The Girl Doesn't Respect The Guy. How Do You Earn Respect?

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The Girl Doesn't Respect The Guy. How Do You Earn Respect?
The Girl Doesn't Respect The Guy. How Do You Earn Respect?
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The girl doesn't respect the guy
The girl doesn't respect the guy

According to most mothers-in-law, a bride, beloved, and even legal spouse are capable of showing disrespect to their sons. Say, such upbringing is not acceptable to their beloved children, when a girl does not respect a guy. After all, their children are accustomed to delicious homemade food, respectful behavior and submissive actions on the part of young ladies.

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  • 1 Why doesn't a girl respect a guy anymore?
  • 2 How does a spoiled opinion manifest?
  • 3 How to overcome a difficult period?

If a girl does not respect a guy, this is only due to the fact that he set himself that way, or allowed him to be manipulated and put forward conditions that, well, it is very difficult not to agree to. Is there any fault of women in this, or does all the misdeeds of men do not deserve forgiveness, and the chosen one are simply forced to use such methods of re-education?

Why doesn't a girl respect a guy anymore? I

Surely, every boy will think - "this is about me." Previously, the spouse / girlfriend was submissive, but became uncontrollable. I offended her several times, deceived her, trifles. And in response, no forgiveness, no understanding. Do loving people behave like that? No way. And guys who think "it's just a trifle, bullshit, you think" do not deserve to continue a good relationship.

There is such a method "to love". And many use this: either because of their strong feelings, or because of unwillingness to leave a person, reconciling with his actions, even not the most correct ones.

A woman, as a creature with two souls, cannot interact with herself when one half of the brain talks about parting, and the other about love. The principle of humanism is born - she likes her status, she lives for the sake of some future and hopes to correct it.

Psychologists note this position as the role of the weak in a relationship. Therefore, over time, when eyes are opened to a man through disrespect, it becomes noticeable how weak and insignificant he is; and a loving person can no longer turn back into a submissive lioness. Tears and flies - this is just about the consequences of an attitude towards a woman.

A man must remember a few things:

  • Girlfriends are a terrarium where there is a snake that will turn the best friend against the man.
  • The mother is an assistant, but if the daughter is in danger (even only from the mother's bell tower), she will do everything to separate the couple.
  • The rotten fruit infects everyone else. This applies to fashion stereotypes, magazines, news in the field of "ex" spouses, various statistics, etc.

So, it becomes a little clearer, for what reasons the girl does not respect the guy or has stopped treating him with due attention and care.

How does a spoiled opinion manifest? 2

At the beginning of the relationship, she listens in silence, with bated breath, about all the cases in the army, jokes on friends and more. During the period of acquaintance, a minimal idea entered into her head about what kind of person he was, what he was capable of, and how he spoke about the ex. Bad - speaks of his shortcomings, good - indicates the presence of respect for his ladies.

The Simpsons
The Simpsons

When the idealization of the image slightly does not fit into the framework of the one presented, it is distorted over time, and the guy, among other things, also "mows", the girl begins to roll up scandals and tantrums.

Of course, not justifying someone else's expectations - these are the problems of the interlocutor, who believed that more could be expected. But when, day after day, a young and beautiful guy speaks unflatteringly, the chosen one begins to show a defensive reaction:

  1. She is sometimes harsh in words - once a man offended her, and she takes revenge.
  2. The guy stumbled somewhere, lied. The woman will prick and return to this point.
  3. As long as she feels power and manipulates the relationship, the guy will be on bad account with her.

This is a banal change of leader. This happens when couples agree on some things unknown to other people, but do not understand that life in society is a constant comparison. For example, never give flowers, they say, it is not necessary. A friend whips her friend with pictures with bouquets through social networks in the face, hinting at the success of the young man, his love (not like some).

Such roles in relationships lead to the idea of ​​obsession: "he does not like, he specially warned in advance about the presence of difficult work, minimum time, etc." And such conditions become a stumbling block.

How to overcome a difficult period? 3

When a girl does not respect a guy, shows it by actions or clings with words, indicating weakness, you need to come to a serious conversation. Difficulties outside the relationship - family, work, home - can become the reason. If the couple lives together, the daily routine should be discussed. Perhaps the boy was not yet ready for the division of responsibilities, believing that the future wife, like a mother, should cherish him. However, maternal and conjugal love are different things.

how to earn the respect of a girl
how to earn the respect of a girl

Do not keep silent about the problems, otherwise they will increase the tension to the size of a snowball. There is a problem - to discuss at a round table, without witnesses, companions and advisers; and future wedding witnesses. You can earn respect by your actions, even if "everything is gone, chief"; because everyone is capable of shouting and boasting of skills and promises. And the female attitude, as you know, is the result of a counter defeat of hatred and anger on the part of a young man.

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