How Men Breed Women On Dating Sites: 5 Ways

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How Men Breed Women On Dating Sites: 5 Ways
How Men Breed Women On Dating Sites: 5 Ways

Video: How Men Breed Women On Dating Sites: 5 Ways

Video: How Men Breed Women On Dating Sites: 5 Ways
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online dating 7
online dating 7

The main purpose of dating sites is to help single people find their soul mate. However, very often some use them for their own selfish purposes. And, oddly enough, it is women who dream of finding their happiness who become victims of experienced fraudsters-ladies' men. Due to their inexperience and naivety, having registered for the first time on one of the dating sites, they have no idea how it will ultimately turn out for them.

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  • 1 Who is at risk
  • 2 What should alert immediately
  • 3 Tell me the code
  • 4 Junior lieutenant, young boy
  • 5 Unhappy widower
  • 6 Expensive photos
  • 7 So close and so distant

How exactly scammers deceive their victims and is it possible for a girl to avoid disappointment - read in this material.

Who is at risk i

It should be noted that not all girls fall into the cleverly placed networks of "psychologists-ladies' men" who sit on the site not for love, but for easy money. Below is a list of those who definitely fall into the so-called risk zone.

  • Girls who dream of marriage with a foreigner;
  • Girls with impaired functioning of the nervous system and those who have recently experienced severe stress or mental shock;
  • Women who have grown-up children, and perhaps grandchildren, hope to experience the strongest feeling on Earth again.
  • Housewives who are mired in everyday life and thirst for sharp romantic adventures.

What should alert immediately2

In fact, already at the beginning of the correspondence with a potential fraudster, there are details that can (and should!) Alert you.

  • Fake photo. You can hardly find a swindler on the Internet who will openly show his face. Such gentlemen prefer to post photos of little-known actors, athletes and models in their profile. Moreover, especially astute people try to use rare shots so that you do not inadvertently recognize familiar features.
  • Excessive politeness. These men are surprisingly gallant and in every new message they will shower you with compliments in order to lull the vigilance and get into trust. But, as you know, women love with their ears, which means that they use the right tactics.
  • Leave answers. Often, even to your simplest questions, concerning, for example, family or work, the marriage swindler prefers to keep silent or immediately turns the conversation into another direction.
online dating
online dating
  • His page is in a single copy. That is, this profile is posted only on that site and is not on any other social networks.
  • Template text. Each of his new messages reminds you too much of the previous one. And it is the scammers who love to use the cute nicknames "bunny, baby, baby" in their vocabulary from the first day they met.
  • Always online. Pay attention to how much time your boyfriend spends in virtual reality. A working business man is unlikely to sit on a dating site for days on end. But a swindler is easy! After all, this entertainment is his main income.
  • Declaration of love. You barely met, and the young man openly confesses his love to you.
online dating 2
online dating 2

So, you recently registered on one of the most popular dating sites. I filled in the “about myself” column as truthfully as possible, added the most successful photographs and, in anticipation of romance, sat down at the monitor. Lichka in the first hours explodes from the pressure of the gentlemen who are persistently trying to get to know you. And this is where the fun begins. Namely, they come into the game - the thieves of women's hearts and bank account robbers in combination.

Tell me the code3

Often this simple phrase does not raise doubts for an unsuspecting girl. And especially if it is pronounced after a short preface. The scheme is simple. You met an attractive and charming guy. Literally from the first messages, he skillfully endeared you to himself, making magical compliments. After that, the young man persistently begins to repeat that a real man is painted with words not uttered by him at all. And so he decided to give you a little present. Yes, yes, a cute trinket in the form of a new smartphone or branded perfume. Well, naturally, right now. But bad luck, as luck would have it, his gadget froze, and the system requires a payment confirmation code. “But this is just a code that will come to your number, the gift has already been paid for, baby,” he repeats, and you dictate the coveted numbers like in a fog.

online dating 3
online dating 3

Junior lieutenant, young boy4

The fact that the overwhelming majority of women breathe unevenly towards the military is no secret to anyone. And the dating villains are, of course, aware of this. According to a well-coordinated legend, a man begins his story with a story about his hard life in a "hot" point. About how he lacks a devoted and loving companion who will inspire him to new deeds. Of course, while online, because the service for a real officer is above all. Yes, and you, most likely, have heard a lot about difficult field conditions, and therefore are ready to brighten up the difficult life of a promising military man. How? It's very simple. After all, you just need nothing, for minor expenses.

Unhappy widower5

A favorite scheme that applies to compassionate girls. The unhappy man who buried his beloved wife and stayed with his little daughter (two tomboy sons). Whatever one may say, but the maternal instinct is a strong thing. And given the fact that, according to legend, the widower's child suffers from a chronic disease, and even more so. Before you can blink an eye, you begin to transfer impressive sums for the treatment of the fictional child of your potential spouse. After all, girls love to help so much, and crooks in the network love to use it so much.

online dating 5
online dating 5

Expensive photos6

After talking for some time and getting to know the interlocutor better (as it seems to you), you decide to dilute your communication with hot photographs. Whether it was done under the pressure of your beloved or solely on your own initiative - the outcome is the same. After your photographs are at the disposal of a newly minted and until recently gallant gentleman, the situation changes dramatically. To the worst side for you. And now, in order to keep your reputation crystal clear and unsullied, you have to shell out a tidy sum.

So close and so far away

Oh, these foreigners, driving crazy a good half of the female population. On what just do not go girls in love, just to successfully jump out in marriage to some Arab sheikh or Nigerian prince. But in your aspiration, do not forget that it is unlikely that the heir to the throne will look for his fate on an ordinary dating site, and even nicely correspond with a simple girl from Uryupinsk. But marriage swindlers are easy! What they, in fact, are doing, hiding behind fake photos. And, of course, by a happy coincidence, one of them dreams of meeting you, does not sleep or eat, postponing state concerns. And in the family they are unhappy with the choice of their son, and even decided to deprive the poor lover of his weekly salary solely for educational purposes. But if you really want the long-awaited meeting to take place,then you can easily pay for the flight. No, of course he will give everything with interest. Later. But you are really looking forward to this meeting, aren't you?

online dating 6
online dating 6

All of the stories above begin and end in roughly the same way. Naive girls firmly believe in the sincerity of the intentions of the next boyfriend and rush into the pool with their heads. For which they subsequently pay in both moral and monetary terms. And this does not mean at all that you should consider dating sites and its users as a universal evil and avoid them in every possible way. Just remember that sometimes it is more useful to listen to the wise voice of reason, rather than the ecstatic cry of a hungry soul.

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