3 Reasons Why Girls Don't Post First

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3 Reasons Why Girls Don't Post First
3 Reasons Why Girls Don't Post First
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why doesn't the girl write first
why doesn't the girl write first

The Internet has burst into our lives and has become truly irreplaceable. Many can no longer imagine their lives without the privileges presented by the international network. One of these gifts was Internet communication. At the moment, it is difficult to find a person who would not use social networks, instant messengers and other applications to conduct a conversation.

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Thanks to them, finding friends became possible without leaving home. And some were even lucky to find their soul mate on the Internet. The benefits of online correspondence are obvious, but sometimes it can introduce some confusion in a relationship. Sometimes men do not understand why the girl does not write first and this becomes a stumbling block between lovers.

Indeed, this behavior is typical of some of the fair sex. However, what is it caused by?

Reasons for the lack of initiative from the girl

Relationships are hard work. Couples have to constantly work on themselves to avoid conflicts. However, this is not always possible. As a rule, one of the most common reasons is the girl's unwillingness to write to the young man first.

As it turned out, every third woman believes that a man should be the initiator of communication. Even if the relationship has already crossed the line of the candy-bouquet period. Many guys are surprised and sometimes offended by such behavior of their beloved. After all, sometimes they get the impression that she doesn't really want to maintain communication. In fact, there are several reasons why the girl does not write first:

Fear of being intrusive

It is the fear of being too obsessive that makes the girl sit and wait for an SMS from a man. They are sure that guys do not like initiative ladies and will write only when they themselves want it. And the girl's desire to write or call first will be regarded as an encroachment on their freedom. Also, many are afraid to disturb the guy at the most inopportune moment, thinking that since he does not write himself, then he is definitely busy.

As a rule, such fears are inherent in very young and inexperienced girls who enter into a relationship for the first time. The desire to appear to a partner as an ideal, brain-hating girl leads to the fact that the guy begins to doubt the seriousness of her intentions. A frank conversation in which the young man admits that he would not mind seeing an SMS from his beloved on his smartphone screen at any time of the day or night can help solve the problem.

Fear of being rejected

Also, silence on the part of the girl can be provoked by the fear of rejection. Perhaps even past failed relationships could be to blame. It is important for a woman to feel needed, however, having once heard the phrase in her address: “Why are you writing to me all day, we cannot talk in the evening?”, She can withdraw into herself for a long time.

Such a reaction to manifestations of feelings can cause serious psychological trauma, which in the future will interfere with building new relationships. It will be quite difficult for a girl to trust a man and even more so to show her feelings.

why doesn't the girl write first
why doesn't the girl write first

In such a situation, a girl should discard her fears and doubts and believe her lover. Of course, the first sms will not be easy for her, but with the correct behavior of a man, soon this problem will be solved forever.

Lack of time

Sometimes a banal lack of time can be the cause of a woman's ignorance. This reason is more typical for older women who fully devote themselves to work. Many men are not ready for such a workload of a lady of the heart and are offended in the absence of initiative on her part.

They are even more surprised that she still finds time for an answer. Women explain this by the fact that in the hustle and bustle of the day they sometimes simply forget about the existence of the telephone, and only the sound of the message that comes in makes them remember that there are things besides work.

In this case, it is rather difficult to say who is right and who is wrong. In fact, a man, associating himself with a successful business woman, knows in advance what awaits him. However, over time, nature still takes its toll and the young man begins to think that they have unwittingly reversed roles. Most often, the result is a break in relations. That is why many women who devote a lot of time to their careers are often alone.

why is it accepted that a man writes first
why is it accepted that a man writes first

Which Relationship Model Is Truly Correct2

Of course, the reasons why a girl does not write first can be completely different. However, more often than not, the fair sex simply does not want to destroy the generally accepted model of relationships, where the main role does not go to her. It so happened historically that the man is considered to be the head of the relationship.

It was he who had the honor of winning the girl and getting her attention. Based on this, many girls choose the passive role, sitting with the phone in their hands and waiting for a message.

The modern world is changing all the previously accepted foundations and no one is surprised if a girl works on an equal basis with men, and sometimes even more. Having won their rights in society, the ladies began to destroy stereotypical relationships. Increasingly, you can hear that the fairer sex not only wrote the first, but was also the initiator of the date.

Of course, this situation does not suit all men, because it can hurt their pride. After all, from time immemorial it was they who chose their life companions. However, there were also guys who liked the role change, because now they do not have to make vital decisions. The beloved will do everything for them.

the girl does not write first
the girl does not write first

In fact, no other model of relationships is ideal. It is clear that women should not pull the “blanket of leadership” over themselves. Dating is still a male prerogative. However, if the relationship has already begun, then sitting, waiting for a message, is also not worth it. Having received an SMS from his girlfriend, the guy will once again make sure that he is not indifferent to her. And this will further strengthen the relationship.

Of course, the question of why the girl does not write first arises only at the beginning of a joint journey. Having lived together for 10 years, a man and a woman no longer attach importance to such trifles, and time erases all the lines between lovers, making them one.

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