't even need to come up with excuses, make amends and pray for forgiveness.

You will do everything yourself. Naughty? It is her own fault, she got under the hot hand. Tricked me to spend an evening with dubious acquaintances? He has a difficult period in his life, think, I'll sit alone on my birthday. None of my friends and family like him, and they beg me to part with him? They are just jealous / jealous / do not see his subtle nature.

Not everything can be forgiven. Do not be afraid that by showing your teeth, you will be left alone. Otherwise, they will wipe your feet on you, and then you will be accused of breaking off relations: "You are too good, I am bored."

One for all and all for one

You are ready to leave all your friends and family if need be. Go to your girlfriend's bachelorette party or wait for him at home with a three-course dinner? The answer is obvious!

When a girl is crazy about a guy
When a girl is crazy about a guy

If you have previously been a person who cannot say "no" and were ready to give the last shirt to a stranger, then your behavior is a consequence of your character traits.

In other cases, these are clear signs of dependence on the guy. He may disappear for several days without explaining anything, but as soon as he appears on the horizon and beckons you with your finger, you fly towards him, wagging your imaginary tail. Years of friendship with girlfriends are not worth an hour spent with him. If he asks, you will give up everyone who surrounds you, just to be with him. He does not like your girlfriend and he gives you an ultimatum "either me or she", and now you are breaking off friendship with a man who knew you when you hadn’t even shaved your legs.

Do you love yourself, do you value your friends - you do not ask yourself these questions. There is only a relationship with him, and in order to preserve them, you are ready to give up everything.

Social media addiction3

If he does not write you "Good morning" or does not wish you good night, you are already lying in tears and reflecting "what did I do wrong?"

You update his social networks as standard at least once an hour. It seems that you even learned how to do it in a dream. Of course, all his posts are carefully checked for likes from the ex and all possible future girls. You have notifications about his publications wherever possible.

You never turn off the phone and take it with you to the bath and to the toilet, so as not to miss a message from him and not make him wait.

Again, messages from friends, coworkers, and family are far less important to you.

Guy obsession
Guy obsession

If he doesn’t answer you within an hour, you are already throwing tantrums, crying in tears and snot, “you don’t love me,” and driving both yourself and him crazy. She herself is ready to call and write to him 24/7.


Irrational and unbridled. You are jealous of him for all the fair sex. If God forbid you hear someone's nasty (for you all women have become a priori dangerous) female voice in the phone, you are ready to tear and throw.

You don't like his friends. Whether they're the inventors of the cancer cure or the owner of a puppy shelter, they're competitors to you. After all, that precious time that he could spend on you, he is wasting on them! Blasphemy!

Any contact with the female sex for you is a reason for scandal and weekly insomnia. If you could, you would even forbid him to appear in public places alone.

Proof of love5

We all enjoy listening to praise and passionate confessions, but they are never enough for you. You threaten, manipulate and throw tantrums in order for him to say / prove and reassure you once again.

But that doesn't help.

You do not believe him, you are looking for a trick and confirmation that you are indifferent to him in order to indulge in suffering.


You don't like the fact that he can be good without you. Disgusting! After all, you forgot the last time you enjoyed life outside his company. If it was your will, you would have worked with him, and replaced his friends, both mother and father and anyone else.

You don't like being alone with yourself. All the joys of life fade if he is not around.

At risk7

Roof-tolerant love, like love in general, can inadvertently appear when you don't expect it at all. But there is still a certain type of girls who are at risk of going crazy more than others:

Insecure girls who believe that with their beloved man they will begin to love themselves. Unfortunately this doesn't work. In a relationship, such a lady becomes overgrown with even greater complexes and doubts and becomes hysterical and jealous

Falling in love or insanity
Falling in love or insanity
  • Girls who hope a relationship will save their lives from chaos. It doesn't work that way. On the contrary, if there is confusion in your head and in life, it is likely that harmonious relationships will bypass you. And besides, this is not fair - you get a full-fledged partner, and he should become your caring mother and a free psychotherapist.
  • Halves. Some women do not feel whole when there is no man around. They almost physically feel like halves, and are looking for someone who will fill their spiritual emptiness. But in order to have a happy relationship and harmony with yourself, you need to love your own society and begin to appreciate it.

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