What To Do If You Slept With An Ex-friend And Why You Shouldn't Do It

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What To Do If You Slept With An Ex-friend And Why You Shouldn't Do It
What To Do If You Slept With An Ex-friend And Why You Shouldn't Do It

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slept with a former friend
slept with a former friend

The situation when I slept with a former friend is quite common. Almost everyone can find themselves in this situation. Some do it of their own free will, and some simply could not resist the woman, albeit a former best friend. Next, we will figure out how to protect ourselves and not let your former friend screw you up, and what to do if something terrible has already happened.

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  • 1 What to do?
  • 2 Why you shouldn't start a relationship with a former friend
  • 3 This can betray a friend
  • 4 Stick to the rule
  • 5 Reputation will suffer
  • 6 She's not the only girl in the world
  • 7 Karma is a bitch
  • 8 You will become the object of gossip

What to do? I

First, calm down. If you've slept with an ex-friend, then things might not be that bad. There must be an excuse for this, right? If so, great. Stock up on these arguments, as you will have to inform your friend about it.

You may not want to tell, and you will try to hide everything, but can you say the same about your former passion? It is possible that she herself will want to share this "wonderful" news, thereby destroying your friendship. To prevent this from happening, you need to get ahead of her and tell your friend everything.

Do not be afraid and worry. Your friend is not a monster. And besides, she is a former. It is likely that they parted by mutual desire and your friend does not want to return to her arms.

Simply put, there is no need to be afraid and worried. Just talk. Perhaps he will be offended for a while, but later realizes that this is not your fault, if, of course, you did not want sex with her and were perfectly aware of everything.

Why you shouldn't start a relationship with an ex-friend2

Despite the fact that you communicated well while your friend was in a relationship with this girl, you should not continue this communication after their separation. Why? Here are some reasons to help you understand why dating with your ex is a bad idea.

sex with ex friend
sex with ex friend

This can betray a friend3

It is important to remain faithful to your friend. This is known to everyone who has at least one friend. If you don’t want to offend your loved one in spirit and don’t want to cross out all the years of your excellent friendship, then it’s better to keep away from his ex-girlfriend.

Stick to the rule4

Surely you are familiar with such a rule that sounds like this: "Do not do to others what you do not want yourself"? Put yourself in the shoes of your friend who just went through a breakup, and then his friend begins to openly hint at his ex-girlfriend about a relationship. Would it please you? Would you like to continue your friendship? Would you like to see every day the one you loved before in the arms of your best friend? All parties, cinema visits and other things will now be shared with the ex. Would you be pleased to be in such a company? It is unlikely that you would feel as comfortable as before, when there was no girl between you. This is how your friend will feel if you decide to start a relationship with his ex.

Reputation will suffer5

All the secret sooner or later becomes clear and very soon all your friends and acquaintances will know that you, so to speak, betrayed your friend, preferring the company of his ex-girlfriend. If you don't want such popularity, then you should be able to say no, if suddenly your friend's ex-girlfriend begins to stick to you.

sex with ex friends
sex with ex friends

She is not the only girl in the world6

You can easily find that one, or maybe not the only, girl who will be much better at everything than your friend's ex. It also doesn't hurt your friend or your friendship. Finding a girl is not as difficult as it might seem. There are dating sites or you can just walk up to a beautiful stranger on the street and start a conversation. It's very simple. And most importantly, you later do not have to justify your weakness in front of a friend and not explain why you slept with a former friend. On the contrary, you will be able to boast that the new girl is doing in bed and you will not be ashamed of it at all.

Karma is that bitch_8212

Imagine that now you have slept with a former friend, and after a while, when you already have a wife and children, you find out that your wife, whom you have loved for more than a year, decides to cheat on you. Well, if you are not used to believing in karma, then keep in mind that some sediment will still remain. Pleasant sex with former friends is not enough. Of course, you will like the process, but will you feel good afterwards and will you regret what you did?

Gossip 7

In the age of the power of social networks, your act will definitely not go unnoticed. So, for example, your friend's ex might inadvertently tweet that she had a great evening with your company and that's it. From that moment on, everyone will know about it, because everyone has social networks. In addition, it is customary to subscribe to your friends and acquaintances, which means that her friends and, quite likely, your mutual friends will recognize your evening spent together.

sexual relationship with friend's girlfriend
sexual relationship with friend's girlfriend

In general, summing up everything that has been written, it is worth saying that you need to avoid meeting your ex-friend as much as possible, since it is likely that these meetings are not accidental and the ex just wants to be closer to the one with whom she broke up or to make you slept, thereby showing your friend that you are unreliable. She could also just want to take revenge in this way. You shouldn't expect anything good from this in any case.

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