Better To Be A Loner! Is Science Confirming Our Fears?

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Better To Be A Loner! Is Science Confirming Our Fears?
Better To Be A Loner! Is Science Confirming Our Fears?

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girl in pink wig

Loneliness is not a vice. And why do people who are not in relationships subconsciously evoke pity? As if, if a person is not in a pair, is he some kind of inferior, unhappy? All this is absurd and the imposition of worn out stereotypes. Now that science has proven that loneliness is wonderful.

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  • 1 Why is being a loner better?
  • 2 Health benefits and self-realization
  • 3 Disadvantages of a free life
  • 4 Freedom or Affection?

Citing numerous medical studies, Business Insider reports on various reasons why it is better to be single than a couple.

Why is being a loner better? I

The first reason can probably be obvious. Lonely people have more contact with other people, their social circle is not limited, and they are integrated into society. If you are not in a serious relationship, you have the right to independently determine the circle of friends.

Communication (whether romantic or friendly) is an integral part of human needs. Business Insider quotes psychology professor William Chopik as saying in a statement in support of this fact, "A few really good friends can change the world by improving our health and well-being." So yes, hanging out with buddies or friends makes us better.

free woman
free woman

Health and Self-Realization Benefits2

Moreover, loneliness is beneficial for more than just social life. It has a beneficial effect on health. How? First of all, we are talking about mental health. That is, lonely people are not tormented by doubts about who their significant other is now hanging out with, they are not obliged to quarrel in search of a compromise - they do what they want, and do not receive condemnation or criticism from the passion.

The health benefits don't end there. Single people have less body fat in their bodies. This is evidenced by recent research. Perhaps people looking for a life partner want to look slimmer, more physically attractive. It is not necessary to be overweight when paired. But this is likely.

Lonely people are more inclined towards self-realization. They do not bet on a successful relationship. Often they are consumed by the thought of achieving success on their own. In other words, loneliness for them is a reward that they transform into personal success.

single woman
single woman

Disadvantages of a free life3

If you are lonely and are cheering yourself up by reading all of these benefits about being alone, you shouldn't be overjoyed so quickly. The New York Post reported in 2017 that loneliness can kill faster than chronic obesity.

The publication mentions Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a researcher at Brigham Young University, who stated that "there is strong evidence that social isolation and loneliness significantly increase the risk of premature mortality."

Have you ever noticed that when you are alone in a room for a long time, oppressive thoughts enter your head? As if all the problems at once decided to pile on and destroy? Here it is - the other side of the coin. Some people may become addicted to alcohol or overwhelm themselves with suicidal thoughts. Therefore, when it comes to loneliness, one should not understand by this complete isolation from society.

Freedom or Affection? 4

This article is not propaganda. If you are alone, this does not mean that you need to advertise in newspapers, in search of a soul mate. If you are in a couple, this does not mean that you need to immediately leave, fearing to gain excess weight, fray your nerves. Just accept the fact that this aspect is not decisive in a person's life. There are disadvantages and advantages to both positions.

single women
single women

Therefore, if you are in a relationship, great. If you recently broke up with someone, that's not bad either. Learn to look for the good side in everything and benefit from it. In this case, you can really become happy. Ultimately, it all depends on the needs.

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