How To Become A Successful Man? Secrets And Qualities That Make It So

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How To Become A Successful Man? Secrets And Qualities That Make It So
How To Become A Successful Man? Secrets And Qualities That Make It So

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successful man
successful man

In the modern world, the concept of "successful man" includes only two components: an enviable financial position and authority (high social status, popularity). The third part, the spiritual component, is attributed to the necessary qualities, unfortunately, only for show. Not true, you think? But quite satisfied with his life, material and marital status, a happy man often does not fall under the criteria of "success" adopted in society, and a careerist, with three divorces and neurosis, may well have all the attributes of success. So, apparently, in this question - what is a "successful" representative of the stronger sex, there are still a lot of unclear points.

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  • 1 Which of the men does not exactly fall into this category
  • 2 Female gaze
  • 3 "Three pillars" of a man's success
  • 4 Appearance is deceiving. Not always, but still …
  • 5 Levels, needs and goals
  • 6 Not a goal, but a means to achieve it

Which of the men definitely does not fall into this categoryi

For clarity, it is worth using the "by contradiction" method. So, what kind of man is not considered as a role model?

A man with low self-esteem is downright programmed to fail. Errors in upbringing, a peculiarity of character or a series of failures led him to the fact that everything is seen in gloomy colors, beginnings end in nothing and personal life is bursting at the seams - it doesn't matter. This type of man can hardly claim the status of "successful".

The environment and low social status play a role to the extent that the man puts up with them. That is, it depends only on dedication and strength of character. In most cases, unfortunately, a person surrounded by mediocrities prone to degradation, even having considerable potential in any area of ​​life, does not find the strength to break out of the vicious circle. But there are many examples when dissatisfaction with his position, on the contrary, prompted a man to rise higher, become stronger, smarter and, as a result, more successful.

The type of men who know how to show off. Replacing the inner essence with external attributes is not uncommon. A man can have a prestigious home, a decent car, look great and smell of expensive perfume. But with all this, be by no means a self-sufficient person. A source of income can be wealthy parents, a loving woman.

successful man
successful man

The last category should not be closely considered as candidates for success, of course, but, for the sake of decency, let us mention: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction and a general tendency to self-destruction on any rudiments of success put a fat cross quickly and unequivocally.

Female gaze 2

Any woman dreams that the man with whom she shares her life will be successful. What does this mean in the understanding of a woman? Let's turn to the data of opinion polls.

  • A man should be the undisputed leader. With his opinion and authority, others should be considered, and decisions should not be challenged or questioned.
  • Job. Prestigious, giving a solid material base for life and opportunities for growth and self-realization.
  • Ability to clearly set a goal and determine the best ways to achieve it. And, of course, the result.
  • Confidence. In yourself, in the future, in the correctness of the decisions made.

Women are contradictory creatures. Representatives of the younger generation in our time are more inclined to look for a "finished copy" of a man who has achieved compliance with the necessary conditions. Earlier in honor there was another line of female behavior: to provide a loved one with a "reliable rear", support and approval of his undertakings. The faith of a beloved woman in her man is sometimes, indeed, capable of working miracles.

For the beautiful half of humanity, who still believes that by the power of their love they can provide considerable help to their man in order to achieve success in life, there are several time-tested recommendations:

woman for a successful man
woman for a successful man
  • Avoid excessive, unreasonable and harsh criticism, but you can and should talk about your desires, your common dreams and the confidence that he will certainly achieve everything.
  • No matter how trite it sounds - put your soul into everything that you do for your loved one. Whether it's cooking and washing or supporting him in his endeavors. Your desire to see your man should be sincere, and not look like a desire to achieve something meaningful in life with his hands.
  • Do not make it an end in itself to create from your favorite standard of success. Do you love him? This means that you will be happy with him even if the bank account is not indicated by a dollar amount with six zeros. Paradise can be in a hut, remember?

Of course, the recommendations are too general. It cannot be otherwise, because every couple and every person is individual. But, I think, the logic is clear - a sincere desire to achieve something together, love and faith in the strength of a loved one can sometimes work wonders.

It remains only to warn women living next to a successful, in the full sense of the word, man, from some "pitfalls", which are almost impossible to avoid. Be prepared for the fact that your spouse will devote 80% of his time to his career or business, and not to your joint family hearth. There will be many ill-wishers and envious people. As well as women who want to draw your man's attention to their person. The romance of falling in love will almost inevitably come to naught, being replaced by the pragmatism of the everyday life of a business man. There will be many nuances and surprises, most likely, your relationship will have to go through a serious test of strength. Sadly, facts are stubborn things. Often men, having achieved success in life, forget about how significant a role the beloved woman played, who was his support for all the years while he was walking towards success.

relationship with a successful man
relationship with a successful man

"Three whales" of a man's success 171_187

The most important, nevertheless, is the natural, given by mother nature, the ability to withstand the vicissitudes of life, the desire and ability to change unfavorable circumstances in their favor. The role is played by both character traits and the presence of leadership qualities and natural optimism. If an exceptional talent in any area is attached to this, the components of success can be considered fully completed (of course, in the absence of a craving for self-destruction and the presence of a loving and understanding life friend).

