The Qualities Of A Real Girl - What Men Value In Their Lady

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The Qualities Of A Real Girl - What Men Value In Their Lady
The Qualities Of A Real Girl - What Men Value In Their Lady

Video: The Qualities Of A Real Girl - What Men Value In Their Lady

Video: The Qualities Of A Real Girl - What Men Value In Their Lady
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The qualities of a real girl
The qualities of a real girl

Any girl wants to be the only one for her man. But sometimes personal qualities interfere with achieving the goal. After all, as you know, men walk with some, and marry, for some reason, others. This mystery, which no one can give an explanation, worries all the fair sex. After all, every man will appreciate the qualities of a real girl in his own way. What aspects of character should a woman possess to conditionally fit the status of "real"?

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Main i

Every man chooses a woman for himself according to certain parameters. Someone wants her to be submissive and agree with him in everything. Others are looking for a life partner with similar views and interests. Some just blindly fall in love and cannot even explain why they chose this particular type.

Still, men value such qualities in women as intelligence, beauty, wisdom, charisma, good manners and upbringing, the ability to dress stylishly and cook well, cleanliness and neatness. With all this, it would be nice to be able to earn money and be comprehensively developed, because living in the interests of your husband is stupid. Men, like children, love delicious candy in a beautiful wrapper.

We take into service! 2

Attractiveness and intelligence. According to men, these two things are not at all compatible for one girl. Especially when it comes to blondes (this is how stereotypes developed). After all, if a girl is very beautiful, by nature or with the help of surgical interventions, she does not really need the mind. And this, by the way, is not men's thoughts, but women's. Young girls purposefully make beauty for themselves to attract male attention: they extend their hair, nails, eyelashes, enlarge their breasts and lips.

But if you believe men who evaluate a woman as the mother of their future children, they like girls with natural beauty, well-groomed and purposeful, with an active life position and high self-esteem. The latter quality, by the way, has an important role. After all, girls with low self-esteem cannot realize themselves and often live the life of their partner. And when the relationship ends, they suffer from the resulting emptiness and again look for someone who can fill this emptiness. This, incidentally, applies to male fears, which also inhibit the development of men.

Beauty and appearance3

Beauty for a woman is certainly not the last thing. And it is the appearance that attracts men initially. But for how long? But it is not enough to captivate a man, he still needs to be kept, and not everyone can do that. Here is a particularly relevant opinion that in addition to a beautiful wrapper, one must be filled internally.

qualities of a real girl
qualities of a real girl

Advice for girls: take care of yourself and always be attractive. But don't forget to develop your personality, read books, watch movies, and expand your horizons regularly. Look for common interests with a particular man, thanks to which it will become much easier to find common ground.

Optimism and positive attitude4

Well, who would be interested in communicating with a person who is constantly upset, complains about life and is in a bad mood. After all, every girl appreciates in her chosen one precisely a positive attitude, a sense of humor, the ability to smooth out conflicts, etc. These qualities are also important for a man when choosing a woman.

A woman for him is a kind of anchor of stability in this cruel world, where it is already full of stress and anxiety. Every man wants, returning home from work, to see that he is expected, loved, appreciated, will always understand and support. Therefore, dear girls, smile more often for your men and just enjoy life.

best girl
best girl

Sincerity and decency5

Men are not as stupid as they might seem at first glance. And the concept of femininity does not at all mean a set of mini-skirts in a wardrobe and stiletto sandals. Many girls love a sporty style of clothing and a minimum of cosmetics, while they are not inferior to men in terms of education, mindset and career achievements.

If, with all your coldness and the image of an iron lady at work, you can be affectionate, playful and sweet with him at home - believe me, a man will appreciate it. Contrast in female behavior is one of the main features of femininity that all men, without exception, appreciate.

Do not lie to your chosen one, being with him in a relationship. Of course, he shouldn't read you like an open book. But deliberate lies play against your rules. Remember what a person experiences when he finds out that he has been deceived more than once? Don't make your man feel like this.

lady qualities
lady qualities

Thrift and cleanliness6

Every man wants a girl to be clean, economic and know how to cook deliciously. A man earns money, provides for his family, buys food, a woman's task is to cook him a delicious dinner. Banality, but not a single man has yet resisted the food that his woman has prepared with love.

The qualities of a real girl can be listed endlessly, but in the end you will get the ideal partner. But alas, as you know, there are no ideal people.

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