Why Cheating On Their Wives: The Main Reasons For Leaving

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Why Cheating On Their Wives: The Main Reasons For Leaving
Why Cheating On Their Wives: The Main Reasons For Leaving

Video: Why Cheating On Their Wives: The Main Reasons For Leaving

Video: Why Cheating On Their Wives: The Main Reasons For Leaving
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Why cheat on beloved wives
Why cheat on beloved wives

It is believed that the main reason why men cheat on their beloved wives is the lack of sex in the family. But psychologists say that is not the case. On the side, representatives of the fair sex are looking for new emotional sensations, affection and praise. But there are other common reasons for cheating.

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  • 1 Do not understand that this is bad
  • 2 Alcohol
  • 3 Social orientation
  • 4 Desire for self-affirmation
  • 5 Close relationships
  • 6 The embodiment of daring sexual fantasies
  • 7 Bad relationship with spouse
  • 8 Revenge
  • 9 Such nature
  • 10 Love

Do not understand that this is bad i

For centuries, men were imposed on the idea of the inadmissibility of female infidelity. Moreover, often such a thing as betrayal of the stronger sex did not exist at all. Until now, many of its representatives do not consider adultery something bad. They diversify their intimate life, and the wife stays at home and takes care of the children.


According to statistics, most episodes of accidental betrayal occurred under the influence of alcohol. After that, many men told their wives about what they had done and were sorry. They claimed that they did not understand what they were doing, but most likely this was slyness. The degree of intoxication that permits such actions does not lead to their complete misunderstanding, but makes it possible that in normal conditions they would not allow themselves.

Why do guys cheat
Why do guys cheat

Social orientation3

Some men are simply assigned a mistress by status. This category can include not only businessmen who will be "uncomfortable" without a mistress in front of business partners, but also men who have mistresses for the sake of moving up the career ladder. It often happens that the boss is too harsh, and in certain situations she softens, which promises a raise or promotion.

Desire for self-affirmation4

This often occurs in middle-aged men who have been married for a long time. The spark in family relations has died away and it seems - here it is, old age. But thanks to the young mistress, they are again asserted in their abilities. Most often, this category of men does not leave the family, even if the mistresses categorically insist on it. They are comfortable with his wife, they have already got used to, raised children and understand each other perfectly.

Close relationship5

According to statistics, about 40% of men cheat with their immediate environment, be it employees at work or friends. Perhaps due to the time they spent together, a special bond formed between the two, which led to casual sex. A similar situation may end in an affair, or the lovers will regret what they did.

Male infidelity
Male infidelity

The embodiment of daring sexual fantasies6

Not all wives are ready to "do anything" in bed. Perhaps the mistress brings to life the wildest fantasies of a nurse or teacher, or is ready for some experiments. Satisfaction of desire only encourages new ones and the man is looking for other opportunities for their realization. What he has is not enough for him. He changes his mistresses like gloves.

But it happens that the wife simply does not allow him to dominate in the relationship, which makes it difficult for a man to call himself an alpha male.

Bad relationship with spouse7

As the spouses rub against each other, they become less and less restrained in a quarrel. Often a wife, who is tired of everyday life and children, and also has to work in parallel, takes out her anger on her husband. At the same time, he, not only kruchin and breaks the dishes, but also calls him names, eating to injure as much as possible. This begins to put pressure on the man's self-esteem, and he is looking for a connection in which he will be appreciated. More often than not, this only brings temporary relief. As soon as the lover feels more confident, she immediately begins to behave in a similar way, but not always.


Many go to the side after the wife's betrayal. This situation is perceived as extremely painful, and the spouse thinks that by hurting her, it will become easier for him. This rarely brings relief, mostly such couples break up. Cheating is not the best way to deal with a problem.

Male cheating on his wife
Male cheating on his wife

Such a nature9

Many men are by nature polygamous. They cannot or do not want to restrain themselves, observing the rules of a normal family. Moreover, in most cases, they do not consider cheating something bad. At the same time, they love their wife very much and are ready to do anything for her, but just not observe marital fidelity.


It also happens that they fall in love. This does not mean that the spouse is loved less. But new relationships are becoming more priority, as they allow you to re-experience the emotions of a first date, kiss, sex. Perhaps, after some time, when the relationship moves from the "bouquet and candy period" to the category of everyday life, they will regret what they did. But at this stage it seems to them that this is true love.

It is enough to answer the question why men are unfaithful to their beloved wives. Each and them are guided by their own motives, known only to him. Accordingly, it is difficult to predict the outcome of such a situation.

It is also worth knowing - is sex possible after cheating? About this and not only in our next article!