The material component for a truly successful person is not only external surroundings. It is important to realize the fact that acquisitions are the result of his activities, material confirmation of his abilities and personal qualities. For many men, the struggle for the best "place in the sun" takes on the character of a competition or even a game. That is, expensive things are not an end in themselves, but just a confirmation of a leading position and their own solvency.

The spiritual component, which has been given undeservedly little importance lately. The inner "core", overcoming one's own weaknesses and shortcomings, determining the boundaries of the desired and the possible, ultimately determine whether a person has become happy and satisfied, having achieved the set, difficult to achieve goals.

signs of a successful man
signs of a successful man

It's sad if your whole life turns out to be a race for a ghostly ideal or just competition for the sake of competition. In this case, it doesn't matter how high the status was achieved. Happier and ultimately more successful will be a man whose desires (pardon the banality) coincide with his capabilities. Example? Good. The star of the screen, the favorite of the audience, who has long forgotten what material problems are … The result is practically suicide in a hotel room at the height of his career popularity. But few doubted his success. It's about the beloved by many Heath Ledger, who received an Oscar for his role as Joker in The Dark Knight posthumously. It's a pity, but it's a fact.

Another example is a happy family man in a small provincial town, hardworking, talented and efficient enough to have a job to his liking and provide for his family with dignity. There will be no names, there are many such men. And they are really successful.

Appearances are deceptive. Not always, but still … ___ 8230

Outward signs of success, of course, are more comprehensible and visual. Let's list the most significant ones, but the saying “they meet by their clothes…” should not be forgotten. A tailcoat can be rented, a car can be the property of a close relative, and the scent of expensive eau de toilette can be borrowed from the chef.

Appearance. Does a successful man have to have an athletic body? Bill Gates, I think, is still not a fitness fanatic, but can anyone say that the creator of "Microsoft" has not achieved success in life? But, of course, grooming is easier to acquire if you have a lot of money

the appearance of a successful man
the appearance of a successful man

Clothing and style. A more obvious sign. Expensive, branded and, nevertheless, by no means catchy, bright and flashy outfits and accessories. You need to have an innate taste to distinguish real from fake and posturing from style. But even in this case, the moment with clothes seems more than controversial. Or maybe the owner of, say, an entire international company that produces something very popular, just likes to dress informally, but comfortable and bright (except for business meetings, of course)? I remembered a recent case discussed in Runet with great pleasure: near a well-known hotel in one European resort town there was an elite brand car (for example, a Bentley, but not the point). A chic Italian with a typical movie star appearance and a Hollywood smile stepped out of the door. Suit, accessories - everything is in its place.The dream man is a model of success. The surrounding tourists, immediately deciding that they saw a living celebrity in front of them, asked for autographs, took pictures with the "movie star". The Italian smiled benevolently at everyone and behaved extremely democratically. Of course, they did not pay attention to another middle-aged tourist in frayed jeans, who was standing nearby. Until the Italian, who was smiling enough, turned to him with the words “Cool! Thanks boss! " Then he opened the car door for him, sat in the driver's seat and the couple drove off into the sunset. Appearances are deceiving, remember?Of course, they did not pay attention to another middle-aged tourist in frayed jeans, who was standing nearby. Until the Italian, who was smiling enough, turned to him with the words “Cool! Thanks boss! " Then he opened the car door for him, sat in the driver's seat and the couple drove off into the sunset. Appearances are deceiving, remember?Of course, they did not pay attention to another middle-aged tourist in frayed jeans, who was standing nearby. Until the Italian, who was smiling enough, turned to him with the words “Cool! Thanks boss! " Then he opened the car door for him, sat in the driver's seat and the couple drove off into the sunset. Appearances are deceiving, remember?

Levels, needs and goals3

False and real success rates seem to have been sorted out. For greater clarity and a better understanding of the issue, you can take Maslow's pyramid as a basis. The starting point is satisfied physiological needs. There is no ambiguity with this point. Further - the need of any human being for security. In our question, this is the security of tomorrow, confidence in the readiness to overcome the difficulties of life, having sufficient strength of character and material base. Social needs. The point is certainly important, since we all exist in society. There is a great danger of confusing landmarks. Simply put - do you care about the opinion of others or your own peace of mind?

the needs of a successful man
the needs of a successful man

The need for self-realization, recognition by others of the importance of your merits. The goal has a long-term perspective. Self-expression of a creative person - a person is not a machine that cannot deviate from the algorithm for solving a problem (achieving success). The personality is multifaceted and all parties should receive harmonious development, and not be suppressed by others. So, from physiology to creative expression. To achieve success in full, and not only to obtain an external entourage, harmony is important.

Not a goal, but a means to achieve it4

Yes, it's about money again. By the listener, material well-being is often mistaken for a man's true success. And this is not entirely true. Do you think the underground millionaire Koreiko's character in The Golden Calf can be considered a successful man? After all, he also had a lot of money, of which Mr. Bender was personally convinced. And Mr. Koreiko, in turn, made sure that happiness is not in them. And they are an indicator of a man's success only when the other components are implemented.

A successful man does not aim to accumulate material wealth. They - just accompany his success. But not to miss your chance, not to get depressed from failures, but to see in them only additional motivation, to be able to set a goal and achieve it, to teach people to appreciate his opinion - only a truly successful man can do this.

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