100 Super Phrases You Can Write To A Guy First

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100 Super Phrases You Can Write To A Guy First
100 Super Phrases You Can Write To A Guy First

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girl on a yellow background laughs
girl on a yellow background laughs

Many girls, looking back at the sad experience of one of the heroines of the well-known work of A.S. Pushkin, continue to believe that the initiative is punishable. And in vain! Observations show that it is precisely those ladies who are not afraid to take the first step, albeit through virtual communication, that have great chances of a pleasant continuation of their acquaintance.

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  • 1 8 important rules for successful virtual communication
  • 2 100 phrases you can write to a guy first
  • 3 If the plan fails

8 important rules for successful virtual communication8

Let go of fear and embarrassment. After all, this is just the Internet, and even if something does not go the way you would like it, nothing supernatural will happen. In the worst case, your message will simply be ignored by the object of adoration. But in the best case, you run the risk of finding real female happiness, well, or a pleasant companion who will definitely appreciate the attention you have shown

  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Too long essays are unlikely to be appropriate at the very beginning of communication.
  • The simpler the better. Even if you just defended your doctoral dissertation just yesterday, you should not quote it in the first message.
  • Forget about vulgarity and vulgarity. Their appearance in the very first messages will allow you to think of you as a frivolous dimwitted person who wants simple entertainment.
  • Referring to a guy by name. Psychologists say that it is this "trick" that disposes any person to communicate.
  • Intrigue, excite and stir up interest in your own person. Any man by nature is a hunter. The task of a woman is to awaken these instincts in him, while remaining a mysterious nymph.
  • Show genuine interest. Otherwise, any man will easily feel the fake and rush to end the virtual conversation.
  • Lame grammar is a sure way to fail. Even if the message comes from a stunning beauty.

So, after making sure that your profile contains the most successful photos, and the questionnaire is filled with truthful facts, it's time to get down to business!

