How To Explain To A Guy That I Need Him? TOP 7 Tips

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How To Explain To A Guy That I Need Him? TOP 7 Tips
How To Explain To A Guy That I Need Him? TOP 7 Tips

Video: How To Explain To A Guy That I Need Him? TOP 7 Tips

Video: How To Explain To A Guy That I Need Him? TOP 7 Tips
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How to explain to a guy that I need him
How to explain to a guy that I need him

Love is everywhere in our life. And in due time, each of us finds his soul mate. It's so great when there is a person next to you for whom you want to get up in the morning. There are people for whom it is not difficult to talk about their feelings, because it is so natural and easy. But there are those for whom it is very difficult to find the right fame to express their emotions. This is especially difficult for girls with a similar temperament. Falling in love with a young man, they come to a dead end, how to explain to a guy that I need him?

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  • 1 Lack of care and attention
  • 2 Conversation with an ex-boyfriend
  • 3 Quarrel with a loved one
  • 4 Touch
  • 5 Guy's intentions
  • 6 Listen more
  • 7 Share his interests
  • 8 Compliments

Situations are different, and first you need to figure out why you need this conversation. Maybe you broke up with your boyfriend, and now you want to return him, or you just had a fight with your boyfriend and are trying to fix the situation. Different circumstances call for a different approach. Consider several options for the development of events.

Lack of care and attention

A loved one is constantly busy with something or prefers to relax with friends, and you feel abandoned and useless to anyone. To begin with, one should not throw accusations, it is better to calmly find out if everything is in order at work. Or maybe he has some problems, ask how you can help. Men often do not pay attention to such things. They do not like to be presented with claims and complaints. Be bold, take the initiative and offer to spend time together, go to the movies, or take a walk in the park.

Conversation with ex-boyfriend2

Quite often there are girls who, after parting with their beloved, feel emptiness and try to return the relationship. But first, you should think carefully about why your couple broke up. Maybe everything that happened is for the best. After all, after breaking up with a loved one, we all feel sadness and loneliness. If, nevertheless, you return your ex-boyfriend, then you must understand that problems and resentments will not go away, and over time it will only get worse. You should not focus on one or the other; it is better to go towards a new relationship.

attract a guy
attract a guy

Quarrel with a loved one3

You made some mistake or offended your soul mate, and now he does not speak, ignores you and you do not know how to make peace with a guy, we will definitely tell you how to do it better.

In no case should you ask for a petition via SMS, because this is at least a manifestation of disrespect for the guy. Invite him to a personal meeting, and try to apologize by looking straight in the eyes. But how exactly to do it, what to say so that the guy understands that you need him. Explain the reason for your fault, but you should not blame him, they say, I did this because of you and your eternal absence. It is necessary not only to ask for forgiveness, but also to show how dear he is to you, that making peace is extremely important for you. And you will do everything to prevent such situations from happening in the future.

If you have a stable relationship, and you just want to show how dear you are to your loved one, then below are some simple tips.


Be affectionate and caring towards your loved one. After all, as strange as it may sound, men love touching not only during sex. For them, things like hugs and gentle kisses on the cheek are also important.

woo a guy
woo a guy

Guy's intentions5

You have long planned everything, both the wedding and the children, and your boyfriend is not yet ready for such a serious step as a family. In such a situation, you need to be calm and balanced, talk about your aspirations and listen carefully to your partner. After all, his desires are also important, and you cannot force him to start a family. But if, for example, you have been together for a long time, and your man is not going to move to the next level of relationship, then it would be quite logical to part with the guy and find another person who will be ready for such a responsible step.

Listen more6

Representatives of the stronger sex do not like to share their problems and experiences, but this does not mean that he does not need your support. Sometimes you just need to listen carefully, even if you don't understand anything about carburettors and spark plugs. It is important to make it clear to the person that he can calmly and openly talk with you on any topic.

Share his interests7

It's worth starting to be more interested in the things your boyfriend loves. It is clear that everyone has their own interests and hobbies. But with a little patience and understanding football, fishing or computer games, you will become much closer to your loved one, and you will have more topics for conversation.

how to behave with a guy
how to behave with a guy


Don't fall for the common misconception that only women love complements. The man will also be quite pleased if you appreciate his appearance or praise him for any help. This will not only please your boyfriend, but also raise his self-esteem.

Relationships are everyday work and a lot depends on the woman. Be attentive, affectionate to your soulmate. Caring and generous in bed, then you don't have to look for words to explain to a guy that you need him.

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