How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships With Men? Practical Advice

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How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships With Men? Practical Advice
How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships With Men? Practical Advice

Video: How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships With Men? Practical Advice

Video: How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships With Men? Practical Advice
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Mistakes of women in relationships with men
Mistakes of women in relationships with men

The mistakes of women in relations with men are divided into two main parts:

The content of the article

  • 1 First and main part
  • 2 The second part of the big mistakes
  • 3 What is a short piece of advice for women to reduce mistakes?
  • The first part includes the mistakes of women from a female point of view, when, in their opinion, women, by caring for a man, make themselves worse.
  • The second - from the point of view of psychologists, when women, communicating with men, do badly to both.

First and main part

Includes a few female mistakes in relationships with men, when they do their best to care for men, take care of him and reeducate him. But it turns out "as always" and the woman is deprived of much that she deserves.

Excessive care for your man, turning into a "lisp"

It's nice to find a baby in your home without experiencing labor pains and without changing diapers and diapers. The story develops according to the traditional scenario (options are possible) - spoon feeding, joint activities with toys, cleaning the playroom. Accompanied by washing the diapers and rompers and teaching the man (child) to walk on the potty correctly.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the movie "Man on Call - 2"

After the first, home stage, the second stage begins, when the child (man) tries to break out into the vastness of the Universe - “hang your spacesuit in the closet, but not by the hood, but by the string; why did you throw the blaster into the corner - you have a weapon box; again on the street without a helmet - there is space cold, you will freeze …. Do not play with this comet, it is bad, byaka, it will take you away from me, mommy, and burn both in the flame of the Sun … ".

When a man is completely locked up in his nursery, having failed to burn up in flames together with a comet …, “mommy” starts having problems. The poor "child" cannot imagine himself in the same bed with "mother". No, to smack a tit is he with pleasure, but in his childhood erotic fantasies "mommy" is taboo. As a result, a gloomy and angry dissatisfied woman.

And a normal man will still break out into the vastness of the Universe!

Sacrificing yourself on the altar of a prosperous family life

Many women voluntarily become victims, giving up their insignificant desires such as "buy a fur coat from a Mexican jerboa." They understand that men also make tremendous sacrifices, refusing, for example, yesterday from a bottle of beer.

Mistakes of women in relationships with men
Mistakes of women in relationships with men

Refusing, refusing, refusing to please a beloved man, sacrificing their hobbies, desires, girlfriends, work, health, and sometimes the well-being of children - women impoverish themselves, become uninteresting for a partner.

How does it end? Either drag out your humiliated life further, or look for a new altar for your great sacrificial love …

And a real man will not allow his woman to sacrifice herself to please him.

A lifelong rescue operation

This mistake of a woman in relation to a man echoes the previous, sacrificial one. Feeling the weakness of a man, many women instantly find reasons to justify his humiliated state. It can be a difficult childhood, trouble at work, bad environment, unhappy love, finally.

If a man is weak, there is a reason.

a woman's mistake against a man
a woman's mistake against a man

A compassionate woman begins a lifelong rescue operation (men). She helps him, but no one can help her. Even if such a woman becomes a widow, she will find a new unfortunate man, more often a chronic alcoholic, and will save him, drinking herself with him.

A normal man chooses himself from such situations.

Little girl

This is a very pleasant situation for a man when a woman behaves like a little girl. But not for long.

The husband is a specific chapter, controls financial "flows" (often not flows, but tears), streamlines the romantic aspirations of his wife, usually reducing them to nothing, and if a woman does not have enough twisted convolutions in her head to turn his brains where necessary, it remains only to beg from the "daddy" their legal rights.

As a result, the woman remains a helpless girl in her family, begging her husband to buy her ice cream and let her go to a party with other girls.

Years up to 30, at least 40, it looks cute, but at 50, when an overgrown, sorry, “cow” is trying, like a young “chick”, to beg for new panties - it's already disgusting.

A normal man will tolerate until her 30s …

What a woman does wrong in a relationship
What a woman does wrong in a relationship

These are the main mistakes that women believe make their position and morale unbearable.

The second part of the big mistakes2

This part examines the mistakes of women in relationships with men that harm both sexes.

Women think the other half understands hints

The most common mistake. Women, like all normal people, extend their perception of life to others. In particular, they believe that men are well aware of the hints that women make in large numbers. No, it is not. Men are not diplomats and only understand direct speech.

Therefore, in most cases they remain perplexed and look, accordingly, half-witted. It is especially fraught when the hints are associated with female resentment. The lady closes herself in proud silence and answers questions about the reasons with contemptuous silence. "When a woman who has something to say is silent, the silence is deafening!"

What a woman does wrong in a relationship with a man
What a woman does wrong in a relationship with a man

A gentleman can remain "in confusion" for a long time until the lady forgives him, and does not acquaint him with his guilt. Gradually, a man gets used to such situations and begins to treat them indifferently. And the lady is accumulating irritation.

Dear ladies! You need to speak directly with your partners, not only when you call them to eat, but in all cases of life. Families will be stronger.


In a woman in love, thoughts revolve around the adored object. What does he do, who does he do it with, does he remember her, and, in general, does he love her? And if he loves, then whom? The poor man is bombarded with calls and text messages. And he has more than one beloved woman…. No, in a good way. There is also work, friends, hobbies - this is the historical destiny of men - contacts with the outside world.