100 phrases you can write to a guy first

  1. Hello! Interested, intrigued and therefore could not silently scroll through your profile.
  2. They say that guys are delighted with girls who take initiative. What do you think about this?
  3. At school, I was not very fond of physics. But looking at your photo, I seem to begin to understand what an electric discharge is.
  4. You are incredibly stylishly dressed. And I think you can help me with something.
  5. The information on your page gave me some interesting conclusions. I would like to voice them right now.
  6. Hi! Apparently, I pressed something wrong on the laptop. Could you help me solve this problem?
  7. Strange, none of the photos shows a stable … but must your snow-white horse live somewhere?
  8. Today, according to my horoscope, is the perfect day to meet. And somehow I'm not used to arguing with the stars.
  9. I wonder what can make such a serious young man smile?
donut girl
donut girl
  1. Look, I never texted the guys first. Therefore, you can safely congratulate me on my debut.
  2. Did you make a blue-eyed princess? I have come true!
  3. Surely a guy like you is not deprived of female attention. How do you deal with a crowd of admirers?
  4. I plan to watch a movie before bed. Can you help you decide on the genre?
  5. To be honest, I'm so tired of waiting for you to pay attention to me. Therefore, hello!
  6. There is an opinion that athletic guys are somewhat deprived of intellectual abilities. But looking at you, I have no doubt that this is a myth.
  7. You will probably be surprised, but all your hobbies are absolutely identical to mine!
  8. Happiness escaped me today. Do you know where it might be hiding?
  9. Good girls don't write first. Or do they write?
  10. Hello! Do you mind if I wish you good dreams?
  11. And overcoming shyness is not so difficult. It turns out that you just need to write the first message.
  12. If now you say that your heart is busy, I will not be able to sleep.
girl in a hoodie
girl in a hoodie
  1. I was planning to start a census of the most charming men on this site. It looks like you will be the first and the last on this list.
  2. Wow, just a photo, but what energy!
  3. Well, how long were you going to hide from me?
  4. You live in the most beautiful city in our country. Can you tell us about its attractions?
  5. Do you think we could discuss any topic right now?
  6. This is the first time I write to the guy first, and it's great that you don't see how my cheeks are blushing.
  7. Do you believe in virtual love?
  8. I accidentally saw you in the tape and now I just burn out with curiosity …
  9. I also really love cars. And it seems we could discuss something with you.
  10. "Impudence is the second happiness" - I thought and wrote to you.
  11. An inner voice barely audible whispered to me that I simply must write you a message.
  12. If you want to cheer up in a matter of seconds, just ask me how.
  13. Is there a perfect start phrase?
  14. We could be a beautiful couple, right?
  15. Does the gentleman prefer blondes or brunettes?
  16. I have long dreamed of meeting an interesting guy. Dreams should come true!
girl and guy on a yellow background
girl and guy on a yellow background
  1. A man with a flawless appearance has no flaws?
  2. How do guys react when a girl is the first to show interest in them?
  3. By chance I got two football tickets in my hands. And something tells me that you will keep me company.
  4. The photos in your profile give out your impeccable taste.
  5. Young man, are you, by any chance, not of royal blood?
  6. Do you work by profession or by vocation?
  7. Today they told me this about you …
  8. Do you think online dating can develop into a strong alliance?
  9. Attention! This message is a manifestation of momentary weakness and will self-destruct in the next day.
  10. The longer I thought whether to write to you or not, the more arguments I found in favor of the first option.
  11. Your gaze is quite capable of melting my icy heart. Let's start?
  12. I am planning a vacation in the near future. And by a lucky chance I saw your photos from this resort.
  13. I don't think you will be able to sleep peacefully if you ignore my message. You can take our word for it!
redhead girl on a blue background
redhead girl on a blue background
  1. I want to watch some movie, advise something. You always make great recommendations.
  2. I'm going to go to the movies for this movie. Will you join?
  3. I have long wanted to ask - when will you guess that I want to go on a date with you?
  4. I'm going to the park to feed the ducks. Take bread and come with me.
  5. Your favorite cafe is now so empty and cozy. Look what a beauty (you throw a photo off him).
  6. Can you help me figure this out? I know that you are special in this.
  7. Remember when you said that you dreamed of going to this concert? My friends cannot come with me, so I suggest we unite.
  8. I listened to the tracks that you recommended to me and I am delighted.
  9. I want to walk around the city on a summer night in a pleasant company. By the way, you are quite suitable.
  10. If we were texting for the last time, what would you tell me?
  11. If right now I offered you to rob a bank, what would you say?
  12. Imagine that tomorrow is the last day for all of humanity. How will you spend it?
girl with lollipop on turquoise background
girl with lollipop on turquoise background
  1. I went for a run and in half an hour I will be at your house. If you do not dare to join me, at least look out the window and shout something encouraging.
  2. I suddenly wondered - if you were asked to describe me in three words, what would you answer?
  3. I sit in the park and admire the view. If you want to join, look for me on the blue bench next to a very passionate couple. It seems to me that they will devour each other now.
  4. I have a serious question for you. Please do not rush to answer and think about it carefully. So, why is the pizza round, but they bring it to us in square boxes?
  5. I remembered your joke and can hardly contain my laughter. You are inimitable.
  6. If Batman and Superman fight in battle, who will win?
  7. Today I dreamed that you called me on a date. We had a lot of fun, if you're interested.
  8. I heard this song and thought of you.
  9. I want to start communicating with you, but all the jokes flew out of my head. Help me.
  10. Recommend some cool TV series. Did you mention the "…"?
  11. I told your friends your joke. They are also crazy about your sense of humor.
  12. How was your interview / interview / presentation? I'm sure you were on top.
  13. I can't concentrate on work - I remember our date yesterday.
girl with cucumbers
girl with cucumbers
  1. If you don't ask me out, I'll do it.
  2. Truth or Dare?
  3. Is it okay that I've been laughing at this for half an hour? (There should be a funny photo / meme, etc.)
  4. What happened today at the seminar / meeting / party? I am sure your story will be bright and concise.
  5. There is a special offer in the cafe - two cheesecakes for the price of one. I need help urgently. Look how delicious he is (photo).
  6. Have you read the book ".."? I can’t define my feelings. How do you understand the ending?
  7. What an atmospheric photo. I didn't know that you are also a photographer.
  8. Remember you said you wanted to go to this exhibition? It opens tomorrow at six. I'll be there, so if anything - come and say hello.
  9. I need your advice - I don't know how to tell a friend that I like him.
  10. You shouldn't have come to yesterday's party. In a nutshell, madness and delight. Hope your weekend went well.
  11. I have a serious problem. I have no one to go to the movies with. Will you save me from eating a bucket of popcorn alone?
lollipop girl
lollipop girl
  1. I just want to tell you that I like you. How do you like that?
  2. I argued with a friend that I would have the courage and write the first to a nice guy. Congratulate me - I won.
  3. I was having a bad day. How do you usually cheer yourself up? Surprise me.
  4. I want to skip school / work tomorrow and arrange a spontaneous day off. I need a partner. Can I rely on you?
  5. Thanks for your help with…. You saved me!
  6. You looked amazing in this shirt. I couldn't resist a compliment. I hope I didn't embarrass you?
  7. I could have come up with something more original, but … In general, I like you. Let's go somewhere?
  8. One girl likes you. Do you know who I mean?
  9. Saw the way you looked at me yesterday. I decided that we should at least exchange a couple of messages. Do you agree?
  10. I love being with you so much. I would have liked even more to go somewhere with you.
  11. Now I will tell you how my morning went. If you think you have a crazy life … Hell, you can hardly beat me. So…
stylish girl with glasses and earrings
stylish girl with glasses and earrings
  1. I'm in a bar with friends now and great music is playing here. I think this is just your style.
  2. Nobody wants to run with me in the morning. And you were kind of going to try something new. Are you in business?
  3. Today I had an interesting dream with your participation. Tell me how it happened?

If the plan fails i

If suddenly something went wrong, and the guy did not respond to your message, then it is important to understand that this could happen in the following cases:

  • You failed to arouse his interest. The spark did not ignite. This does not mean that you are the problem;
  • The young man is clearly spoiled by female attention and has long been accustomed to its manifestations. Moreover, he treats the manifestation of women's initiative as a matter of course. Perhaps he was going to write you a few words, but your message was randomly lost among thousands of others. What to do next, and whether you need such a man is up to you.
  • He's actually busy. It is no secret that the "online" icon does not at all guarantee that a young person is ready to instantly respond to a message and maintain a dialogue. In any case, if desired and the opportunity that comes up, he will definitely do it.
lips on white background
lips on white background

Therefore, falling into a prolonged depression and being on duty at the monitor, every now and then refreshing the page, hoping to see the cherished envelope, is certainly not worth it. Exactly, like bombarding a guy with angry messages and questions: "Why are you silent?" Otherwise, the reason for ignoring it will smoothly move from the third point to the first.

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