How To Avoid Cheating: A Specific Set Of Rules For Changing The Course Of Events

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How To Avoid Cheating: A Specific Set Of Rules For Changing The Course Of Events
How To Avoid Cheating: A Specific Set Of Rules For Changing The Course Of Events
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Relationship cheating is rife. We can assume that most partners will cheat at some point, even in a committed relationship. What for? You can answer this question in several ways and answer the question: how to avoid cheating. But first, some statistics. The divorce rate in Russia for first marriages is about 40%. Cheating is sometimes a reason for divorce and sometimes a sign of a weakened relationship. About half of married partners are unfaithful to their spouse.

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  • 1 Satisfy your partner
  • 2 Have common interests
  • 3 Understand your partner
  • 4 don't be jealous
  • 5 Consult from time to time
  • 6 Justify your existence

This is not to say that monogamous relationships are somehow better than other types of arrangements. To each his own. But by and large, most people in the Western world still choose to function in a mutually agreed upon and committed relationship. Therefore, it makes sense to study what prevents cheating and how to protect yourself from it.

Satisfy your partneri

The best way to avoid cheating is to have a great relationship. When our needs are met physically and emotionally, we have little interest in looking elsewhere. Check how well you are meeting your partner's wants and needs and how well they match yours. Make sure you are honest about what you need to feel satisfied and completely happy.

Have common interests2

Do things together that make you grow together. We all change with age. It's not enough to put our partnerships on cruise control and expect them to last. How will you keep up with your partner's changing thoughts, preferences, ideas and desires? How do they keep up with yours? Read books together, attend workshops, or find a good online relationship training program to keep your partnership at the forefront of moving forward so that you know each other at all times.

Reasons for male infidelity
Reasons for male infidelity

Understand your partner3

Sounds simple. But this is not the case. Your partner has all sorts of secret thoughts and feelings that they probably won't tell you or anyone else. You must be safe enough for your partner. Encourage honesty with a lot of compassion and no judgment.

Find out a few things about your partner that no one knows about. Use this information to stay informed every day. Learn things that their mom or friends don't even know about. This knowledge makes you a value that few can reproduce.

Do not be jealous4

If you suspect that something else might be distracting your partner's attention, this could push them even further. Jealousy is natural, but try to focus on caring for your partner even more. Give them more reason to love and appreciate you.

When you get frustrated about them, you can scare them into becoming more cautious, but this is not an effective long-term strategy, and often it also does not work in the short term. You cannot hold your partner securely or happily using threats and fear. Only a positive reason holds like glue that will protect you from others taking part in the action.

Why do guys cheat
Why do guys cheat

T / s "Californication"

Consult from time to time5

This is the 21st century. The old stigma of meeting a couples counselor is long gone. Find a good, capable psychotherapist and turn to him for "positive and active" relationship support. Do this before you have any serious problems. After that, it is often too late for counseling to be fully effective.

We all have blind spots in the way. Our map of healthy, safe relationships is usually as good as what we've seen and experienced first-hand. Counseling, even a few sessions here and there, can help us develop a more complete picture of how to pursue our partnerships.

Justify your existence6

You must be the person on the road. Anything you don’t provide in terms of emotional, intellectual, and physical needs, your partner will seek from others. We all strive to satisfy our needs, and if our partner does not have this, we find others.

Others sometimes form the basis for a romance or an emotional connection that replaces our partner or drains the energy from a partnership that they really need to develop and adapt. You must be so good that others cannot compete with you. This is, first of all, the secret to preventing separation and breakdown, and it works much better than fear and guilt.

How to avoid cheating
How to avoid cheating

Robert Pattison

The best way to avoid cheating is to make your relationship too good so that your partner doesn't want to risk ruining it for an affair on the side. Being attractive to your partner every day works better than fear, guilt, or threats.

Keeping your friendships and love life fresh further stimulates the brain in a way that maintains focus in the core partnership. And if you suspect your partner may be looking elsewhere, take steps to improve your life rather than threatening to leave. Improving your relationship should be ongoing. Focus on becoming stronger without worrying about others and the world "out there."

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