Refusal To A Man Is How To Remain Just Friends. We Will Answer This Question

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Refusal To A Man Is How To Remain Just Friends. We Will Answer This Question
Refusal To A Man Is How To Remain Just Friends. We Will Answer This Question

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How to refuse a man and not spoil the relationship - this question is often asked by girls who, due to circumstances, are forced to correctly say no to intimacy. And in this case, there are subtleties and nuances.

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  • 1 How not to deny a man in sex?
  • 2 Refuse gently and correctly

How not to deny a man in sex? i

If you value your relationship with a certain man, you should know how not to refuse him and thereby not ruin them.

1. Show incontinence, turning into rudeness.

Undoubtedly, you are very tired of his excessive attention, and therefore the full right to your own, personal and inviolable space. But here insolence, even in its own hint, is unacceptable. Why is that?

  • First of all, you are a girl and you should not tarnish your own image in the eyes of other potential gentlemen.
  • And one more thing - if he chose you as his own, indivisible object of worship and adoration, then he has exactly one plus. This is his good taste.
how to refuse a man
how to refuse a man

2. Do not go over to personality flaws.

The very female refusal for a man is a serious blow below the belt, to his pride, which can discourage him from approaching girls for a long period of time. Do not try to make the situation worse - there is no need to explain and tell, sorting out in regiments why you did so. The man himself knows about his disadvantages.

3. To regret

When you are dealing with an adequate man, you should not show pity for him. The last thing a strong person wants to see is in your words and actions. And therefore an attempt to regret, as if smoothing out his guilt - will only make it much worse, both for himself and for him. This will trample on his dignity.

And to refuse a man and not spoil the relationship is to prevent this from happening. Therefore, analyze everything that you will voice to a man and do not allow them. Men, and especially wounded ones, are very vicious and vindictive enemies, so never enter into such a fight with them.

Refusing gently and correctly2

First of all, prepare in advance the phrases with which you will "excuse yourself" from the annoying gentleman. There can be a great variety of such phrases - you choose yourself, depending on the situation and the reason for refusing the man's attention. But the main thing is to remember three basic rules.

how to refuse correctly
how to refuse correctly

1. Always speak convincingly.

It is a frank conversation that is not a business report, but a confident speech is a guarantee that the refusal will be accepted. And psychologists themselves say that it is precisely the tone and how we speak that matters for a man rather than what we say. Try to convince the man that you are completely different and your paths do not intertwine, not using pretense, curling curls on your finger, half smiles, and so on.

And one moment. You should not invade a man's intimate space - hug him goodbye, touch him or kiss him. A man will appreciate this non-verbal sign as a call to action and who knows ….. It can end with sex.

2. Don't make empty promises

Having picked up the right speech to refuse a guy, immediately cross out phrases such as:

  • I don't see any serious relations between us in the future.
  • Let's not trail.
  • Not yet and not here.
  • Maybe I'll think about it for a while.
refuse to understand
refuse to understand

So you definitely do not just not cool the excitement of your chosen one - it is most likely the opposite, it will irritate him and then it will be very difficult to stop him. Try to be as honest with him as possible - many men consider this quality to be positive, so the separation will not be so painful.

3. State a valid reason for rejection

The question of refusal to the gentleman will be easier to solve if in the conversation you provide him with undeniable arguments that can and will defend your position. But certain requirements are also put forward to the very reason for the refusal:

  1. She must be respectful and believable. A banal refusal will not work if you really do not want to offend your man.
  2. Plus, the reason should be neutral - never switch to names, personal characteristics of a man, and even more so do not compare him with anyone.

All this will make the conversation constructive and reasoned - a man thinks not with his heart as with his head, therefore it is worth reaching out to his mind. And in this case - only facts and only facts, no conjectures and ambiguity - just like that.

How correctly and competently can a man refuse? For example, armed with such phrases:

reasons for refusal
reasons for refusal
  1. I am against romance in the workplace - this is a matter of my principle.
  2. Sorry, but my heart is for another. He will also suffer if I go to you.
  3. You are attractive, handsome and handsome, but I am not impressed by couch potatoes - there is nothing you can do about it.

And one moment. To refuse and not offend at the same time - start the conversation with a compliment. Celebrate his courage and determination, strength, and everything that makes him the hero of any woman's novel. And he will definitely understand you and let you go, take with him a piece of your love …

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