Why Doesn't A Man Spend Money On A Woman? Real Reasons

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Why Doesn't A Man Spend Money On A Woman? Real Reasons
Why Doesn't A Man Spend Money On A Woman? Real Reasons

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a man does not spend money on a woman
a man does not spend money on a woman

Quite often, women turn to the question of why a beloved young man does not want to spend his money on them. Of course, this greatly affects self-esteem, because it seems that if there were a more solid, more graceful and sexy lady next to a partner, the relationship would have developed completely differently.

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  • 1 Personal characteristics of a man
  • 2 Has he given gifts before?
  • 3 Try to explain to a man

Due to the fact that not all people want to understand the causal problems of the relationship of their other half. The article will tell you why a man does not spend money on a woman and will tell you what to do to correct this situation.

Personal characteristics of a man

First of all, let's highlight the personal characteristics of a man. The fact is that each person is an individual personality that can combine an unlimited number of qualities that sometimes do not add up to each other.

At the very beginning of a relationship, when we just enter into a relationship with a loved one, we do not ask questions about his problem points. Perhaps the future girl or guy has a large number of vices and shortcomings behind her back, which are revealed much later.

How could it be easier if we knew in advance that this person likes to drink a lot, go out with friends until late, and in everyday life behaves like a small child? But people always try to embellish their personal qualities, which is why such sides come to light after a long period of time.

All these aspects of a loved one come mainly from the qualities inherent in him, which could be grafted at any time in his life. Let's say people who lived in the Soviet Union are trying to be in the most equal financial position.

Imagine your parents who live according to the principle - the father pays for the communal apartment, food, clothes, while the mother spends money on entertainment. Of course, this does not happen, because they had the principle of equality and equal rights.

a man does not spend money on a woman
a man does not spend money on a woman

Recently, there has been a tendency towards feminism. Girls do not want to limit themselves within certain limits and try to keep themselves on an equal footing with men. That is why you can now observe girls who do not consider it shameful to drink large amounts of alcohol, pay for their bills on their own and choose the number of necessary sexual partners.

Of course, this is not about feminism, but about why a man does not spend money on a woman. But the main reason is a certain way, on which the position of a certain person in society was built.

Has he given gifts before? 2

Perhaps your whole situation is as follows. The man courted for a long time, gave gifts, financially contributed to maintaining relationships. But after that time, he stopped showing such concern. What is the reason?

Most likely, it all lies in the fact that the man showed formal love in order to maintain a certain status and try to "buy" love. I did all these actions only because it was normal and so accepted in an adequate society. After he has achieved your location, he may gradually slow down, and later completely stop funding his love.

a man does not spend money on a woman
a man does not spend money on a woman

Quite often, such men are surprised when a woman asks him to help buy cosmetics, pay for manicure, depilation and other paid services. In such situations, a man very often argues this by the fact that all these nails and masks are a waste of time. But what if all these services are taking place in order to maintain their beauty for the sake of a man?

Try to explain to a man3

Men rarely understand women for one simple reason. He does not experience what a woman feels inside. In general, any relationship between a man and a woman is like the attempts of two drug addicts taking different drugs to explain the perceived pleasure. This is almost impossible until you experience the sensations of your partner.

Try to explain to your loved one that at least once a month you want to allocate money from the budget for grooming your appearance. After all, life is not just a pursuit to pay for food, apartments and clothes. There must be something interesting and beautiful, something for the soul and aesthetics.

If a man does not take you to restaurants and cafes, tell him that you need entertainment, active rest and interesting pastime. Otherwise, you can simply lose yourself in everyday life and quickly lose your love of life.

The problem lies in the fact that a man does not see benefits in things that do not give him a return. Try to show that you need to somehow spend your leisure time, support and set fire to relationships and have fun.

We will teach you to understand the reasons why a man gives money to a woman in our next article.

Why does a man not spend money on a woman
Why does a man not spend money on a woman

If no persuasion helps to correct the situation, it is better to abandon such a relationship. Otherwise, you can bury yourself in eternal work, cleaning, cooking and raising children. After all, there should be some place in life for wonderful moments in order not to succumb to the daily vanity and apathy.

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