TOP 100 Phrases, What To Write To A Guy On Vkontakte

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TOP 100 Phrases, What To Write To A Guy On Vkontakte
TOP 100 Phrases, What To Write To A Guy On Vkontakte
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the girl thinks
the girl thinks

Dating on social networks is not uncommon for anyone now. People have long felt comfortable in the virtual world and have been quite successful in starting relationships there. Thanks to the Vkontakte website, people from different parts of the planet can meet and eventually create international families.

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1 100 examples of phrases for a girl

100 examples of phrases for a girl100

  • Hi, I just broke up with my boyfriend and went online, determined to find a good friend. Will you be him?
  • I understand that a girl should not be the first to meet, this is not accepted, but I like you.
  • Your photo reminded me of something from the past that was irretrievably lost, but I want to return it.
  • Have you read The Long Walk? I dream that I will be loved so much.
  • When the stars fall, I always want to know that someone has decided to meet me. Maybe it's you?
  • I would really like it to turn out that you are alone. Because I really like you.
  • Do you know what it is called when you saw something before and then the image emerges from memory and is transferred into reality, accurate to the smallest detail?
  • I don't believe in love at first sight, but when I saw your photo, I thought, maybe we will meet, look into each other's eyes?
  • I probably drank too much and got bolder, but I really like you. Can we call you?
  • In the photo where you are at the Eiffel Tower, there is a girl standing next to you, very similar to me. Do you like this type?
  • Hi, I'm an artist. Do you mind if I paint your portrait?
  • I work in a call center and I was trained to competently talk with clients and get out of difficult situations, but I didn't have the determination to write to you. And then I thought, maybe they taught me not in vain?
  • Wow, do you play guitar? What is yours? Let's create a group?
  • You have beautiful hands. Do you work out in the gym? Can you give me some tips on leveling up?
  • They say that men choose girls who are similar to their mothers as wives. Am I like yours?
  • Hi, I really love thrillers, but it's terrifying to watch them alone.
  • What do you think I'm going to ask you now?
  • Do you believe in reincarnation? I think I saw you in a past life.
  • Hi, a new film came out yesterday, an evening session and I'm scared to go alone. Will you keep company?
  • Hello, I noticed in the photo what long, thin fingers you have. That's very beautiful. Do you happen to play the piano?
girl surprised
girl surprised
  • Hello, have you ever wondered what it's like to be a girl? How can I get to know you?
  • Hey. I love you.
  • Good evening, I'm bored. Maybe we can talk?
  • Hi, I love fishing. Today I caught a bream. Give you?
  • Do you like to play computer games? My session is empty. Maybe we can play together?
  • I am not a master at meeting guys, but you seem interesting to me. Shall we chat?
  • I don't know where you live or what kind of person you are, but something tells me that we will get along.
  • I work in the next department and wink at you for the second week. Do you have good eyesight?
  • I live alone and I feel lonely. Could you spend an evening with me?
  • I want to quit smoking, and your athletic body tells me that you are not leading a healthy lifestyle. Can you motivate me?
  • This is already the twentieth message, I don't know why I am writing to you, but I still hope for an answer. Let's get acquainted?
  • Hi, I work hard and I have no opportunity to meet in real life. Can we talk here and if something comes of it, then we will meet?
girl with false flowers
girl with false flowers
  • Hi, in general I am a closed person and new acquaintances for me is torture. But what if I live my whole life without trying? How are you?
  • My mom says it's dangerous to meet online, but you seem friendly.
  • Hi, I live with my parents in a religious family and dream of running away from here to get an education. But they want to force me to marry, can you help me escape?
  • I recently watched a show that discussed the topic of shyness. After watching, I decided to fight her. Let's get acquainted?
  • Where was your photo taken and why do you have such a wistful look?
  • My husband left me with a small child. I can't go out to people and get acquainted, but I really want to communicate. Do you mind getting to know each other?
  • Today I was in a restaurant with friends and we were served by a very handsome waiter. I found you by name on your badge. Let's meet again in a more informal setting?
happy girl
happy girl
  • When I was little, I dreamed that I would marry a prince on a white horse. Do you happen to be fond of horses?
  • My psychologist advised me to randomly meet on the Internet. You are the first to whom I wrote.
  • Today is a rainy day in my city, however, like yesterday. Maybe we can talk about the weather?
  • Hi, how can I get to know you so that you don't think that I initiated this?
  • Do you like role-playing games?
  • I have a talking parrot, Gray, and today he told me that I have a good day. So I decided to try my luck and make a new acquaintance.
  • It seems to me that everyone has already switched to online dating. Let's try to chat, I like you.
  • Sorry for my tactlessness, but I'm impatient. You are beautiful and I want to get to know you better.
  • Hi, would you like to chat about how to spend an evening with a beautiful girl?