If he doesn't answer, then he is busy, and not with whom, but with what. Already on the first day, colleagues may ask: "And who gets you so?" And what should he answer? Proudly - "wife!" Or - "so, one fool …".

Excessive obsession is annoying and can completely turn away a loved one.

What a woman does wrong with a man
What a woman does wrong with a man

The next error is the same as in the first part:

Sacrificial altar

It is necessary to allow a man to give gifts to a lady and not to give up the little joys of life, such as the same fur coat from the "tushkan". In the nature of a man to take care of his soul mate, he receives satisfaction and pleasure from this, almost the same as from sex.

You don't have to impoverish a man and yourself with your unpretentiousness or false pride.

Ivan Bunin said: "Women are never as strong as when they arm themselves with their weakness."

Jealousy for no reason

86% of women are jealous, but how exhausting it is for both parties! Well, he will stare at the beautiful legs of a girl passing by, so what? It's just that men, lovers of beauty, have such a nature. She will look at someone's lower back, but she will stroke her spousal ass at home. And he will look too.

How to behave correctly in a relationship with a man
How to behave correctly in a relationship with a man

You can laugh at unreasonable jealousy for a short time, then it will start to annoy.

You need to feel better than everyone, men are guided by the self-confidence realized by a woman. You can work on yourself, create a new harmonious image. If outside men look back at these graceful legs, then his own husband will often admire his wife, realizing her value in the eyes of others.

Constant criticism

A very strong irritant is the eternal grumbling of a woman.

No wonder men have a common name for a wife - "saw". From day to day, with or without reason, a woman's discontent causes only two desires in men: not to appear at home and finally knock her down. Vladimir Vysotsky voiced the words of all men who have such a "saw" in the family: "You come home, you sit there …"

All love is lost from this.

How to behave in a relationship with a man
How to behave in a relationship with a man

Dissolve in your husband

When a woman recklessly loves her husband, she can make the mistake of sharing all his interests in order to be closer to him. She forgets hers, breaks up with her friends and ceases to be a person. The voluntary shadow of her husband. At first, the husband is comfortable, but with his own shadow it becomes boring. "A woman is interesting as long as she is mysterious."

Domestic negligence

Alas, many smart, stylishly dressed, sexy-looking girls turn into scarecrows after their honeymoon, walking around the house in curlers and a torn nightie.

Of course, this can be regarded as the readiness of the young wife to be consumed by her husband every minute, but how much is it? The man still leaves the house, sees other women, again smart and sexy looking, compares them with his wife and not always the comparison is in her favor.

Moreover, it is annoying when, in order to go to a nearby store for a minute, spin in front of the mirror for half an hour or more, put on makeup, pick out clothes meticulously…. "And I, that is no longer a man?" he asks. “Well, you love me anyway,” she replies, putting on a dirty dressing gown after the shop.

What mistakes women can make in relationships with men
What mistakes women can make in relationships with men

Fix husband

Everyone has their own well-established shortcomings, which are difficult to correct yourself. But changing the character of a husband to his wife is almost impossible. Only for the worse. Going down is easier than going up. When you get married, you usually already have an idea of the character of the betrothed. “They knew the handles, what they were grabbing for” and it is naive to hope that it can be corrected.

We have to adapt to each other, find compromises.

Perhaps a man, on the contrary, considers some of his shortcomings to be advantages; not stubbornness, but perseverance; not love of lies, but a rich imagination…. It would not hurt a woman to look within herself.

A man feels lonely

Not always a man can feel the love that a woman has for him. Love can manifest itself in different ways. The husband could get used to completely different signs of love than the wife expresses, and, not seeing them, he feels abandoned

A woman, as a more sensitive creature, may ask (just not in hints!) What he lacks and correct the situation.

Excessive talkativeness

The talkativeness of women appears in many anecdotes and aphorisms. Probably, you cannot find a single great or simply famous person who would not speak out on this constant topic.

What mistakes can women make in relationships with men
What mistakes can women make in relationships with men

Men do not understand that it is necessary for a woman to talk. They usually do not have such dependence. I came home, listened to my wife, "uguknul" a couple of times and that's it - talked. It is necessary not only to speak continuously herself, but also to tactfully get the spouse to talk. Of course, not all evening or day, you need to leave him an outlet.

So you can better understand a man, harmonize relationships.

A woman brings up unkind children

Many women themselves have been brought up in this way since childhood, not seeing affection and tenderness from their parents for all their unconditional love. In addition to the fact that affection is necessary for children, according to psychologists, it is also needed by adults, especially women.

While caressing her husband, a woman receives a reciprocal affection and demonstrates her love to her husband, at the same time forming the correct behavioral model in children.

Doesn't support her husband

When the husband comes home from work with negative emotions, and the wife is indifferent or adds negative herself, this does not contribute to a good family life.

Mistakes of girls in relationships with men
Mistakes of girls in relationships with men

You should tactfully get the man to talk, find out what happened, sympathize and caress.

When a man's mood improves, he himself is able to correct the situation. You can also advise, but not categorically. The main motive of the conversation: "You will succeed."

With a strong rear in the form of a friendly family, men are capable of much.

What is a short tip for women to reduce mistakes? 3

  • In any situation, turn on the brains.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • To use the famous female logic and intuition - she often finds a way out faster than calculating male common sense.
  • Talking to your husband, if possible, without hints
  • Don't be indifferent to your man.
  • Treat it like a precious chamber pot, without scratching, but cleaning and washing in time.

And may all lovely ladies have strong family happiness and dazzling appearance!

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