Is It Worth Giving A Second Chance To A Relationship In A Crisis?

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Is It Worth Giving A Second Chance To A Relationship In A Crisis?
Is It Worth Giving A Second Chance To A Relationship In A Crisis?
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the guy is sad
the guy is sad

Relationship crises are common. Sometimes it turns into an avalanche that destroys all warm feelings from one or both partners. There are questions tormenting from within: “Why has everything changed? where did the accusations of their failures come from? Do I mean as much to him as he does to me? why did we stop developing? Should we break up or should we give a second chance to the relationship?"

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  • 2 A second chance can and should be given
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Self-formed i

When a crisis just arises, people turn a blind eye to it. It is known that if you ignore the problem, it will not disappear anywhere, but when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman, an alternative logic comes into play.

At first it seems that you can clench your teeth and endure annoying little things, and after two or three months your partner even breathes a lot.

worth giving a second chance
worth giving a second chance

It should be taken for granted: neither in relationships, nor in other areas of life, everything does not form by itself. The crisis must be worked hard, and both people must do it equally. To do this, you need to understand what the relationship has already led, and what you want to get from them in the future.

You can and should give a second chance2

Unexpectedly, separation often bears fruit. Lovers have time to think it over, to restore the chronology of actions, to understand what exactly they would like to fix, and then talk to their soul mate without emotions and with a sober head. Realizing a problem is halfway to solving it.

Knowing what mistakes were made and sorting them out several times, the couple will be able to look at them from the outside. When people swear, they seem to be at a dead end and see a stone wall in front of them. If you go a few steps further, it turns out that there are many exits. It remains only to walk through one of them together.

renew a failed relationship
renew a failed relationship

Breaking up a physical relationship is fairly easy, and psychological attachment is much more difficult. During a crisis, loving people miss their soul mate, but a number of reasons do not allow reconciling. If the crisis is survived successfully, and they were able to agree, then the partners begin to treat each other carefully and value feelings much more than they were before the quarrel.

When a second chance is justified3

Forgiving is an important part of a relationship. If you do not accumulate grievances and remember reproaches, but leave them far in the past, then it will be easier to cope with the crisis. It is possible and necessary to work on errors in such situations:

One-time error

Everyone has the right to one mistake. People are not perfect, anyone can stumble, break, do the wrong thing. If this happened once, then you can forgive. Provided that the person understands what he was wrong about and sincerely wants to no longer do so.

Daisy Stone in Nubiles 'Your Wildest Dreams - S30: E13' (Photo 005)
Daisy Stone in Nubiles 'Your Wildest Dreams - S30: E13' (Photo 005)

Desire to get better

If partners realize where they were wrong, they want to change and control their words and actions in order to maintain the relationship.

One life for two

Family, business, children, an apartment on a mortgage - this is not just baggage that does not allow people to simply break the connection, it is also a good reason to work on themselves. When people have a lot in common, then the responsibility lies with them more than those who are bound only by romantic affection. The family is like an enterprise. It is easier to fix bugs, to analyze errors, than to open a new one.

When you don't need to give a second chance to a relationship4

A second chance can help mend a relationship about fifty percent of the time. But when the second flows into the third, fifth, tenth, you should come to terms with the fact that such a relationship is doomed to failure. One or both partners do not want to change and work on themselves.

start over relationship
start over relationship

Conversation in different languages

Surprisingly, even people from the same country and the same cultural layer may not understand each other. A trivial example: a wording that one person regards as a declaration of love, the second can perceive as a desire to leave. If people do not understand each other and find the very cause of the crisis, then they will not be able to solve the problem either.

Donkey stubbornness

There are always two people working on a relationship. To maintain balance, every now and then you have to sacrifice something, change yourself or your point of view. If one person is ready to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of another, and the other is not, then a second chance will not help.

Denial of responsibility

When one partner does not understand that the responsibility for restoring the relationship lies with him, he will treat her carelessly. For example, a person with alcohol dependence may swear that he will quit drinking, but he will definitely find a reason to break loose if he does not approach the treatment of the disease responsibly, that is, he will undergo treatment in a specialized clinic.

restore relations or not
restore relations or not

It is very difficult to change for the sake of someone. It is impossible to change another person. Therefore, if the relationship does not justify itself, and the other half refers to the crisis carelessly, it is worth considering whether such a connection is needed at all?

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