TOP 7 Tips On How To Meet A Girl In A Club

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TOP 7 Tips On How To Meet A Girl In A Club
TOP 7 Tips On How To Meet A Girl In A Club

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girl winks
girl winks

The nightclub is one of the most ideal places to meet a girl. In addition to the fact that the atmosphere itself is conducive to communication, most of the girls come to the club in order to make new interesting acquaintances. Rhythmic music, strong drinks and a good mood are undeniable advantages and ideal tools for the right pickup. A few recommendations on how to properly meet a girl in a club are given below in the article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Dress code
  • 2 How to recognize a girl who does not mind meeting
  • 3 From words to action
  • 4 Eye to eye
  • 5 Distraction
  • 6 Closer to the body
  • 7 Forbidden tricks
  • 8 The main obstacles on your way

Dress codei

At first glance, it may seem that this point is not so important. Far from it! Despite the fact that there are no strict restrictions in nightclubs (with the exception of those establishments where there is strict face control), some tips should still be taken into account. And here is the first of them: clothes should be clean and tidy. Rest assured, no self-respecting girl will ever date a sloppy guy. Tip # 2: When choosing your look, try to use as many light colors as possible. So, the chances that in the semi-darkness the girl you like will notice you first will increase significantly.

How to recognize a girl who doesn't mind getting to know each other2

Yes, yes, and this is not a typo at all! The thing is that the success of the enterprise will directly depend on the goals of the girl who came to the club. So, finding a young lady who is looking for dating is quite simple:

  • She now and then looks around in the hope of seeing Him;
  • He smiles broadly and laughs boldly, not hiding his emotions;
  • Behaves quite confidently and even somewhat relaxed;
  • Stylishly dressed and brightly colored;
  • Most often, it is located at the bar or chooses a table in the most conspicuous place.

From words to action3

If a beauty that fully meets your requirements and preferences has appeared in your field of vision, there is not a minute to waste. Competition is scary! Therefore, straightening our shoulders, discarding complexes and smiling broadly, we approach the girl and say:

  1. Hello! The most delicious cocktails are prepared here, and now I will prove it to you.
  2. An amazing thing, I have been visiting this institution for about a year, but this is the first time I've seen such a beauty!
  3. Well, to the people at the club today! I suspect it's all about you.
  4. Thanks to your smile, I almost went blind.
  5. For once escaped into the club, and here such unearthly beauty!
  6. No time to explain, just give me your hand.
  7. Girl, will you join me for some fresh air? And then something caught my spirit!
two girls in sequins
two girls in sequins
  1. Do you want me to show you a funny dance, after which you will tell me your name?
  2. The music is so loud, I still won't hear anything. So just write me your name and phone number.
  3. And we bet that we will drink the third cocktail at the brotherhood?
  4. Hello! And they told me that you are looking for me.
  5. I have never met girls in the club. It's time to fix this oversight!
  6. What drinks does the cutest girl in this club prefer?
  7. It is so good that thanks to the loud music you will not hear what I am about to tell you.
  8. How do you look at running away from here together today?
girl makes a photo with glasses
girl makes a photo with glasses

Eye to eye4

Correctly chosen words are already half the success, but you should also remember that you are meeting in a noisy place, where sometimes you need to try very hard so that the interlocutor hears the correctly pronounced phrase. This is where non-verbal gestures come to the rescue. And, it is desirable that your desire to meet the girl you like in the club is real. Otherwise, conveying your attitude will be extremely problematic. An attractive look and a sincere smile, at times, have a much greater effect than the right words. By the way, winking is also not forbidden.


Having noticed the girl of your dreams in the club, try to start your acquaintance … with humor. A well-chosen joke will make her smile and lose her guard for a while. The girl will relax, and you will get rid of the feeling of constraint. A non-binding (at first glance) comic conversation can turn into a real flirtation in a matter of minutes.

Closer to the body6

The role of dance should not be underestimated either. And it doesn't matter if you do not have professional skills at all. The main thing here is to catch the mood of the girl and correctly convey yours to her. Moreover, you can ask the name of the girl you like directly during the dance itself. The main thing is to act quickly and confidently. Just spin her in a dance so that she doesn't have time to think about whether to deny you an acquaintance or not.

girl in tracksuit
girl in tracksuit

Forbidden tricks7

When the hackneyed and familiar methods stop working, it's time to get creative. The main condition is to behave as naturally as possible so that the girl in no case realizes that this is not a fluke, but a carefully thought-out scheme.

  • So, reception number 1. Step on her foot when walking by or dancing beside her. Apologize and introduce yourself immediately. At the same time, it is important not to continue the dialogue, but also not to disappear from the girl's field of vision for a long time. During the evening, you can look at each other meaningfully, treat her to a drink, but do not go into the "open attack." It is possible that after an hour of such a game, the girl herself will begin to show you signs of attention, because your frank "coldness" will hook her. And then it's up to the little, in this game you are the leader.
  • Reception number 2. Surprise and intrigue. Most of the girls are quite curious and inquisitive people. Therefore, in order to achieve their location and not hear a rude "no" already at the very beginning of their acquaintance, it is enough just to intrigue them. You can inadvertently drop a random phrase that this institution is very different from another, because such things happen there … You can be sure that the girl will certainly take an interest in the name of the club that you mentioned. And, of course, it will torment you with questions about what is so unusual going on there. And so, you have already started a dialogue.
collage on yellow background
collage on yellow background

The main obstacles on your way 8

Going to a nightclub for the purpose of acquaintance, you still need to leave something outside the door:

  • Shyness. This is really a superfluous feeling. Firmly intending to leave the nightclub with a sultry beauty and shyness and shyness, it is better not to remember. At least this evening;
  • Bad mood. It is it that is capable of thwarting your far-reaching plans at the most crucial moment. And turn you from an outgoing friendly guy into a real monster who breaks down over trifles. And then hardly any girl will dare to leave the club with you by the hand;
  • Fear. This feeling will slow you down at the most crucial moment, and inspire you with self-doubt. Despite the fact that practice shows that already at 10 minutes of communication with a girl, fear recedes, you should not risk it. Because it is not known whether they will give you these 10 minutes, seeing your shaking knees;
girl jumping on purple background
girl jumping on purple background
  • Frankly vulgar jokes and hints. They will only allow you to get a loud slap in the face, but not a good acquaintance;
  • Feigned pathos. Most of the girls are excellent psychologists and read everything behind the scenes at lightning speed. Therefore, it makes no sense to show imaginary coolness.

And remember, obsession and persistence are completely opposite things. Learn to distinguish one from the other, and you are guaranteed success with the opposite sex!

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