What To Chat With A Girlfriend: 50 Topics

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What To Chat With A Girlfriend: 50 Topics
What To Chat With A Girlfriend: 50 Topics

Video: What To Chat With A Girlfriend: 50 Topics

Video: What To Chat With A Girlfriend: 50 Topics
Video: 5 Best Conversation Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like (When You Run Out Of Things To Say) 2023, March
smiling girl
smiling girl

One of the main barriers when communicating with a girl is the inability to find a suitable topic of conversation. But your further relationship with a beautiful lady depends on how comfortable and easy your communication will be. Therefore, it is in your interests to do everything so that there are as few significant pauses during the conversation as possible. And if you are still convinced that silence is golden, then we have some disappointing news for you. In this case, such a "gift" is unlikely to be appreciated.

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And in order to smooth out the "sharp corners" in communication as much as possible and help you turn from a modest silent man into an eloquent and self-confident guy - below your attention are presented the TOP-50 not boring topics on which you can chat with a girl.

  • Memories of childhood. Ask the girl to tell about the most memorable event of that time. Ask about where she most often spent her summer holidays.
  • About parents. Ask which family the girl grew up in. Who are her parents? Was she the only child in the family, or does she have brothers and sisters.
  • On family values and traditions. Does the girl have any permanent family traditions that she is used to adhering to?
  • School years. How did she go to school? Which subjects were the most difficult for her, and with which, on the contrary, she did not have any difficulties. With whom did she sit at the desk? What was the name of her first teacher?
  • About student years. Did she go to college? If so, what event of those times was permanently engraved in her memory?
  • About friends. Does a girl know how to be friends? Does she have many friends or does she prefer to entrust all her secrets to one, but proven friend over the years? Does the interlocutor believe in friendship between a man and a woman?
  • About shopping. Where does the girl most often make purchases? Does she prefer online shopping or does she prefer long walks in the mall? Does a girl always go shopping with a close friend or does she prefer to do it in splendid isolation?
smiling girl
smiling girl
  • About music. What style of music does she prefer? Does she have a favorite song that she can listen to all day long? Which artist would she like to attend?
  • Place of work. Find out where your interlocutor works. Ask about her relationship with management and the team. Ask if she has had any funny incidents at work.
  • About sport. Is the girl interested in any kind of sports? How long ago? Why does this particular sport attract her attention?
  • Her looks. What part of her body does she find particularly attractive and sexy?
  • Her character. Ask the girl to describe her 10 strengths and 10 weaknesses. Would she like to change anything in her character?
  • Place of residence. Of course, you shouldn't ask a girl to dictate her home address to you on your first date. Just come in from afar and ask if she likes her area / city / street? What interesting establishments are located near her house?
girl on white background
girl on white background
  • Movies. Ask if the girl likes movies? What movie premiere would she love to see (of course, in your company)? Does she have any favorite actors?
  • Pets. How does a girl treat animals? Does she have a pet?
  • Life goals. What is the girl striving for? What would she like to achieve in the near future? What are the primary tasks it sets for itself?
  • Favourite hobby. Ask your companion how she prefers to spend all her free time. What does she love to do the most?
  • About happiness. Ask what your interlocutor puts into the concept of "happiness"? Can she confidently call herself a happy person?
  • Leisure and travel. What types of rest does the girl prefer? Would rather prefer to rest on the beach, in the mountains or in the forest? In a noisy company or together with a loved one?
  • About extreme. Ask a wonderful companion about her attitude to adrenaline and extreme sports. Has she ever jumped with a parachute?
  • Plans for the coming year. Ask the interlocutor to dream up a little and imagine herself exactly one year later. What will it look like? Will her marital status change?
  • Holidays. Find out if the girl has her favorite holiday? Why this one? How does she usually prefer to celebrate it?
  • Gastronomic preferences. Feel free to inquire about your partner's culinary tastes. What cuisine does she prefer? Does she love and know how to cook?
  • About weather. Ask what weather she likes best. What is easier for a girl - heat or cold? Does she like walking in the rain?
girl laughs
girl laughs
  • About talent. Ask if your interlocutor has any talent. Does she try to develop it in every possible way?
  • About fortune. Does the girl believe in the so-called "lucky chance"? Ask about what happened to her in those moments when luck was more than favorable to her?
  • About the attitude towards romance. How does your new friend relate to various manifestations of romance? Does she like it when a young man commits cute romantic deeds and goes to feats for her?
  • About children. Find out about the girl's attitude towards children. Does she have them? How many children would she like to have, what names would she choose for them?
  • About the qualities that attract in the opposite field. Ask the girl to list the main qualities, both internal and external, that she would like to see in her chosen one.
girl on the background of the sea
girl on the background of the sea
  • Favorite sites. Talk about the internet. What is interesting and on what resources has she learned recently?
  • Social networks. Ask if your interlocutor is on social networks? If so, which one does she prefer? How to find her there?
  • About the attitude to virtual acquaintances. Ask if the girl believes in love from the first like? Has virtual communication ever grown into something more serious?
  • About foreign languages. Finds out if your interlocutor speaks one or more foreign languages? If not, what language of which country would she like to speak fluently?
  • About the car. Does the girl drive a car? Does it have its own?
  • About books. Does she like to read? What work she read touched her deeply? What would she advise you to read?
girl with a ball
girl with a ball
  • About the most ridiculous act. Did anything happen in the girl's life, for which she subsequently felt embarrassed?
  • About her attitude towards feminists. Does the girl advocate gender equality or is she more conservative?
  • About what she would like to learn. Would she like to learn a new profession? Go to any courses?
  • About dreams. Ask if the girl has cherished desires and dreams?
  • About the funniest cases. Ask about the funniest thing that ever happened to her.
  • About omens and superstitions. Does your interlocutor believe in various omens or does she not pay any attention to them?
  • About mystical cases. Did something happen to her that defies logical explanation?
  • About dreams. Does a girl often dream? Colored or black and white? Do they come true?
african american
african american
  • About the zodiac signs. Find out if a girl believes in zodiac compatibility? What zodiac sign was she born under?
  • About forbidden topics. Ask your interlocutor about what topics when talking with her it is better not to touch upon?
  • Small weaknesses. Does the girl have minor weaknesses that she prefers not to talk about once again?
  • About a sense of humor. Does she like to joke? Is it always sympathetic to someone else's sense of humor?
  • About gifts. Find out what the girl likes more - giving or receiving gifts?
  • About the attitude towards surprises. How does she feel about unexpected surprises? How often does she herself make them to her family and friends?
  • About dancing. Does the girl know how to dance? Does he often visit nightclubs? In which of them does he go with special pleasure?
girl on the grass
girl on the grass

Remember, the main rule when communicating with a girl is tact and sincerity. You shouldn't be interrogated on the first date. A few phrases are enough to help arouse her interest, and they will allow you to get to know your interlocutor better.

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