Why Do Men Prefer Young Girls? TOP 5 Reasons

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Why Do Men Prefer Young Girls? TOP 5 Reasons
Why Do Men Prefer Young Girls? TOP 5 Reasons

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men choose young
men choose young

Mature men often choose young girls as mistresses. In the modern world, this has become commonplace. Often the age difference goes beyond reasonable limits and reaches 20-30 years.

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  • 1 Causes of age-related misalliance
  • 2 Cons of having a love affair with young girls
  • 3 Difficulties in family life for a couple with a large age difference

What motivates older gentlemen when choosing such young maidens?

Causes of age misalliancei

Improving self-esteem

Not only does one's own self-esteem increase, but also a sense of significance in the eyes of others. Successful relationships with women are always one of the ways of self-affirmation for a man, and in adulthood, with a young beautiful girl, even more so.

A way to feel young

This is facilitated by the replenishment of energy, where the donor is a young lady, and the recipient is an elderly lover.

Increased sex drive

The novelty of sensations greatly enhances sexual desire. This is also facilitated by a young body, which actively produces pheromones - substances that increase sexual desire in the opposite sex.

Desire for ease in a relationship

Young girls, with rare exceptions, are not burdened with everyday problems. They are light-hearted, playful, open to flirting, naive to the point of a slight stupidity, which is not annoying, but rather touches. No health complaints, active in bed, always ready to learn new things.

In this relationship, a man is a leader

A young inexperienced girl is easy to lead. She obeys the elder, while a woman of the same age demands equality. The young mistress has fewer demands, a more flexible character.

Less responsibility in relationships

Often the meetings do not imply a serious continuation. Lovers belong to different circles of communication, their acquaintances do not intersect and the connection can remain a secret for a long time. This state of affairs usually suits both.

adult man and young girl
adult man and young girl

It is easier to persuade a young lady to have sex

An elderly gentleman knows how to look after beautifully, gives expensive gifts, is experienced in matters of sex. It is not so easy to surprise his peers who have seen views, and in the eyes of the nymphets he clearly wins in comparison with inexperienced and penniless youths.

An opportunity to experience the delights of fatherhood

If a man has not had a chance to become a father before, he can fill this gap.

More pleasure from sex

An elderly womanizer has slow sexual arousal, so he devotes a lot of time to foreplay, which is positively perceived by the girl. In a young mistress, lubrication is produced in excess, thanks to which the man has the opportunity to insert the penis into the vagina, even with incomplete erection. In addition, the vagina is narrow, which enhances sexual pleasure.

Sex with an older man
Sex with an older man

Cons of loving young girls2


So called girls with a certain model of behavior. They willingly accept courtship in the form of expensive gifts, make it clear that they are not against the transition to a closer level of acquaintance, but at a certain moment they disappear, sometimes without a trace.

Fear of publicity

Despite the fact that many men choose young girls, not all of them are ready to leave the family. Therefore, they absolutely do not need publicity of extramarital relations.

Unwanted pregnancy

This situation is fraught with major troubles, including the material plan. Often this is where the relationship ends.

It is not uncommon for mature men to choose young girls to start a family.

Older man sex with girl
Older man sex with girl

Historically, in a classic married couple, the man is older than the woman. A man entering into marriage should be more experienced in everyday affairs, with an established worldview, with some financial stability. A woman becomes "behind her husband", that is, she is weaker physically and psychologically. In this situation of roles, the husband is a protector and earner; the wife, feeling security, spiritual and material comfort, becomes the keeper of the home.

Then they go through life together: they go through the process of grinding to each other, organize their life, develop joint habits. At the same time, they grow up, endure ups and downs, and accumulate a priceless treasure - life experience.

A woman's menopause occurs earlier, and with a difference in age, the spouses will approach the moment of attenuation of sexual needs at the same time.

With age misalliance, the relationship between spouses develops according to the same scenario, but in a more exaggerated way. The husband has a rich life experience - the wife has naive dreams, rose-colored glasses on her eyes; he has financial stability - she has an empty wallet. A man has his own mentality, while a girl may not know the meaning of this word. When the spouse feels the first signs of the approaching menopause, her old man will already forget what sex is.

Difficulties in family life for a couple with a large age difference3

It is not always easy for a young wife to accept her husband as he has formed over the past time. It is necessary to firmly learn that remaking a person at this age is a complete utopia

Another annoying factor for the wife is the former family. Whether you like it or not, you have to put up with the visits of children and grandchildren

A man is not always ready to have children in a new marriage, and may be fixated on contraception. He already has offspring, enough for him

Before marriage, the girl's appearance was the main trump card for a man. Personal characteristics come first after marriage, which can be very frustrating for an elderly spouse. The stupidity and stubbornness of a young wife can anger and annoy

The problem of the difference of interests in family life also does not add positive to the relationship. The spouse's interests seem empty to the man, and she most often does not try to delve into and understand his interests and problems

Lack of common companies. The spouse is uncomfortable in a youth environment, the wife is bored in a too "adult" company

The ambiguous attitude towards such marriages in society. Many condemn, believing that a girl is getting married, driven exclusively by selfish goals

Jealousy is the inevitable lot of an elderly husband. He cannot help but understand that other men like his wife. Which he is now unable to compete

Sex of a young man with a young
Sex of a young man with a young

An imbalance in sexual relations is inevitable. Let not immediately, but it will appear. At first, with a decrease in the quantity, the quality of sex increases, then it goes to the bottom and quality. This situation will not be a tragedy if the young lady does not put sex at the forefront, if she has other priorities in her marriage

Time is the main enemy of mixed-age marriages. No matter how the elderly womanizer fought for youth, it will not work to defeat nature. And one day old age will knock on the door inexorably and imperiously. For a young woman, an aging husband with a bunch of illnesses will cease to be an object of sexual desires, and he will remain jealous of her even more

Men choose young girls to enjoy life to the fullest. A meeting of youth and maturity, naivety and experience, restraint and carelessness - where else can you find such a fireworks of passion and pleasure. Who dares to condemn two adults for their voluntary, mutual desire to give each other priceless moments of happiness. Living in the present is truly a wise decision.

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