TOP 100 Examples Of How To Start A Chat On The Internet With A Girl

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TOP 100 Examples Of How To Start A Chat On The Internet With A Girl
TOP 100 Examples Of How To Start A Chat On The Internet With A Girl

Video: TOP 100 Examples Of How To Start A Chat On The Internet With A Girl

Video: TOP 100 Examples Of How To Start A Chat On The Internet With A Girl
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hand and phone
hand and phone

Very often online acquaintance ends with the first phrase. A mistake in choosing a title line can be worth the loss of a person. And, unfortunately, few give a second chance. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is very important not to make mistakes.

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1 100 phrases for dating a girl on the Internet

Below is a list of phrases to start dating a girl.

100 phrases for dating a girl on the Internet100

  • Hello. Just registered and saw you right away. I hope you remain the only one on my contact list.
  • Sorry, but I can’t pass by - your face is aesthetically perfect.
  • You have a very familiar face, we haven't met?
  • I've been staring at your photo for half an hour, I'm very shy. Hello!
  • Hello! If you answer, you will make one person happier in this world!
  • It is a crime against the ugly to look so good!
  • Hello. Not against communication?
  • Hey. What are you looking for on this website? I've already found you))
  • I don’t have to write beautifully, and in general I don’t think it is necessary. I just want to say that you are beautiful.
  • You are too beautiful to sit on this site. Let's meet better.
  • Hey. Let's talk?
  • Looking at you once again I notice that the girls in Russia are really the most beautiful))
  • I have an offer that you cannot refuse.
  • If you are as smart as you are beautiful, then I am ready to go all the way!
  • I used to be sure that I would not marry until 30, but with your help I can change my mind.
  • Are you looking for a serious relationship, friendship or flirting?
  • I would be glad to communicate with you))
  • I see no reason not to write to you! Hello))
  • Hey. I am generally not inclined to compliments, but looking at you I will make an exception!
  • If you don't have a boyfriend, then stop looking, I'm here.
  • Hey. I will not resist if you want to meet))
  • Hello. I was tired of the Internet, do you want to take a walk?
  • If we live in the 19th century, I would gladly wait for your answer for several months, before that you look unique.
  • It took me a long time to find the words, but everything is trivial. You are very beautiful, here. Briefly and honestly.
  • Hey. Come on - I ask you on a date, and you agree. How does it sound?
  • Hi. I want to take this evening with a conversation with a handsome man.
Girl with a phone in her hands
Girl with a phone in her hands
  • In the ancient world, external beauty was considered a reflection of internal beauty. By this idea, you are perfect.
  • Looking at you, a million questions and emotions arise.
  • I do not respect weak-willed men who are afraid to meet a girl. I'm not planning to be shy. Hi))
  • Hey. I really liked you. Let's talk?
  • Hello. Tell me how to persuade you to take a walk in the park?
  • Have you read the book "Diary of Memory"? Let's read together.
  • I would like to get to know you better.
  • Your playlist is a copy of mine. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
  • When I see a beautiful girl, I become chatty. So I have a million questions for you. First, let's get acquainted?
  • I will not beat around the bush, sprinkle cheap compliments. You're a very beautiful girl.
Girl with candy
Girl with candy
  • I'm as persistent as you are beautiful.
  • It is a pleasure to look at you. Still and talk. Hello))
  • If someone had told me before that someone’s beauty would give me goosebumps, I wouldn’t believe it. But they just run from yours.
  • Believe it or not, I'm a very interesting conversationalist. Ready to demonstrate))
  • Let's not waste time, but start a conversation right away. Chur you first!
  • We glued each other's page, but did not start a conversation. Will we fix it?
  • My father told me that attractive girls are frivolous. Let's take it easy together?
  • Believe it or not - I dreamed about you today!
  • You are too beautiful to be alone!
  • I have absolutely no idea what to say, so let's assume that I said something important that made you smile. Hey.
Girl in white top smiling
Girl in white top smiling
  • Hey. I agree to whatever you want))
