6 Main Requirements Of Men For Women

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6 Main Requirements Of Men For Women
6 Main Requirements Of Men For Women

Video: 6 Main Requirements Of Men For Women

Video: 6 Main Requirements Of Men For Women
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Man's requirements
Man's requirements

A woman would most likely answer this question like this: long legs, a size not lower than the second and the ability to cook borscht. And this opinion is extremely erroneous. Undoubtedly, it is the woman's appearance that attracts the first attention and is an incentive for acquaintance, but then other important factors are included in the game.

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  • 1 Femininity
  • 2 Emotionality
  • 3 Sexuality
  • 4 Love
  • 5 Integrity
  • 6 Wisdom
  • 7 A man's expectations of his family
  • 8 Reasons Men Cheat

In a relationship, both parties have their own expectations, which are basically the same for most people. Women want to see a strong physically and psychologically strong, healthy and responsible man next to them who knows how to take care, look after and make her smile. And what about men? What are the requirements of men for women?


Undoubtedly, men love with their eyes. A woman's appearance is what catches his eye and makes him admire. The more beautiful a woman is next to a man, the more high-status he feels. But what is beauty to him? Fashionable eyebrow tinting, trending hairstyle, ombre manicure or maybe smoky eye makeup? All of these things are invented by women to show off in front of other women. Men do not pay attention to such details at all.

Beauty from a man's point of view

Health. Naturally, both men and women want to see a healthy person next to them.

Form is what men pay attention to. A narrow waist and wide hips will be the standard of female sexuality at all times. Subconsciously, such parameters are perceived as a signal of health and fertility. This includes strong thighs and buttocks with a slender and relaxed top. If nature has not rewarded a narrow waist and hips (or maybe chocolates and donuts are to blame), a fitted dress or skirt will help to create the correct shape.

The body also symbolizes the health and well-being of a woman. An even complexion, absolute smoothness and tenderness of every part of the body - this is what most men appreciate. Careful facial skin care, sauna, bath, scrub will help to acquire such a body.

Hair. Loose, thick, shiny hair will make you pay attention not only to a man, but also to a woman. It is believed that the thicker and longer the hair (only on the head!), The more energy a woman has.

Eyes, nails and teeth. An important addition to the chic look. A snow-white smile, natural-colored nails and shining eyes are an indicator of a woman's well-groomed, her love for herself.

The characteristic “femininity” also includes confidence, how a woman behaves and presents herself.


A man will never stop admiring a radiant, cheerful girl who truly admires him. He expects that most of the time a woman will be just like that: sunny and cheerful. Waiting for her to be happy and sincerely thankful. And then in moments of her sadness or anger, he can be there, help to cope with emotions.


An important requirement of a man for a woman is to know his body, to be skillful in bed and sexy in life. If there are no questions with the first two points, then what does it mean to be sexy in life? One thing is known for sure why men are attracted to women who know how to have fun. She who knows how to get pleasure from every moment of her life knows how to share this pleasure.

What men want
What men want


And borscht. In fact, men miss maternal love and care and expect it from their chosen ones. How does mom love her son? She unconditionally accepts and loves him for who he is, she makes sure that he is deliciously fed, she is interested in his affairs, she hugs and kisses, wants only the best for him.

In life, the following picture is often observed: a woman prepares breakfast for her beloved child, ironing his clothes, admires him and, of course, kisses him before going out, wishing him a wonderful day; in what mood the husband left for work does not really matter. Although a man, no matter how old he is, needs no less attention.


The concept of "integrity" implies that a woman is a full-fledged, formed personality with her own interests and hobbies. She is happy with or without him, she respects his interests and hobbies.


Naturally, a man is looking for a wise woman with whom he can consult, find a common interest who respects his activities.

What men want from girls
What men want from girls

Family expectations of a man7

  • First, a guarantee of attention. Every man who enters into family relationships expects care and attention, satisfaction of his needs. A man wants to feel his significance and irreplaceability.
  • Secondly, the family is a safe haven - a place where he does not have to be the strongest, the very first, the best. A place where he is always welcome and accepted for who he is.
  • Thirdly, comfortable living conditions or, in other words, coziness.
  • Fourth, the external attractiveness of the wife. A reason for pride for any man.
  • Fifth, common interests. The ability to communicate, have fun and interesting time, common hobbies.
  • Sixth, frank communication. Every man wants to know more about his woman than others do.

Reasons why men cheat8

Based on the statistics and the requirements of a man to a woman, the main reasons for betrayal can be identified.

Reason # 1. The most common reason is alcohol and passion

This type of betrayal is not associated with expectations, but it can be completely prevented by defining boundaries in advance. A man who appreciates relationships and is sure that his woman will never forgive betrayal will not go for it even while drunk.

How to understand men
How to understand men

Reason # 2. The wife loses her attractiveness, stops caring and taking care of herself

Every day, the husband sees his wife in the morning and evening in the same outfit - stretched pants, a T-shirt or dressing gown, a bun on her head and no makeup. She does not dress up at home, but preens herself before going out. A man can only admire other women who dress up for him.

Reason number 3. Sexual problems

Usually, they manifest themselves in the extinction of passion or a constant "headache" of one of the partners. Many of the sexual problems are solved by frank conversation, it would be the desire of both.

Reason number 4. The wife is absorbed in everyday life / children / work or all together

A man wants to be significant. If for a long time the priority for a wife is home, children, work, this becomes a reason for male infidelity. Even during pregnancy and the first years of a child's life, you should not forget about your man, enough care, admiring glances and sincere interest.

Reason number 5. Inability to discuss your problems

In such a betrayal (like reason # 4), the reason is the desire to compensate for the lack of attention. He is looking for the one who will listen and support, kiss and admire him. The film "Love and Doves" is an excellent demonstration of the fifth reason for cheating.

Why do men look for mistresses
Why do men look for mistresses

Reason number 6. Desire will assert itself

This reason is a consequence of character traits, personality type, possible self-doubt and is not associated with male expectations.

Both women and men looking for a relationship have their own requirements for a partner. Men love with their eyes and therefore want to see next to them a beautiful woman, a skillful lover, loving like a mother, cheerful like a child, interesting as a friend, an integral personality - and all this in one person.

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