Ellen Fein: Secrets Of A Successful Relationship. Rules For Girls

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Ellen Fein: Secrets Of A Successful Relationship. Rules For Girls
Ellen Fein: Secrets Of A Successful Relationship. Rules For Girls

Video: Ellen Fein: Secrets Of A Successful Relationship. Rules For Girls

Video: Ellen Fein: Secrets Of A Successful Relationship. Rules For Girls
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successful relationship
successful relationship

Every woman at least once was interested in the guarantee of a strong and long-term relationship. It is impossible to formulate one general rule for everyone, but here the works of writers and psychologists come to the rescue. For example, for Ellen Fein, the secrets of a successful relationship lie in a woman's awareness of her uniqueness and self-sufficiency.

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  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Uniqueness
  • 3 Distance
  • 4 Self-sufficiency
  • 5 Loyalty to friends
  • 6 Prospects

This article presents the key points from her book New Rules. Secrets of Successful Relationships for Modern Girls”.


It's no secret that they are greeted by their clothes. A self-respecting woman will take care of her dignified appearance under any circumstances. The author recommends that ladies follow fashion trends and choose clothes based on this.

We must not forget about the strengths and weaknesses of your appearance. Long, slender legs? Ideal for a short skirt that accentuates the sexy curves of the body. Small breasts? "Push-up" will not let men take their eyes off the seductive hollow on the chest.

A couple of interesting accessories will never be superfluous. The earrings will highlight the beauty of the face and hairstyle, which will automatically increase the chances of attracting any man.

However, even without sophisticated and revealing outfits, you can look great. All you need to do is follow a number of simple rules:

  • Well-groomed, clean hair;
  • Preppy clothes that fit together;
  • Neat manicure;
  • Clean, smooth skin.


Each person, of course, is special by nature. But in the realities of the modern world, you have to make an effort to stand out from the crowd of equally pretty ladies. This does not mean that you need to have a sixth breast size or hair to the knees.

the secret of a perfect relationship
the secret of a perfect relationship

The author says that the uniqueness of the girl lies not so much in her appearance as in her character. You need to be such that a man will be remembered even after one meeting.

Communication and behavior should stand out, but only in a positive way. Goodwill, education and intelligence will be able to put a girl much higher than her pretty, but unintelligent competitors.

It is worth paying attention to your own hobbies and interests. If they interest a man, he will no longer be able to get such an unusual and fascinating person out of his head.


Nobody likes annoying people. Needless to say, romantic interest in ubiquitous girls is lost instantly. No need to call or write first. Making the appearance of being busy is what a successful relationship starts and continues.

secrets of a successful relationship in a couple
secrets of a successful relationship in a couple

The author claims that you need to wait at least four hours before responding to a man's message. For some, this advice will seem wild and, perhaps, this someone will be right.

Excessive breaks in communication can cause loss of interest in the girl. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that there must be a mystery in any woman.


Even if a man is already “caught in the net”, you cannot show him his complete control over the situation. The world of a successful woman cannot revolve only around her lover. This does not mean that you should stop expressing your feelings. Everything needs a measure, and especially in relationships.

Writing to him every minute or spinning around the object of adoration twenty-four hours a day is the last thing. Even in a successful relationship, you should not forget about your own personality, interests and hobbies. Doing your favorite things, you can not only distract yourself from each other, but also continue to develop spiritually and intellectually.

successful relationship
successful relationship

Loyalty to Friends5

A man should not replace friends. First of all, because it cannot. There are a huge number of topics that can only be discussed with friends, having received both advice and support.

We must not forget that friends also help a woman develop. Discussing new topics helps to learn something new, and time spent not with a man will benefit the relationship.


Emotions and feelings for a man are certainly wonderful. But you can't let them get the best of your mind. Any rude, unreasonably negative attitude on the part of a man should be suppressed and well thought out.

Often women, falling head over heels in love, cannot think rationally and allow their "beloved" to mock them and morally kill. An abusive relationship, despite strong feelings, must be severed without regret.

how to build a successful relationship
how to build a successful relationship

This point also includes meaningless relationships. If the partner does not seek to transfer them to a new level, then he does not want this too much. It is absolutely irrational to waste time with such people.

The secrets of successful relationships from Ellen Fein in practice turn out to be quite logical and rather simple advice. Any woman deserves to be loved, it is only important to know her own worth and the limit of those inconveniences she is ready to go for for the sake of her man.

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