Loveless Marriage: Stories Of People Who Didn't Get Married For Love

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Loveless Marriage: Stories Of People Who Didn't Get Married For Love
Loveless Marriage: Stories Of People Who Didn't Get Married For Love

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wedding stills
wedding stills

It is normal to be worried and doubtful before going to the altar. But for some people, these doubts are hardly surmountable.

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Yet many people - for various reasons - decide to marry someone, even if they have the nagging feeling that they must part ways.

Reddit collected revelations from people who got married on the verge of separation. What came of this?

Married at 17_17

One 25-year-old girl said she got married at 17. Cause?


"I did not want this. But I realized that I could not make ends meet alone. And I knew that he would make a great father,”she says.

“Eight years have passed. I cannot say that everything was perfect. But we have grown so much. I am happy to be with him and to feel his support. We've built our lives from scratch.

We fought. Several times they almost parted. But we always came back to each other. He is my best friend. I don’t want to spend time with anyone else,”the girl shares.

Later it turned out that initially her partner treated the idea of ​​marriage in the same way as she did. “The only reason I didn't run away was the fear of breaking his heart. It turns out that the same thing held him back.

What does this mean? You never know how a person really feels.

Soldier and Japanese woman

Some people realize that it's time to break up even before they get engaged. But what about those who are visited by the inspiration right at the altar?

“I was a young military man and I met a very nice Japanese girl. Her family didn't like the idea of ​​marrying an American soldier at all. Risking everything, she ran away from home to move to me in the USA and marry me.

And now, standing at the altar, it begins to dawn on me that our ideas about life are too different. I'm not talking about how wildly different our libido was. That day I was tormented by strong doubts. But we went so far that I could not tell her the truth,”he says.

slightly married
slightly married

K / f "A little married"

Thirty years have passed. And years later, the man realized that he and his wife complement each other perfectly. “It took a lot of time and patience. But now we just have a perfect relationship,”says the American.

"I wanted to run away" 2

“When he shocked me with his proposal, I felt like my stomach fell into the abyss. Every cell in my body screamed “No! Not! No!”, I wanted to run away. But his speech was so beautiful and sincere, and he was so vulnerable and open. I mumbled yes before I could figure out my feelings,”says one girl.

But she went through it and does not regret anything: “We have been together for eight years, married for four, and I am so happy to say that we are ideal partners for each other. He's the most discerning and conscientious person I've ever met and he loves me more than I ever deserved."

“And through him I learned to love sincerely and (to the best of my ability) disinterestedly. He really is my second half in life, and without him I would be so lost. I am so grateful that the part of me that was scared and hopeless and wanted to run away screaming decided to stay, wait and see if we could grow up together, see what kind of life we ​​could build together,”she adds.

wedding without love
wedding without love

Even if you doubt the correctness of your decision, everything may turn out to be quite well for yourself.

When One Loves More3

Some get married even when there is an obvious imbalance in the relationship - one loves and the other allows love.

But, as one woman explained, even that kind of relationship can get better over time.

“I don't have cartoon hearts jumping in my eyes when I look at him. But with him, I think, the opposite is true. He wants to do everything that I do. And it seems to me that he does this not only to make me happy. He really enjoys everything he does for me.

Over time, I began to respect him even more. But I often think that he deserves someone better than me. A girl who would look at him the same way he looks at me,”the girl confesses.

couple reading books in bed
couple reading books in bed

And it also happens4

Some people have shared stories of their partners who abandoned them instead of getting married.

“She was the only source of joy in my shitty life. She left me, saying that she would never be able to love me the way I did her, and she was very ashamed of that,”wrote one man.

“I think it’s unrealistic for a couple to love equally. Someone always loves more,”he added.

Is it really? We are unlikely to find out.

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