How To Confess Your Love To A Girl If You Are Very Shy

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How To Confess Your Love To A Girl If You Are Very Shy
How To Confess Your Love To A Girl If You Are Very Shy

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How to confess your love if you are shy
How to confess your love if you are shy

Every guy and girl at least once in his life, but faced with a magical and quivering feeling. What if the object of love does not know about your sympathy? Continue to hide your feelings? What if the moment is missed and then you will only have regrets. You need to open up. How to declare your love if you are shy? How to overcome fear and decide on such an important act?

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  • 1 Universal methods
  • 2 Why does a guy not confess his feelings
  • 3 What does fear take away from us?

Universal methods

Declaration of love for a woman or a man is a very responsible and delicate matter. Both decisiveness and accuracy are needed here. It all depends on your potential partner and the degree of communication. After all, someone loves assertiveness, and someone too rapid development of events can frighten. If you doubt the reciprocal feelings of your love object, then you must first interest him and get to know him better:

  • Have a romantic evening. A café or restaurant and a relaxed atmosphere will help you chat in private. This option is preferable for men. Flowers, dinner will give the girl the feeling of a fairy tale. By her behavior, you can understand a lot and confess your love will be easier;
  • Get creative and surprise your love object. It might be a little surprise. The event should be bright or romantic, but in any case unforgettable. For a girl, you can order a bouquet of flowers with delivery or bring it in person. If you are trying to open up to a guy, then prepare a delicious dish and surprise your loved one with it;
  • Seek help from friends. If you have a mutual friend, then ask him to scout the soil and, if necessary, hint that sympathy is mutual;
  • A call to the radio. If you know what kind of wave a potential partner is listening to, we call on the air and inform about our feelings. Even when the object of our love has not heard the message in person, most likely, friends will pass it on;
  • A good old letter. What could be more romantic than receiving a letter of declarations of love. Someone may consider this old-fashioned, but a person in love will definitely appreciate such a gesture;
  • The Internet rushes to the rescue. Nowadays, everyone is actively using instant messengers and social networks. Post an intriguing post or status and send it to your love object. If this approach gives feedback, then you can be sure that at least they have serious sympathy for you. If suddenly you come across a negative reaction, then you can always laugh it off that the error came out.

How to confess your feelings must be decided on your own. It is worth considering which method appeals to you more. And most importantly, consider the interests of the potential half. After all, it is important with your act not only to show feelings, but to arouse interest and arouse sympathy for your person.

Why does a guy not confess his feelings2

Sometimes it happens that you feel sympathy from a guy, but he continues to remain silent. Men are much shy and more fearful than girls. They take refusal very hard and close for a long time. In such cases, it is better to take the initiative and deal with the problem. Let's see in what cases it is necessary to overcome your fear and how to confess your love to a girl if you are no less shy.

declaration of love
declaration of love

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If your beloved is a modest guy, then you can wait for recognition from him for a very long time. Yes, most likely he is courageous and brave, but only in other matters. But in matters of the heart, fear overcomes him. He can be silent for a number of reasons:

  • Think that the guy's fear of openly telling you about his feelings may be associated with his reverent and tender attitude towards you. He cannot open up, because he is afraid of losing you in case of non-reciprocity.;
  • Painful rejection in the past. Perhaps the guy had a bad experience when he was rudely refused. The psychological trauma is ingrained and living in him. And no matter how much he wanted to voice his thoughts, he cannot;
  • Words don't make sense. There is a type of men who are sure that their actions and actions speak for themselves. They forget or do not know what a woman loves with her ears too. Show by example that words work wonders and are fun.

If you feel reciprocity, but there is still no recognition, then someone should break the silence and confess. Otherwise, oppressive thoughts will aggravate the situation, and your mutual modesty will rob you of your happiness.

take the first step
take the first step

What does fear rob us of? 3

Where does fear or shyness come from in us that prevent us from living? Why, at the most crucial moment, there is an obsessive desire to hide your head in the sand? Someone may call it shyness, complexes or cowardice. Now we are talking about both men and women. After all, in matters of happiness, there are no gender differences.

It would seem, declare your feelings and fight for love. But many are constantly waiting for something: a convenient moment, an occasion, a sign from above. Is it worth the wait and postpone happiness for later? Moreover, it often happens when a guy, being already in the status of an ex, confesses his love.

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