Top Nine Reasons Women Cheat On Men

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Top Nine Reasons Women Cheat On Men
Top Nine Reasons Women Cheat On Men

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Why women cheat
Why women cheat

There is a stereotype that men are much more likely to cheat on their spouses. Perhaps this was the case in past centuries, when a woman, because of her deception, could lose everything: children, status, financial situation. And the opportunities were much less, if the wives played the role of housewives, and the husbands went to work, then they had much more chances to “go left”.

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  • 1 Women with low self-esteem
  • 2 They are lonely
  • 3 Not Enough Sex
  • 4 Revenge
  • 5 Feeling completely neglected
  • 6 Endorphin addiction
  • 7 Aging
  • 8 Emotional deception
  • 9 Desire to part

But now the gender gap is closing. The fair sex is catching up with men in everything: job opportunities, wages, heart attacks and adultery. So why do women cheat on men?

Scientists anthropologists, through their research, have come to the conclusion that women tend to cheat when they are unhappy with their relationship in general and look for what they lack elsewhere. But with regard to male traitors, the situation is quite the opposite, scientists found that 56% of "infidels" said they were "happily married."

Therefore, it is possible to determine when a wife is cheating simply by analyzing your own relationships and her behavior in them:

Women with low self-esteemi

Individuals with fickle self-esteem may look for evidence of their value in romantic accomplishments with other men. Such ladies often lack self-esteem, they need to feel the need for themselves and the desire of another person. This proves that she's probably not very confident and overestimates the attention of the opposite sex.

They are lonely2

There may be several reasons for loneliness: the spouse works many hours or regularly travels for business, or maybe he is emotionally unavailable, whatever the reason, women also feel lonely, then they look for a connection through infidelity to fill the void.

Not Enough Sex 3

There is a social misconception that only men get sexual pleasure. However, many women enjoy sex as well. And if they don't get it at home, or it doesn't suit them for some reason, the ladies may well be looking for it on the side.

why wife cheated
why wife cheated


Many traitors who are deceived or deceived take revenge on their partners by being seriously injured. And instead of sitting and crying to their girlfriends, wives find one passionate man and show him how much it hurts to know that they have been betrayed. You need to shout as loudly as the pain of betrayal is great. Of course, such a decision can hardly be called reasonable, but who knows, perhaps this is the only way to survive the offense.

Feeling totally neglected 5

Another common reason for cheating. She looks more like a housekeeper, nanny or a financier than a wife or beloved woman. Therefore, if it is difficult to wait for attention from a spouse, the lady has to look for him elsewhere. She needs a person whom she would attract for who she is, and not for the services she performs.

Endorphin addiction6

Some people regularly crave emotional excitement, and they find their ongoing relationships predictable and perhaps a little boring. Flirting and having sex with a new partner for the first time, as well as the risk of being caught, give the liar the necessary thrill.

reasons for female infidelity
reasons for female infidelity


It is no secret that with the first signs of aging, women are afraid of losing their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Therefore, for someone, starting a new romance is considered the best way to be confident in their own sexuality.

Emotional deception8

Interestingly, the opinions of different sexes differ on the definition of infidelity. Most of the fair sex believe that certain types of behavior are also considered cheating, while men see it as harmless communication. Sometimes ordinary flirting is also dangerous for a marriage, because it is worth adding a dose of strong alcohol and now platonic relationships have turned into physical ones.

The desire to part9

Ending a relationship, especially a long-term one, is never easy, and a casual affair can sometimes help you get over the grief of a breakup. Some ladies want to leave but don't want to be alone.

the woman decided to cheat
the woman decided to cheat

Having found out why women cheat on men, the question arises: how to recognize female infidelity? There is one serious sign that the spouse is cheating (in addition to physical evidence: the discovery of love messages and a strange rash) - first of all, the wife becomes completely indifferent at home and towards her husband.

She may stop feeling hurt or jealous of her spouse. It is worth considering, maybe someone else has appeared in her life, someone who makes her heart beat faster. And if the spouse was caught cheating once, it would be naive to believe that she will not do it again.

For ways to stop cheating when infidelity has become a habit, read the link below in our article.

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