  • I won't forgive myself if I don't get to know each other.
  • The Internet is very stingy at conveying emotions, and I have a whole storm of them.
  • I thought, thought, whether to write or not, because such a beautiful person is unlikely to answer.
  • I have two cinema tickets for the evening show.
  • Someone must make such a beautiful girl happy. I would like to try.
  • Hey. I liked you, I liked you, you liked in return. So let's get straight to the point.
  • Usually I don't get to know each other like that …
  • You shouldn't be so beautiful, because I am very persistent.
  • Let's do this - I am listing my interests to you, and you to me yours. Let's find intersections and discuss them.
  • I want to steal your attention.
Girl with a balloon
Girl with a balloon
  • I'd be stuck in the elevator with you, I swear!
  • Hello, can you tell me what to live with such a perfect face?
  • Hi! I want to describe your beauty, using all the possibilities of the Russian language.
  • Hey. If you don't answer me, I will be angry.
  • I want to become a queen protecting my queen.
  • I could write you a bunch of platitudes, but banal things need to be said to ordinary girls. You are clearly not one of those. You have a special, soulful appearance. Would I be glad if you pay attention?
  • I saw you in the tape and was speechless. It's good that I didn't forget how to print.
  • Would you follow me into exile in Siberia? I would definitely follow you somewhere.
  • You know that those sentenced to death have the right to the last call. In that case, I would call you. Only I don't know the numbers. Do not refuse the dying!
The girl with the phone is surprised
The girl with the phone is surprised
  • Hey. I am looking for a candidate to own my heart on a permanent basis. I saw you and understood - I found you. Will we issue legally over a cup of coffee?
  • For the second hour I search for words to start a conversation, but nothing comes to my head. Let's start with hello. Hello!
  • I would like to steal your time first this evening and then forever.
  • You are very nice!
  • I am sure that you are more beautiful in life than on the Internet.
  • Let's not waste time on the formal part of dating. I really liked you.
  • I am convinced that in the future we will tell our friends how we met.
  • Hi. Let me make you happy.
  • I doubt that beautiful girls need compliments, delights. You already know about your beauty. So I want to go straight to the acquaintance.
  • Girl, aren't you ashamed to walk down the street with such nuclear beauty?
  • I can’t take my eyes off your eyes. I don’t want to.
  • If you have a boyfriend, then I'm ready to seriously compete with him.
The girl is pleasantly surprised
The girl is pleasantly surprised
  • I'm ready to change my plans for the evening with you.
  • How good you are. Let's get acquainted?
  • Before offering my hand and heart, I can offer the keyboard.
  • Decorate my contact list?
  • I always wonder why such beautiful girls cannot find a boyfriend and have to sit on dating sites. I am ready to correct this misunderstanding.
  • Do you like smoking guys?
  • I hope you are exactly the girl with whom I will be removed from this site.
  • I'd love to be stuck in the elevator with you.
  • I really liked you. Let's talk?
  • I use the like you sent as an excuse to meet. Hi!
  • You're too attractive not to risk getting to know you.
  • What is it like to live with such a bright appearance?
  • Hey. I'm going to finish my coffee and invite you for a walk. I've finished my coffee.
Girl with shoes in her hands
Girl with shoes in her hands
  • You are like a girl who needs to be made happy.
  • If Charles Darwin knew you, he would have believed in the divine origin of man.
  • Hey. Do you know what is the nicest sound in the world? An incoming message alert from you.
  • Hey. I am convinced that after our communication, I will be the first in the list of your contacts.
  • You are suspiciously beautiful. Are you human at all.
  • You are one of those beautiful creatures that guys take to concerts for one slow song.
  • Hi. I will not get into husbands, because the word "marriage" looks silly against the background of your appearance.
  • Hello beautiful creature. May I interfere with your plans for the evening?
  • I am sure that you are beautiful even in the early morning with a hangover.
Girl with lemons in her hands
Girl with lemons in her hands

Use this list wisely. Consider the age of the interlocutor, her interests, education. Avoid spelling mistakes. Be creative and avoid platitudes. After all, often a simple "Hello" is much more valuable than clever but soulless phrases.