How To Fall In Love With A Married Man, Is This Game Worth The Candle?

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How To Fall In Love With A Married Man, Is This Game Worth The Candle?
How To Fall In Love With A Married Man, Is This Game Worth The Candle?

Video: How To Fall In Love With A Married Man, Is This Game Worth The Candle?

Video: How To Fall In Love With A Married Man, Is This Game Worth The Candle?
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How to fall in love with a married man
How to fall in love with a married man

The words "for 10 girls, according to statistics, 9 guys" in the famous song were written for a reason. There are not enough men for all women, and finding a respectable and educated person without bad habits is a problem at all. By the age of 30 you will no longer meet a single life partner, but you want warmth and attention. Then women think about how to fall in love with a married man.

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  • 2 How to take a man out of the family
  • 3 Is the game worth the candle

It is very difficult to charm a ringed representative of the stronger sex if he does not have a walking nature or he adheres to strict moral principles. Many do not have a mistress for fear of sexually transmitted diseases, some feel sorry for spending money on another passion, others have jealous wives, etc. But even under such circumstances, you can lure a man.

Mistakes in conquering a man's heart

A spouse can really fall in love with another woman if she does not repeat the actions of his wife. Here is a small list of what should not be allowed when meeting a married person.

  • Walk in his presence with a mask on his face and in a dressing gown. He has enough of such a sight at home.
  • Demand expensive gifts, especially if he is on a tight budget. Each family has a common capital and, as a rule, is kept by the wife.
  • Dripping on his brain with constant talk about sales of fur coats and jewelry. Talk about the lives of your friends, about their desires and acquisitions.
  • Talk about future children. He has enough worries at home to provide for the family, so he does not need an additional headache.
  • Tell about yourself in every detail. It is necessary to maintain a slight intrigue so that he does not cease to be interested in a woman.
  • To criticize his bad sides of character. There are no ideal people on earth, and he listens to discontent from his wife at home.
  • Ask about your wife. The ringed man does not meet with his mistress in order to hear about his family life.
fall in love with a married man
fall in love with a married man
  • To be jealous of other women and set conditions for him. He is already placed in a rigid framework at home, if another woman also restricts something, all his hobby will disappear.
  • Demand a divorce. He already has a well-organized life, joint property and children. Constant talk about leaving the family will lead to the fact that he turns away from his mistress.
  • Obsessive calls to his wife. At home, he will have a scandal over this. He will then sort things out with his wife, deserve forgiveness, but another woman may lose him forever.

To please a married man as long as possible, you need to be a closed book for him. The riddle always attracts, so you should not reveal yourself all at once. Listening to it is considered a safe bet. He needs not just sex, but a reliable friend nearby. If he shared his feelings about the crashed car, there is no need to laugh and ask for details. Here you should find words of comfort and thank heaven that the man remained alive. After all, property can always be bought, but life is one.

How to take a man out of the family2

Any representative of the stronger sex is naturally defenders. To drive a married man crazy, it is enough to play the victim of circumstances a couple of times and cry on his chest. His instinct to protect the weak will work. Just don't cry for several hours in a row, saying that all people are traitors. Then play the role of a defenseless girl who has no one to rely on at a difficult moment. Then he will substitute his own shoulder, and then imperceptibly will fall in love.

love with a married man
love with a married man

If his wife found out about the existence of another woman, great. In this case, you cannot be rude to her or speak ill of her in the presence of a man. The more polite the mistress is, the higher she will be in the eyes of the chosen one. Gradually, the spouse herself will begin to arrange scandals at home with breaking dishes. No husband likes screaming, as a result he will get tired of listening to reproaches and he will leave his wife himself.

When a woman knows how to fall in love with a man, she uses some tricks.

  1. He invited me over, great. In the most conspicuous place, you can allegedly accidentally drop your hair or hairpin. Deliberately leave a cigarette butt with traces of lipstick in the ashtray.
  2. In his car "lose" any piece of jewelry: a ring, brooch, earring. For the best effect, place the unopened condom container near the seat.
  3. Surprise with something in sex. If he is delighted and gets great pleasure, then ask his wife to do the same. When the husband dramatically changes his habits in bed, the spouse is alarmed.
  4. To captivate him with any hobby. It can be any sport or board game. When he plunges headlong into a new hobby, he will only talk about him at home, which will cause suspicion from his wife.
  5. Clean up his purse. Fold neatly all documents in one place, receipts and notes in another. When the wife sees cleanliness, she will throw a tantrum, and this plays into the hands of her mistress.
how to win a married man
how to win a married man

In order for a married person to leave the family, you need to act carefully. The slightest mistake can lead to the opposite result. It must be remembered that a mistress takes a man from his usual environment, so you should be aware of all the responsibility. Not a single family man leaves home just like that. If he found a mistress, it means that a crack has appeared in the relationship with his wife. At first, a man will feel uncomfortable, so the mistress must do everything to make him feel comfortable.

Is the game worth the candle3

Very rarely, a married man goes to a homeless woman. According to sociological surveys and observation of life, a man returns to his wife after a relationship on the side. In such a situation, the mistress is left alone with a bunch of wasted time. Here the question of why the other woman needs a relationship with the ringed person plays a role. The following reasons are identified:

  1. The desire to have a fully fulfilled man, ready to provide a mistress. A married person already has responsibility and the ability to improve his life. And a man's hand is very necessary in the house.
  2. Fulfillment of your material desires. Everyone wants to live in comfort, but this does not always work out because of a small salary. Then the charm of a family man is considered a good way out among women.
  3. Career advancement. Often, the fair sex has a relationship with a wealthy boss. Their romance can last from several days to many years. It all depends on what heights the young lady wants to achieve.
  4. Banal envy. There are husbands of all trades, masters, and they will bake delicious pancakes and build a house. The desire to have the same treasure pushes women to sophisticated methods of removing a married man from the family.
how to fall in love with a married man
how to fall in love with a married man
  1. Health. For married people, it is stronger than for single people. Everything is explained by the fact that spouses have less disorderly ties with other persons, which means that the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is significantly reduced.
  2. Self-interest. Having loans, debts, problems, a woman seeks support from the opposite sex. In this case, she is not stopped by moral principles and the presence of a family. She may not even be in love, her goal is to get rid of financial difficulties.

When a woman managed to charm a family man, one should mentally prepare for a series of unpleasant events. A man is ahead of a long divorce proceedings, division of property, alimony. All this brings negative shades to the mood and one should not expect endless joy from him. In addition, he stops contact with his ex-wife, but not with the children, so you need to come to terms with their meetings.

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