  • Due to the situation with the coronavirus, I am afraid to leave the house, but I want to communicate. What do you think of the general panic?
  • Hi, today I found out that my husband cheated on me. I want to take revenge on him. Let's get acquainted?
smiling girl
smiling girl
  • Hello, I don't know you, you don't know me. But I'm so tired of living by the rules and waiting for the guy to be the first to offer to meet. Now I suggest.
  • I was betrayed by a man who said he would never make me cry. What to do? Help me please.
  • In general, I did not find myself in the trash to make acquaintances first, but you are nothing like that. Lets communicate.
  • I stand on the bridge and admire the Neva. Come, wherever you are, we will admire together.
  • I'm so tired of looking for you. Hi, I'm your new girlfriend.
  • I'm not used to feeling sorry for myself, but now I feel very bad. And when I feel bad, I do rash things. Let's get acquainted?
  • Hi, I want to meet a cool guy, but I don't know where to start. Would you advise?
  • Do you like it when a girl meets first or should I give you a hint?
  • Do you like coffee? Maybe we'll have a drink together sometime?
  • Hi, I am writing songs. Can you rate my new creation?
  • Hello, I'm sick and I'm sad. Let's talk.
  • Do you know that swans are inseparable? I've always dreamed of creating such a pair. And you?
  • Guess why I texted you.
African American girl
African American girl
  • I am ashamed to say this, as if I were standing in front of you without clothes, but I can no longer be silent. I have been watching your page for a long time and fell head over heels in love with you.
  • I live in your city and recently bought a quadrocopter, can we pass notes to each other?
  • Hi, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Maybe you will be it?
  • Today I stumbled on the street and realized that there was no one to hold me when I walk in heels. Would you like to accompany me?
  • Hi, I love to cook so much, but I live alone and there is no one to eat my food. Do you want to try?
  • Before, I dreamed that my love would find me, and then I read good words that the fate of a person is in his hands and decided to take control of her own life. Let's get acquainted?
  • Hi, I am very interested in you. Write when you wish.
  • I do not like the candy-bouquet period and conventions. Will you be my boyfriend?
  • Hi, I think you have a nice voice. Let's call and check?
girl with a wreath on her head
girl with a wreath on her head
  • I love cats very much, but I don’t want to live with them for the rest of my life. Let's be friends.
  • Hello, do you like poetry? I'm composing for the table, but for some reason I decided to show you. Will you rate it?
  • Have you read The Master and Margarita? I always wanted to meet a guy the way it is written there.
  • You're a night owl or an early bird? Why do you think it is so difficult for some people to get up in the morning?
  • Hi, I decided to run in the morning and I need someone who will share my idea or at least support, can you help?
  • I made a wish to meet my fate in the new year. I imagined that he had gray eyes, just like yours and the same smile. Maybe it's you?
  • Hi, I need to reinstall Windows, and I'm a layman in such matters. I heard every guy knows how to do it. Can you help me?
  • Hi, do you have an Instagram profile?
  • I met a cool guy yesterday, we exchanged numbers, but I accidentally erased him. Now I am looking for this person here, and you are very similar to him. Do you remember me?
  • I always wanted to wake up and have breakfast in bed. Do you want to try yourself in this role?
  • Hi, do you have a messenger for more convenient communication than here?
girl with pigtails
girl with pigtails
  • I woke up today with the intention of changing my life. And for some reason I wrote to you. Can you take part in this?
  • Mom said it was time for me to get married. I am looking for a groom urgently. Maybe you will come up?
  • If I were a model, I would like you to be my bodyguard.
  • Yesterday I planned to have an erotic photo session with a friend, but he got sick. Will you help out?
  • If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
  • Would you buy me a cocktail if I was sitting next to you in the bar right now?
  • Do you love children? It seems to me that we would have them beautiful.
  • I am not a tackle master, but you hooked me so much that I could not help but write.
  • I don’t think that if I’m a girl, then it’s humiliating to meet first. Do you agree with me?
girl blows a bubble
girl blows a bubble
  • Today I turned 18, and I am already an independent person, congratulate me on my birthday and let's get acquainted.
  • Sorry, I don't know how to say … And I'm ashamed … But maybe we should meet?
  • Hi, I have a high fever, otherwise I would not have written first. I like you.
  • Hello, I started to study programming, but nothing comes out without a mentor. Maybe we can meet and write codes together?
  • Hi, I'm 25, I'm a single girl, I love sports and my job. I jump with a parachute. Do you want to try tandem jumping?
  • Good night, can you lend me your time?
  • Do you have a minute?
  • I read a bunch of articles on how to meet a guy first, but none came up. So come on, you take the lead.

It is easy to write to the first one when the initiator of the acquaintance is a man. After all, this is expected from the ladies, and also usually looks beautiful, bold and natural. It is always more difficult for a girl to take the first step to a relationship. But if you do not follow the lead of conventions and gender differences, then you can really meet your destiny, deciding to make an acquaintance first.

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