How To Determine That A Girl Is Definitely Ready For A New Thing In Bed

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How To Determine That A Girl Is Definitely Ready For A New Thing In Bed
How To Determine That A Girl Is Definitely Ready For A New Thing In Bed
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the girl is ready to experiment
the girl is ready to experiment

This question is asked by many men, both married and in free relationships with women. A calm measured life makes people plan events for the day, month and even a year in advance. In such a frantic rhythm, there is absolutely no place for spontaneity and surprise. And having exhausted himself from the everyday monotony and certainty, the male sex thinks about experimenting in relationships.

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Unfortunately, such methods are not always effective. Many women may think that they have a rival and a man who has experienced new sensations somewhere brings this to their relationship. Unfortunately, often the second half is not ready for such a serious change. How to understand that a girl is ready for sex experiments in a relationship and not be trapped by offering to take the chance and renew the relationship.

Everybody wants a thrill

The prerogative of variability and irregularity is often attributed to men. However, the weaker sex, fed up with insipid relationships, will gladly bring newness to a relationship with an entrenched partner. A boring and faceless relationship, if the partners are ambitious enough, will eventually come down to parting. In a loving and romantic relationship, it shouldn't be boring. A bright and eventful life is always the key to success.

When you have to change something2

When the relationship gets bored, it's time to change something. Change, however small, is the engine of progress. Do not be afraid to change something in your usual routine; perhaps it is the initial changes that will lead you to a sharp turn and a successful peak. In love affairs, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. And before making adjustments, you should make sure that the girl is ready to experiment in the relationship.

Otherwise, you risk losing your life partner. If these failures haunt your personal relationships more than once, it's time to understand yourself and look for the reason in your behavior. On the other hand, you need to take into account the type and character of the girls to whom you offer experiments. Modest and quiet "gray mice", for sure, will not take with delight your fiery speeches about interesting innovations.

When she is ready to experiment in a relationship

Take a close look at your second half, if you notice that your chosen one is bored in a relationship, then she will most likely accept changes in love with pleasure. Does your companion show unconscious attempts to change, hints at interesting experiments? Most likely, the girl has long been craving for your determination. It is worse if the half is happy with everything, but you are not. A delicate conversation about this topic will help clarify the intentions of the other half.

But do not be extremely intrusive, leave the girl a choice. Give all the positive arguments, it is worth worrying in advance that there would be an order of magnitude more than negative ones. Describe all the wonderful moments of change and the positive effect will not be long in coming. As soon as your passion "eyes light up", you should know that she is ready for change.

The time has come, it's time to start

If you decide on radical changes, do not rush into the pool with your head. Let your life change in small steps. The same principle should be followed with regard to girls. Take your time to avoid the opposite effect. Be consistent in your actions. Discuss any changes frankly and track losses and setbacks.

which woman is ready for experiments
which woman is ready for experiments

Joint aspirations bring you very close, and on the way to achieving the goal, your relationship will become stronger. But this rule only applies if the girl is ready for sexual experiments in a relationship.

In different directions5

What to do if your chosen one does not share your aspirations? Do not despair and dwell on failures. Perhaps you were not so convincing in your arguments, or this event is set up only to improve your standard of living. If you are in a relationship and want to bring something new to them, you should take care of both partners. It is worth accepting that while the girl is not ready for drastic changes and postponing this event for a while.

But do not completely abandon your plan, act slowly but persistently. Ultimately, a friend will either agree or give you the full right to choose. The third option is also possible, the chosen one will be categorical in her decisions, then you will only have to come to terms with her choice.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold6

If your love violently refuses to change, and is categorically disposed towards this event, you should reconsider your goals. It makes sense to learn more about the experience of other people, weigh the pros and cons, and only then decide on your decision. Often, in the agony of passion and life's twists and turns, people rush to change everything upside down, subsequently cursing everything in the world due to a failed venture. Be attentive to your desires and do not rush to conclusions, then the reward in the form of experiments will not keep you waiting long.

about experiments in sex
about experiments in sex

For more information on how to change the character of a girl and whether it is possible, read the link.

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