Why Doesn't A Man Give Compliments? How To Fix It

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Why Doesn't A Man Give Compliments? How To Fix It
Why Doesn't A Man Give Compliments? How To Fix It

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why does a man not say compliments
why does a man not say compliments

Married women are often interested in the question: “Why doesn't a man give compliments? It makes me feel unappreciated, unnecessary. I don't ask for much, but whenever I dress on purpose, I don't get a compliment unless I say something like, "Do you like my dress?" And so, let's figure out why a man does not compliment his wife?

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At any given time, women make every effort to look good, keep the house tidy and tidy, prepare delicious meals, and so on. However, it seems that after marriage the number of compliments decreases significantly. These attentions don't have to be seasonal, especially in a marriage! Why doesn't Muchina give compliments after marriage? Denying a woman the pleasure of hearing nice words from you (which, by the way, are free) may just create a rift in your marriage.

Every woman loves compliments

Men get an ego boost through work or sports success; women build self-esteem through their partner. This is not in vain or petty, compliments are appreciated and women do not take what you take for granted.

For reference, here are the scenarios that might unfold in the husband's head:

What you think of your outfit is not what he thinks of your outfit. Every man loves something a little different. To receive a compliment, you need to look good for this person, not for the whole world. While a woman may be dressed inappropriately to his aesthetic taste, if a guy doesn't like it, he won't say anything. For example, if a guy doesn't like high heels, then when you wear high heels, he won't say anything good.


Women are masters at this. It doesn't matter what the guy says, she will say that she is fat or ugly or some other negative thing. A guy might say a dozen times that he likes her legs and she still comes back with "my legs are ugly."

husband does not compliment his wife
husband does not compliment his wife

She thinks she is modest, but in reality she just wants him to persuade her further. In the worst case, a woman "attacks" a man for daring to compliment her. And that's bad for a husband who has to listen to his wife 24/7, complain about her looks and her body and the like. Constant complaints affect him, he is learned by the experience that you gave him, and understands why praise her if she does not like it or she does not believe.

Why doesn't a man say compliments … but what about the reward__8230

So hubby gives a compliment and you immediately attack him, call him a liar, so what does he get in return? Can he expect his wife to be happy or even contented? Many wives quickly created a no-win situation for themselves. By ignoring compliments, they again make the guy feel like it's pointless for them to give them. And even more so when the wife forbids sex or just grumbles. So what does this man get for his compliments? She will not be happy, even for a second, she will still scream and grumble, she will still refuse to have sex and will still complain since he does not help around the house. So the guy doesn't say anything since nothing changes. This is why a man does not compliment his wife.

However, I think men forget a lot, you just have to remind them. Just tell him to resume the flow of compliments in your direction like in the old days. If you are lucky, he will listen to you, and if not, he may argue with you about what happened and feel that he is right when he does not do what you are angry with and has no reason to change. You shouldn't let the spark come out of your marriage because of this.

There are many other really important issues in marriage. If this is your worst problem, perhaps you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Sit down and talk to him. Let him know that you are in pain.

Why does the husband not compliment his wife
Why does the husband not compliment his wife

If your husband doesn't notice how well these hot nude shoes fit into this tight-fitting plaid skirt, and how your freshly brushed hair pairs perfectly with the beige coat you've spent a fortune on, and how your friend's recommended new skin care product was shading all the stains and left you with a truly "L'oreal" complexion, by all means, look in the mirror, nod.

You need to let go of your desire for spontaneous compliments, and you need to tell him when and where possible. Your hints can also be very specific. “Do you like this dress?” “I bought a new lipstick. What do you think about color? Do you like?". This may eventually change his habits - or not. But it will give you a certain amount of confidence and pleasure. A compliment doesn't have to be spontaneous in order to be real and sincere.

In some, though very few, marriages, the spark never fades. The man and woman manage to support him throughout their life together. And this is my prayer for all of us.

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