How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Man Or I Am Not Guilty

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How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Man Or I Am Not Guilty
How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Man Or I Am Not Guilty

Video: How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Man Or I Am Not Guilty

Video: How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Man Or I Am Not Guilty
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The most important question in the life of a girl or woman is the question of creating a happy family. Not only her future, but also her child practically depends on this. A man will help her in creating a family in which joy and love will reign. It is the man who will become her support in life and support for the child. But such a serious step in life, she must consciously take. But here the question arises, "how not to be mistaken in choosing a man."

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  • 1 The man's family
  • 2 School performance
  • 3 Attitude towards elders
  • 4 Habits
  • 5 Love for children

Every girl and woman remembers their first love very well. Someone “chose the lucky ticket in life” to this day, stayed with the person to whom the soul was drawn, and someone, literally after the first year of marriage, has already filed documents for divorce, and cannot pull “this strap”. As a result, as it turned out, it was very difficult to say in those moments of joy of meeting that the marriage would be successful.

In order to avoid such a serious life fiasco, it is always worth remembering some points when asking: "how not to be mistaken in choosing a man":

  • Look at the man's family;
  • School performance;
  • Attitude towards elders;
  • Habits;
  • Love for children;

Family of a man

No feelings start from an empty space. There is always a step that was able to connect two people. Thanks to this "step of fate", young couples appear. And so, despite all the joys of meeting, the girl must always pay attention to the family where the man grew up.

The future attitude of a man to a woman depends on this indicator. If in the family the husband respected his woman, occasionally helped her in the kitchen and took care of her when she was sick, then we can safely expect similar actions from his chosen one. A child throughout his life, remembers all the actions of both the father and the mother.

The main attraction to a father or mother often depends on the gender of the child. Boys look more at their father in order to become like him, girls look at their caring mothers. As a result, the child grows up with exactly the characteristics that he drew at home.

man's choice
man's choice

School performance 2

In most cases, in all meetings between a girl and a guy, the question arises, "Who and how of them went to school." If we consider such a question from the perspective of a girl to a man, but perhaps it will not be entirely tactful and correct, since often guys at school get an average grade in academic performance, and hardly anyone will say that he did not study well.

But those who did a fairly good job with school subjects are no exception, and received higher education solely thanks to intelligence, but not money. The consequence of a normally received education is naturally the first argument of an intelligent man.

Attitude towards elders3

This criterion when choosing a man is more related to the girl's mother. Over time, a moment may come when a girl cannot be far from her mother, and here, the very moment that will show the attitude towards the age generation, the husband or boyfriend of the girl

In spite of everything, a girl, until the last moment, should at least sometimes, but be close to her mother, just for the simple reason that she is a future mother and perhaps she will be in this position. In this case, the attitude of a man to the girl's mother will be a direct indicator of his character.

how to choose a man
how to choose a man


Regardless of the gender inherent in a person, he has his own habits. Good habits and bad habits, it doesn't matter if you are a girl or a guy. But since the topic is about the choice of a man, his habits should be considered here. The most important thing is to pay attention to which habits a man has more and which ones can show themselves more in negative "color".

In long-term relationships, it is common for habits that appear to be bad manners to grow into better habits through mutual parenting. But there are habits that a man is almost "inherited", and here it is worth paying attention to them.

Love for children5

Every girl remembers from childhood how she said that she would give birth to a child or two. So, when approaching this issue as an adult girl, you should always pay attention to the attitude of your “admirer” towards children. If a man loves children who come with friends to visit, or rejoices when he sees strangers running on the playground, this is already an important indicator of good relations.

find the perfect man
find the perfect man

If the relationship develops well, and the girl plans to create a family with this person, then for him her child will bring a lot of joy, and he will thank his wife for giving him a son or daughter.

If we consider the situation a little differently, in terms of children for men, then women do not always have one child. Often, girls who have already divorced their "ex" have a child from their first marriage. And it is very important that - a new father for the child, would become like a family, both in relation and in education. To do this, always at a meeting, it is worth asking parting questions related to children. This will help you more accurately understand how to prepare yourself and your child for a new family member in the house.

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