6 Reasons Why A Man Is Jealous Of A Woman

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6 Reasons Why A Man Is Jealous Of A Woman
6 Reasons Why A Man Is Jealous Of A Woman

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why is a man jealous
why is a man jealous

"Mom, dad, why is a man jealous?" Not every day you hear such a question from a child. Together with the understanding that their child very quickly matured, comes the realization of the inability to clearly explain. The answer to a simple question can conceal many subtleties of the human soul, which the average man does not think about.

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What is this feeling? I

Jealousy is a feeling that everyone is subject to, regardless of gender or age. A baby will never behave calmly if he sees how his mother is paying attention to someone else. With age, jealousy begins to spread not only to relatives, but also to those who are dear to a person. Someone knows how to hide this feeling, but someone cannot resist showing everyone around their nervousness.

From the point of view of psychology, jealousy is a strong emotion manifested in the desire of a person to control any processes that are beyond his control. Strong emotional stress can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Reasons for male jealousy2

There are many reasons why a man is jealous, six main ones are presented below:


A man's arrogance can sometimes reach such heights that no girl can tolerate it. A partner with such a character trait will not be able to calmly relate to even the most innocent relationships of a girl with the opposite sex. Banal communication with a colleague at work can turn into a serious scandal at home. Over time, suspicion on the part of a man can be supplemented by tracking location, checking social networks and constantly monitoring SMS and calls.

The opposite character trait is low self-esteem. A man considers himself worse than others, a nonentity that no one needs. A jealous person who sees the communication of his beloved with a man is seized by a strong fear that he may be abandoned at any moment. In this case, an emotionally distressed husband may behave in completely different ways. Some people develop tearfulness, which manifests itself, for example, in attempts to put pressure on the partner's pity, and in others, aggression, which often comes to assault.

man washes
man washes

Psychological trauma

Many emotional upheavals experienced by a person at an early age play an important role in character formation. Relationship jealousy is no exception. There are several situations that can provoke injury:

  1. The departure of a family member;
  2. Lack of parental love;
  3. Scandals between family members;
  4. Lack of friends;
  5. Unsuccessful early search for love, ending in betrayal.

Here are some of the most common and well-known injuries, but the list goes on and on.

Idealization of relationships

I wish everything was like in that book … Some men tend to idealize relationships. Everything should be perfect and according to plan. Husbands with a similar point of view want their partner to adhere to the rules that he believes will strengthen the relationship. But in real life there is nothing perfect, a girl may be late, her phone is capable of being discharged, and so on. A jealous person cannot come to terms with the impossibility of creating an “ideal” relationship.

the man is jealous
the man is jealous

Inappropriate personality

Some ladies may notice that in their absence a man becomes passive, lethargic, drowsy, sad. In this case, the likelihood of the partner's personal inferiority is high. He does not see himself in life without a second half. A woman becomes such an important part of her personality that her absence turns into torture. A man who sees his beloved as an integral part of himself can quickly ruin a relationship. Out of nowhere, jealousy appears, constant calls, if the chosen one is even a little delayed, attempts to be together everywhere and unwillingness to share communication with a girl between someone else. These and other similar actions cannot have a positive effect on the relationship.

Desire to dominate

If a man has been bullied or ridiculed by peers for a long period of time, a sense of self-importance and a desire to dominate may arise in his head. In marriage, such a husband will be afraid to be betrayed and ridiculed by acquaintances. The slightest disobedience to his will will be punished by the use of physical force, although such a man does not suffer from paranoia about betrayal, therefore, a good reason will be needed to drive him out of himself.

man with fish
man with fish

Objective reasons

Often the reason for a man's jealousy is not trauma or character traits, but the elementary reasons that a woman gives. Frequent visits to entertainment establishments without him, spending the night with friends, regularly taking alcoholic beverages, especially in the company of the opposite sex. Such behavior can cause jealousy in a man, regardless of his character. If before that there was a betrayal in the relationship, then the man's suspicion should not raise questions at all.

How to fight3

The solution to any problem in a relationship is better to start with a conversation. If a woman speaks calmly with her man, then the conflict is likely to end in the early stages. Many girls try to ignore the manifestations of jealousy and just endure them. In this case, the young person himself may realize that he is wrong, realizing that he is behaving stupidly, but the chance of aggravating the situation is too great. Read about how to understand the psychology of jealousy and defeat it in our article.

man art
man art

Sometimes it's worth thinking about your behavior. If a man's jealousy has real reasons behind it, then it is better to stop giving a reason as soon as possible. Situations are different, but usually it is enough to dress a little more modestly and not flirt with the surrounding men.

Summing up, I would like to say that there is no recipe for an ideal relationship. Jealousy is like hot peppers in a dish called love, if you add too much to the plate, everything will be ruined, but without spice it will turn out bland.

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