How To Seduce A Girl: 5 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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How To Seduce A Girl: 5 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You
How To Seduce A Girl: 5 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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Is it worth striving for a girl
Is it worth striving for a girl

Love is blind. Everyone has heard this phrase at least once in his life. The most unlucky people have had to deal with this. Lawless Heart. Therefore, guys often fall for the bait of soulless charmers. Such ladies only need the attention factor, not the relationship. This raises a reasonable question: "Is it worth seeking a girl?" It may be sometimes best to back off and stop trying.

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Seduction techniquesi

Many pick-up artists adhere to the rule: "Anyone can be seduced." They believe that with proper skill, any virgin can be persuaded to lewdness. Let's analyze the basic rules that Don Juans are promoting to the masses.


On an instinctive level, every girl looks for a protector in a guy. For her, a man is support, support and understanding. She should feel with her partner like a stone wall.

Therefore, it is necessary to acquire inner confidence. A real rod. To do this, you need to sensibly assess your strengths and weaknesses. This will help to sensibly perceive yourself as a person. And then you will definitely know the answer "Do you want girls"!

Disadvantages must be gradually eliminated. At some point, you can become almost perfect. Then, no girl can resist your spell.

Perfect appearance

You don't always have to wear suits. The main thing is to look elegant and stylish. With all your appearance you need to show interest in the relationship. Shoes are always polished. The clothes are ironed. The shirt is tucked in.

You need to look simple, but tasteful. Girls always notice small details. They are especially repelled by dirty boots. Therefore, it is better to carry a brush with you so as not to get into unpleasant incidents.

Do not use heavy artillery in the early days of meeting

The man is impatient. They want everything at once. Because of this, they make a lot of mistakes on the first date. They immediately offer to start dating. Some, especially desperate ones, call to them. Certainly, someone can agree. But this is not a guarantee of a long and happy relationship. Most likely, in the future, serious problems are possible due to excessive determination. Better to temper your ardor. Let everything take its course.

Humor is the best weapon

Guys with a good sense of humor are highly valued by girls. They seldom wonder if and how to get a girl. For them, it's just a hilarious punchline setup.

Jokes make a girl smile. Because of this, hormones of joy are produced. She begins to enjoy spending time together. Experiencing a real delight from your company. Therefore, humor can be a good way to win a woman's heart.

wanna get a girl make her laugh
wanna get a girl make her laugh


Girls, first of all, appreciate emotions. They are rarely rational. Most often, they listen to their emotions.

Therefore, if a lady falls in love, then it will be for a long time. She can be attracted by honesty. Say everything as it is. If she is the perfect soul mate, then everything will turn out perfect.

Of course, you can lie all the time. People like to seem perfect the first time they meet. However, if you are counting on a long-term relationship, it's best not to lie. After all, spring will come and all the "waste of internal processes" will rise outside.

Harsh Reality 2

You can masterfully wield all the weapons described above. But sometimes they are not enough.

The point is, love is chemistry. Therefore, the first minutes of acquaintance people understand whether their interlocutor is attracted. If the answer is no, then it is almost impossible to change it.

Of course, time takes its toll. You can open up as a person and start dating a girl. You can conquer it with pickup methods. But the chemistry of love won't just appear.

how to get a girl
how to get a girl

As a result, there are 2 options for further events:

  1. Relationships without a spark. Partners often get used to each other. The longer the “feelings” last, the more difficult it is to give them up. It turns out that a social unit is being born, which simply depends on each other. That such a relationship is no joy, only pain. Therefore, they are best avoided.
  2. Bitter parting. Such connections often end in a broken heart. The girl will go to the one who will evoke the necessary emotions. So this world will arrange.

So is it worth striving for a girl? More likely no than yes. Feelings pass. Especially if they are unrequited. It can be unpleasant to realize this, but it is better to find someone better. After all, as the classic said, the sea is full of fish, catch any.

According to Socrates, every person has a soul mate. You just need to look more carefully. Naturally, a virgin who does not feel reciprocal feelings cannot be narrowed. Therefore, it is better to open your eyes wider and take a closer look at those around you. Perhaps the narrowed one may be much closer than it seems. Close friends are often the best couples. Therefore, you can focus your own gaze on acquaintances.

Read more about how to win a girl in the next article.

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