TOP 6 Places Where You Can Meet American Women

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TOP 6 Places Where You Can Meet American Women
TOP 6 Places Where You Can Meet American Women

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american smiling
american smiling

For many, America is the ultimate dream. After all, they were brainwashed with this notorious American dream. Therefore, many believe that the easiest way to go to the country of roller coasters is to marry an American woman. Well, before you start studying dating sites, it is a good idea to do a little research on American beauties.

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10 types of American women10

Conventionally, all American women can be divided into 10 types. What's interesting: they all somehow look like modern Russian young ladies. But there is still a difference. Although small.


These women are crazy about their careers. They are purposeful, they have tough discipline, iron logic and steel grip. A kind of man in a skirt. Nordic character. In communication, they are official, no emotions, even in bed with them, not sex, but a quarterly report. They look after themselves from the ends of their hair to the buckles on their sandals. Look appropriate: formal, business suit, optics, watches. In general, all the accessories of a successful woman. their habitat offices and a business center. They are rarely seen in a bar or on the street after a working day. As a rule, they while away the evening at the gym or at home in their own office, continuing their work. They look, of course, amazing. These women know how to take care of themselves and do it carefully.

Ay, and so it will do

These women can be seen from afar. The view is not that homeless, it is unrealistically ushatany. Tuning and upgrading the appearance is not about them. The most important thing that they strictly observe is body hygiene. Stinking in America is bad manners. But walking through your hair with a comb is hard work, not to mention a little makeup. These women are found everywhere in all social strata. They can be married, have children, be young and ladies of Balzac age. The main thing is that they absolutely do not care about their appearance. It feels like they were stuck in their teens at 12+. This is a baseball cap, a knee-length T-shirt, sneakers and a backpack on the back. Through one, they worship football. But at the same time, they can become an excellent partner and friend. Their position is simple: a person should be assessed by their brains and soul, and not by their appearance.

Girl in a red baseball cap
Girl in a red baseball cap


Most often these are young people. They look like MSU students: feminine, fashionable, very neat. The type is recognizable and formulaic: straight hair, blonde, light, discreet makeup.

But they do not stay in this puppet state for long. One has only to get married, as the wardrobe changes dramatically, the figure disappears under a pile of hamburgers. Makeup is washed off forever without the right to restore.


Only the same religious fan will become acquainted with the Puritan. To imagine this image, it is enough to recall a librarian or an archive employee: a skirt or dress to the floor of a strange color, a blouse, glasses and a "mouse" tail on her head. Zero cosmetics. All their conversations boil down to religion and God.

They may be married, but the spouse is usually just as much a religious fan.

Sex before marriage is a priori denied.


The most common type of American woman. The problem with weight in America. There is no food culture in America. They absorb everything that is not nailed, and that which is nailed around the nail is nibbled. The menu of these ladies consists of fast food and soda. They are delicious, the rest is nonsense. Most importantly, they have no qualms about their appearance.

Pop art girl with burger and cola
Pop art girl with burger and cola

The dress code is for sleeping and sofa, that is, pajamas - Forever! Exaggerated, of course, but harem pants, T-shirts and sneakers are all that there is in the “buns” wardrobe.

These "donuts" live everywhere: in the park, in a bar, in a store, in an office. Sometimes it seems like America is being taken over by women donuts.


Translated into Russian women, this is the category of secular lionesses. They are married, they look not just gorgeous, but stunning. Makeup, hairstyle, manicure, style. You will not see such a woman staggering idly. She spends all her time in numerous salons and at social events. So to get such a madam will not work. Well, unless the guy is on a Ferrari. Then you can try, even if he is from Kamchatka.


Typical "yam". Maybe "girls" when young. After giving birth, it turns into a cough. She dissolves into motherhood: circles, school, kindergarten, diapers, snot-screams, porridge out of the box and a vanilla-marshmallow photo on Instagram. As a rule, a good hostess. Because the house should be very clean, because there are children! Nutrition is correct and healthy, because for children. Family dinners, Sunday church, a cat on the window and a dog on the couch. Classic…

The girl cleans up in krvatir
The girl cleans up in krvatir

These women can look very good, because children should be proud of their mother.


These women are obsessed with their health: sports and proper nutrition. Quite well maintained but limited. All the talk comes down to the cabbage leaf and the number of calories in three grains of rice. But they look good. By the way, phyto-babies are gradually taking over the world: they are found everywhere, not only in America.


The flamboyant character "Barmaid Zina" also lives in America. They don't give a damn about everything: appearance, style, behavior and norms of etiquette. They live freely: they don't work. They are surviving on US subsidies. Of course, such income is not enough for them. Hence the pathological passion for money. All they want is to get married and keep getting fat.

Friend, companion, brother

This woman is for any kipish except hunger strike. She is easily undermined on fishing, hiking, skydiving and other adventures. Disassemble such "comrades-in-arms" as hot cakes. And they are just happy that they live.

Girl looking through binoculars
Girl looking through binoculars

They are very sociable, they have many friends. Husbands adore such, and children grow up in an atmosphere of love.

All this suggests that such "buns", "puritans", "hens" are around the corner a dime a dozen. One plus from marriage with an American is the opportunity to leave for the United States.

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