TOP 6 Dating Sites Where You Can Meet African Women

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TOP 6 Dating Sites Where You Can Meet African Women
TOP 6 Dating Sites Where You Can Meet African Women

Video: TOP 6 Dating Sites Where You Can Meet African Women

Video: TOP 6 Dating Sites Where You Can Meet African Women
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African woman smiling
African woman smiling

Oh, how tempting Africa is! She beckons, seduces and burns. Hot sun, hot sand, hot women … African women … Who has not dreamed of knowing the hot daughter of Africa? Men are sweet, and the "chocolate" girl is especially appetizing. So what you need to know and what to prepare for when going on an "intimate safari"?

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  • 1 Mentality and customs of "chocolates"
  • 2 Temperament and character of African women
  • 3 Where to meet African women?

Mentality and customs of "chocolates" i

In Africa, everything is saturated with exoticism. The intimate side is no exception. Therefore, if you want to "taste" a real African woman, and not a New Yorker, you will have to learn something.

Most of the rituals, traditions and other "tricks" were invented by the leaders or shamans of the tribes. Since these people had almost unlimited power, it was impossible to contradict them. And many rituals can be explained by quite logical things.

So, the first stop in equatorial Africa. Lovers of "virgins" have nothing to do here. There are practically no innocent girls. The thing is, as soon as a girl reaches childbearing age, she is sent to the jungle. There she must enter into an intimate relationship with the gorilla! And all because men are forbidden to deflow a young lady. This process is considered demeaning for men. So you have to seduce a male gorilla. If the process went well, and everything went like clockwork, then the girl definitely has the right to get married. The check of thrift and femininity is passed. Well, still, to seduce a monkey - you have to be able to!

If you are suddenly lucky enough to find a bride in western Africa, then you need to be prepared for a very interesting custom: you need to redeem the bride from the mother-in-law. But just do not despair that you will have to prepare a herd of elephants as a ransom. You just have to "fry" the mother-in-law thoroughly. One condition: the number of approaches will be determined by the father-in-law. First, he will examine the groom, look into every squabble on the body, and then announce the number. Withstood - well done, blown away - worthless. Nobody will give their daughter to a weakling. So, those who all their lives dreamed of "bending" their mother-in-law can safely go to West Africa.

Gambling men can go to the northwest. It's even more fun: every month the tribes living in this area hold a lottery. The men throw lots, which determines the lady-prize. You can also refuse if the prize is "clumsy", only access to these games in the future will be prohibited.

The job you can only dream of is being a breeding producer. The position is very honorable: the deputy leader for the intimate part is occupied only with reproduction. He does not work, but only protects his health.

African woman in a bright dress
African woman in a bright dress

Innocence is also cherished in Africa. For example, Kenya, closely monitors every young lady. You can get married in this country only if you have virginity. But it will not be the husband who will "print the bride", but any other man from the tribe.

Congo and Zaire practiced something similar. But the leader was engaged in the process of checking virginity. If suddenly he did not succeed, then he was obliged to resign and leave his post.

Central Africa has gone even further. The bride literally walked from hand to hand. All the friends of the groom had it, or the whole tribe. The groom did not participate in the process. Therefore, one should be careful, because such a noble deed as protection from the encroachments of other men was punishable by death. So it's not worth pushing the dad forward into the heat. There is only one plus: if the girl cannot please at least one boy, the wedding will not take place.

There is the Shilluki tribe in central Africa. If you suddenly manage to marry a girl from this tribe, then you just need to be a sex giant. God forbid, she will declare publicly that "husband fu-be", then do not blow off his head.

African girl surprised
African girl surprised

Those men who can provide a service for the birth of twins have nothing to do in South Africa. In order not to risk, all the men of the tribe are deprived of one testicle.

Excursion to Tanzania is fraught with consequences. If suddenly the guy liked some girl, she has the right to steal him. Well, that's how most Europeans have a custom of stealing a bride. Only brides are not stealing husbands, but their tools. It will not work to return your property just like that. We'll have to marry a thief.

In Togo, you have to keep your mouth shut. Any man who decides to give a lady a compliment must go with her to the altar.

It is better to exclude Malaya from the list of African countries to visit. The fact is that there are harems in it. But they contain men. It is unlikely that life in it is serene …

No doubt, when Africa became open to Western civilization, many customs have sunk into oblivion, but new ones, no less strange, have come to replace them. And if we talk about remote areas of the continent, then they have preserved their customs in their original form.

African woman in a lilac sweater
African woman in a lilac sweater

Temperament and character of African women2

Such different customs, is there really nothing in common? Of course have! Choosing an African woman as a friend, you need to be prepared for the fact that peace will now only dream. Of course, everything that was described above is an excursion into the tribes. As for the civilized inhabitants of Africa and not only, everything is not so simple here.

  • First, the "chocolates" are very emotional. In addition to the fact that the lady easily leaves for raised tones, the gestures are also such that they dazzle in the eyes. Decibels will go off scale, and the stream of words will knock you off your feet. It sounds especially funny in a mixture of native, English or French and Russian.
  • Secondly, these girls always know exactly what they want. They are assertive, even persistent.
  • Third, they are incredibly sociable. And the number of relatives just rolls over. So the invasion of the entire tribe is guaranteed.
  • Fourth, they cook amazingly. The food looks really strange, but the taste is excellent: fatty, spicy, nutritious.
African woman with a flower in her hair
African woman with a flower in her hair

Fifthly, we must prepare for the fact that the spontaneity of African women sometimes just rolls over. There is crazy jewelry, and brightly painted fabrics, makeup can knock you off your feet, the craving for everything shiny is such that gypsies nervously smoke on the sidelines, well, and the appearance itself just overturns. An African woman will not bother about the size and unauthorized vegetation, she is parallel to the manicure, he is, but crazy. And you have to be ready for tattoos that all African women adore

Where to meet African women? 3

To plunge into the "chocolate" exotic, it is not necessary to go to Africa for the thrill. Fortunately, you can stick in not childishly. It is much easier to walk on the World Wide Web. There you can definitely avoid an unexpected wedding.


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The Africabistro Dating Site


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