How Can You Make Peace With A Girl After A Quarrel: Advice From Psychologists

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How Can You Make Peace With A Girl After A Quarrel: Advice From Psychologists
How Can You Make Peace With A Girl After A Quarrel: Advice From Psychologists

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how to make peace with a girl
how to make peace with a girl

This question torments the men of our country almost every day. How? How to make up after a quarrel with a girl? Girls are very sensitive and vulnerable creatures. Here I didn’t look like that, here I didn’t answer that way, and resentment went from scratch, as it seems to a man. If it so happens that the conflict is inevitable, then you need to try to smooth it out as much as possible - not to react to provocations, to get away from name-calling and mutual humiliation.

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  • 1 Is the reason for resentment always trifling?
  • 2 How to make peace with a girl if a man is to blame?
  • 3 How to make peace with a girl if she is to blame?
  • 4 What if the fight happened over the phone?
  • 5 Most Popular Sweet Apologies
  • 6 Life hack: what to do after a quarrel
  • 7 How to behave to avoid quarrels?

If you can't speak calmly and productively, then it's better to just leave, go to another room and calm down. And after that, you can calmly discuss all the details - who likes what, who doesn't like what.

Is the reason for resentment always trifling? I

The technique helps very well when a person puts himself in the place of another, that is, a man must look at the cause of the quarrel on the part of the girl. For him, this reason will most likely seem to be something insignificant at all, but just imagine how important it is for another person! It might even be a missed phone call, but the real reason goes a little deeper.

Most likely, the girl simply does not receive enough care and attention. But the girl herself will never explain to the man what the problem is, what happened. Girls sincerely believe that men should be more mature and considerate.

How to make peace with a girl if a man is to blame? 2

after a quarrel, you need to calm down and analyze the situation. In any quarrel, both are to blame, it is important to remember this. The first and most important step is knowing your guilt

sincerely admit your guilt and apologize

if necessary, then prove by deed and deed that positive changes have already occurred

How to make up
How to make up

give a nice little thing. It can be a small bouquet of flowers, a cute figurine of an angel, and so on

you can do something that she has asked for a long time - hang pictures or photos, for example

It is important, making such small steps towards each other, to be sincere and open. Quarrels, misunderstandings are a completely normal practice in any relationship, even the best, this cannot be avoided. But you can significantly reduce their frequency. All misunderstandings should be discussed at once, no one should think of anything for another. Speak out and discuss everything calmly at the very beginning of the conflict, and then you will have to ask for forgiveness much less often.

How to make peace with a girl if she is to blame? 3

In such a situation, you should not take active action. After a quarrel, it is simply better to calm down and let go of the situation, most likely the girl herself will come to put up. But there are girls terribly principled, they will never be the first to apologize, even if they were wrong. In this case, if the relationship is dear to a man, then you need to push her a little to apologize - write a neutral message or call. What might help make decisions like apologizing to a guy.

How to make up with a girl
How to make up with a girl

What to do if the fight happened over the phone? 4

It does not always happen that a quarrel between a man and a woman happens in person. Some people manage to fight over the phone or even by SMS! In this case, it is better to apologize immediately and also by SMS. You can write a long and warm message about how sorry it all happened, about love for her, about the fact that there is nothing dearer than her in the whole world.

Most Popular Cute Apologies5

Bouquet of flowers, jewelry, teddy bears. You can order a bouquet with a toy and a postcard directly to the girl's work. A professional florist will help you assemble a beautiful arrangement of your favorite flowers.

The fulfillment of an old cherished dream. A great opportunity to win the girl's favor again. But it needs to be exactly her desire.

Declaration of love in public. You can arrange a date in one of the towers of Moscow City, order music and decorate the table.

How to make peace with a man
How to make peace with a man

Romantic trip. Here without further ado. Absolutely any girl dreams of traveling, but everyone has different preferences in terms of countries. So it will also be a great opportunity to demonstrate the attentiveness and sensitivity of a man - after all, he remembers where his girlfriend always dreamed of going on a trip.

The final stage of forgiveness is always sex after an argument. This stage signals that the conflict is over and the relationship is returning to its original place. Sex also perfectly helps to dump the negativity for both partners, if there is any left after the quarrel. If the relationship has suffered enough during the conflict, then sex will make it possible to connect partners at the energy level. Intimacy after a quarrel returns the couple to their roots. The partners understand how much they mean to each other, how insignificant the disagreements were between them.

Life hack: what to do after a quarrel6

Quarrels happen in absolutely all couples, but it is very important to direct the relationship in a positive direction after a quarrel! If, after a discord, someone in a couple has a negative, it means that they have not dealt with it completely and this problem needs to be discussed and worked out together! After that, you need to return laughter and joy to the relationship, usually a man does this.

What to do after an argument
What to do after an argument

Best of all, care and affection for the girl hug. The courtesy token is completely free, but so important and valuable! Hugs help to feel the security of the girl, the warmth and affection of the partner, and also help smooth out conflicts. By the way, scientists have proven that a person just needs 8 hugs a day to maintain a healthy mental state! Remember this.

How to behave to avoid quarrels? 7

Scientists and psychologists unanimously believe that any conflict is easier to prevent than to solve. But in relationships, it is not always possible to act this way. To avoid serious and deep conflicts, you should adhere to some rules:

Do not criticize the lady. Never. Never, really, really. Especially don't do it in public. Discussing her hair, clothes, or the color of her eyes, for example, is taboo. She will never forget this, and she certainly will not forgive.

To praise. When a man likes something in a girl, then it is imperative to praise! It is not difficult for a man, for a girl it is pleasant and, most importantly, it is clear in which direction to move.

How to make up after a fight
How to make up after a fight

Build a team. In a relationship, a man and a woman should not only be good friends and passionate lovers, but also a team! It is imperative to look for joint hobbies, common hobbies, pastime. It can be anything: from wakeboard and snowboard to hiking in Russia. The most important thing is that both partners enjoy this activity!

Do not dwell on the negative, much less think about it. It is much better to discuss everything at once.

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