6 Reasons Why A Girl Won't Date A Guy

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6 Reasons Why A Girl Won't Date A Guy
6 Reasons Why A Girl Won't Date A Guy

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Girl Won't Date A Guy

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Girl Won't Date A Guy
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Yes, courtship is a tough game. Everything can go smoothly, but just one wrong action or word is enough, as suddenly everything falls apart. Of course, every woman has her own list of things that she finds repulsive. But a group of psychologists from the University of Western Sydney conducted a number of studies and compiled a list of what girls find unacceptable. These are the things because of which the ladies will not continue the relationship with the guy. Here are some of them.

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  • 1 1. Sending a photo of your member
  • 2 2. Comparison with other girls
  • 3 3. Uncleanliness
  • 4 4. Smell
  • 5 5. "I'm all so wonderful"
  • 6 6. Uncontrollable anger

1. Sending a photo of your member 1

You did everything right and now you are at that stage of dating when the girl is ready to go on a date, after which you may have sex. And so you send her this damn photo. Do you really think she wants to see your penis or does it turn her on? Most girls stop contact after that.

2. Comparison with other girls2

Even if you tell her that she is not like others, better than the others, or, God forbid, that all “your old ones” were stinkers, and she is not like that, you do not compliment the girl. Thus, you show that you hate the whole female sex. It is disgusting to insult the appearance or personality of another woman in the presence of your girlfriend, whom you then compliment.

3. Uncleanliness3

Dirty hands, unwashed body and hair, and wrinkled clothing can scare anyone away. This is not the kind of sexy kind of light negligence that is skillfully achieved with certain skills. A person who openly does not care about himself is unpleasant. The same goes for your apartment and bedding when you invite a lady to your place. Most likely, a friend, suppressing an attack of nausea, will try to escape very quickly.

4. Smell4

Women are much more sensitive to smells than men, and if they smell something different from clean and fresh, it will alienate them. It doesn't matter if you smell like sweat, Chinese food, trash, machine oil, or solvent, it's still unattractive. When you are told that a shower, deodorant, and a little cologne can work wonders in your sex life, take my word for it. At the other extreme, it smells like you were taking a shower from cologne. No woman can be next to such a man.

Reasons why girls won't date
Reasons why girls won't date

5. "I'm all so wonderful" 5

Don't play the good guy card by listing your merits. This also includes tales of going to the gym regularly and bragging about material wealth. And the type who proclaims the value of his shoes, shirt and various things looks like a perfect snob.

6. Uncontrollable Anger6

Getting turned on by little things is the easiest way to stay alone forever. People blinded by rage are truly scary. It also shows how poorly you deal with stress, and is completely untenable in dealing with interpersonal problems. No woman wants to be left with a man who will make her life a nightmare.