How To Punish A Girl And Why Can You Do It? Instructions For Men

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How To Punish A Girl And Why Can You Do It? Instructions For Men
How To Punish A Girl And Why Can You Do It? Instructions For Men

Video: How To Punish A Girl And Why Can You Do It? Instructions For Men

Video: How To Punish A Girl And Why Can You Do It? Instructions For Men
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man yells at woman
man yells at woman

Creating a powerful reward-punishing mechanism is essential for a man to have a happy and harmonious relationship with his girlfriend. Building relationships with women is an integral part of a man's life. Therefore, they are often interested in how to punish a girl without destroying the relationship.

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Millions of relationships lead to marriage. By following the reward-punishment system outlined in this article, you will increase your chances of a successful marriage.

Relationships are complicated. The dynamics of your relationship with your girlfriend goes far beyond the reward mechanism. It is impossible to cover all aspects of the relationship. However, creating a solid reward-punishment system is of great importance to the individual.

The right solution to this problem will save you headaches and double the satisfaction that you get from a relationship with your girlfriend.

Why reward or punish your girlfriend? I

Most men dream of having a girlfriend. However, girls are difficult to deal with. It's not enough to start dating a girl, you have to keep her. Moreover, a girl with a bad temper can make your life a hell of a living. Many men burn out in their relationships with women. A girl should make your life better, not worse.

You want her to be an asset in your life, not a liability. The same thing happens and vice versa.

Girls hate responsibility. Therefore, you must take responsibility and leadership in your relationship. Pay attention to the behavior of the girl at the very beginning of the relationship, she may begin to manipulate you. It is important to immediately make it clear that you will not tolerate this.

Girls are often considered socially savvy, but not in relationships. Most women have no idea how to be a good girl. They all have the misconception that in order for a man to be happy, it is enough just to be himself. They also tend to think that men only think about sex, so you can ignore his other needs. These beliefs are, of course, false.

punishes the girl
punishes the girl

Don't believe the trick that girls want to be strong and independent. You can understand their desire to be strong and independent, but they do not want to take the leadership role in the relationship. Strong and independent masculine qualities. If you let her manage the relationship, she will be offended. You must be a leader.

Girls also test boundaries during relationships. For the most part, they don't do it on purpose. It is a survival mechanism to test your strength as a human. There will be times when you must confront her. In fact, many times. If you cannot even resist her, you cannot resist the cruel outer world on her behalf, you cannot protect her from the dangers of the evil world.

Girls are driven by emotions, not logic. It will not work to explain some things to her. Your actions should guide her behavior. Actions speak more than words. A powerful mechanism of reward and punishment will be her compass for her relationship behavior.

Men are attracted to femininity, women are attracted to masculinity. Those who say that women and men are equal have no idea what they are talking about. Men differ from girls not only in terms of strength, no one would argue that the average man is an order of magnitude stronger than his chosen one.

ways to punish a girl
ways to punish a girl

Also, girls think and speak differently, not like men, much less often they say directly what they mean, it is important that a man in a couple is stronger. Women despise weak, effeminate men. Dominance is a masculine quality that is extremely attractive to women.

How to punish your girlfriend? 2

As you reward a girl for good behavior, you must punish her for bad behavior. Unlike rewards, punishments should be immediate and quick.

The most effective way of punishment is to ignore the girl; in practice, this silence will be much more effective than the loudest scream.

It will be optimal to first discuss what exactly in her behavior you do not like, otherwise ignoring will look childish and even a little feminine, because it is girls who tend to conduct dialogues from the category: "What happened?" - "Nothing," although it is clear from her that she is not satisfied with something.

punish a girl correctly
punish a girl correctly

Some men also believe that depriving the other half of the promised purchases would be a good option to punish the girl as much as possible. However, gifts are more appropriate to use for encouragement than for punishment.

Ironically, the more you fear losing her, the more chances she will leave you. The best option for maintaining a relationship is a vulgar punishment for a girl, read how to do it correctly in the article.

Examples of bad behavior you should punish:

Excessive drama in a relationship

There is no place for drama in human life. If she's making a drama out of nothing, calmly tell her that you don't like it and stop paying attention to her. She will understand what you mean.

Being late

Girls are often late for meetings with you. You cannot get rid of it, but you can minimize it.


If you catch a girl lying, you have every right to punish her.

Whims, tantrums

A weak man will not be able to cope with the tension that creates the mood of his girlfriend. He fills her with attention, hoping that everything will return to normal. While this strategy may work in the short term, it will only make the relationship worse in the long term.

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