Do I Have To Pay For A Girl And How Often Do I Need To Pamper Her?

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Do I Have To Pay For A Girl And How Often Do I Need To Pamper Her?
Do I Have To Pay For A Girl And How Often Do I Need To Pamper Her?

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Video: Do I Have To Pay For A Girl And How Often Do I Need To Pamper Her?
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girl in the net
girl in the net

The age-old question that worries men is whether it is necessary to spend money on a girl? It is impossible to answer unequivocally. You could say yes and no. In the modern world, women have become more solvent, but they do not reach the level of men.

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  • 1 Should I pay for a girl in clubs and restaurants?
  • 2 How often to give gifts?
  • 3 Bouquet of 100 roses or wildflowers?
  • 4 Clothes, cosmetics

This article touches on the question of how to distinguish a girl from a man or for love for money.

Should I pay for a girl in clubs and restaurants? I

In the Western world, on the first date, it is customary for a woman and a man to pay equally for dinner. In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, if a man demands half the amount for a romantic dinner, then the girl will think that her today's beau is a goon.

A woman will be offended if a man does not pay for her in a restaurant where he himself invited. There is nothing wrong with expressing love in this way to the object of your sympathy. The girl never admits to the man that his attempt, even if not consciously, to bypass this moment by the side, caused her anger and disappointment.

She can take money out of her wallet with a calm face and put part of the amount. But the guy probably won't see her again. The point here is not a woman’s commercialism, but a violation of the courtship ritual. Although someone may disagree with this statement and say that such a psychology is suitable for a henpecked person.

Indeed, sometimes you can adjust the situation so that a woman pays not only for herself, but also for her beau. But this should be done in an emergency and not on the first date.

In order for a woman to perceive her companion not as a wallet, but to see a man in him, it is necessary to carry out several checks. First of all, don't drive girls to expensive restaurants. A cozy and decent cafe may be suitable for this. Secondly, do not spoil her with expensive gifts at first. You can arrange pleasant surprises, but not try to buy her location.

How often to give gifts? 2

Once a happy family man was asked: "Do you spoil your wife, give expensive gifts?" He replied with a calm face: "No." When asked why? The guy replied: "Will be spoiled." This does not mean that he generally decided to renounce maintaining romance in a relationship, it just does it in doses. Dosed does not mean building schemes in what month, day to give something to your wife. This means acting according to circumstances. The main condition is a sincere desire to make it pleasant.

pays for the girl
pays for the girl

Therefore, if we talk about how often gifts should be given, we can highlight memorable dates for the couple, March 8, birthday, new year, and the rest according to mood and circumstances.

It is better not to give expensive gifts when meeting and starting a relationship. Otherwise, the girl may get used to it and begin to perceive her fiance as a sponsor, and not a loved one.

Bouquet of 100 roses or wildflowers? _100

If a man wants to create a romantic effect, then wildflowers are best suited at the beginning of a relationship. A girl may not like either one or the other flowers. You can find out about her preferences later.

If you start to fall asleep with rose petals from the start, then this can lead to the same consequences as expensive gifts. A bouquet of many roses will be appropriate for an anniversary or some other significant event. And to make her happy - wildflowers are enough. It will work if she has mutual sympathy for the guy. By her reaction, you can calculate the disposition to a person.

is it worth paying for it
is it worth paying for it

Clothes, cosmetics3

Women love clothes and cosmetics. But they look not only at the store counters, but also what the men are wearing. Expensive branded clothing, cars attract attention. But if a person wants a long-term relationship, it is better not to lure the fair sex in this way.

Of course, a person's appearance is an incentive for acquaintance. But this is more suitable for women, because men are given the right to choose.