How Can A Guy On VKontakte Like You?

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How Can A Guy On VKontakte Like You?
How Can A Guy On VKontakte Like You?

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girl blows a bubble
girl blows a bubble

Dating on social networks has gained a lot of popularity lately. You don't need to go to cafes and parks to meet the other half. How many couples have found love on the Internet! You sit at the computer for days and dream of a prince. And finally you find the profile of a funky guy. His charming smile is crazy! You are eager to meet and chat with a handsome man. How to please him? Very simple, but first, pay attention to important factors.

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  • 1 Page in VK - user's small world
  • 2 Transforming your profile
  • 3 What about without a like?
  • 4 Activity in groups
  • 5 Write a message
  • 6 Continuing dating
  • 7 Make no mistakes
  • 8 If the gentleman is silent

VK page - user's small world

Did you like the guy? Study his page closely. Be sure to pay attention to the column with marital status. It is not necessary to strike up acquaintance with "married men". The status "Everything is complicated" is most often written by a young man who has a partner or several mistresses. It seems that he is not married, but also not single. Think if you need such a gentleman.

The user page in VKontakte is available to every browser, if you are not in the "private profile". The service allows you to "scour" other people's pages absolutely anonymously. This gives advantages over getting to know a person to get to know him better. Pay attention to the following points:

  1. Are there any love messages among the comments under the photo (by what date they are dated)
  2. What are the guy's hobbies, taste for music, video. These factors will help not only get to know a person better, but also analyze his personality and find similar points.
  3. The presence of cruel pictures with rude expressions and obscene words signals a tyrant. Do you need such a subject?
  4. The abundance of frank posts say that we are facing a sexually anxious type. Communication with him will lean to one side. To the left, of course.
  5. Common acquaintances. Perhaps your friends will come across among his friends. You can collect information of interest from them.
duck lips
duck lips

If a thorough examination of the man's profile remains satisfactory, we proceed to the second important point.

Transform your profile2

Before you get active in communicating with a guy, take care of your page. If you can interest him, he will also research the publications of the "beautiful stranger."

So, do the following:

  1. Fill in the fields with personal information. Do not overdo it. Do not write anything superfluous in the column with marital status. “Actively seeking” is a phrase that will certainly attract a free guy.
  2. Remove bad and candid photos, if any.
  3. Decorate your avatar with a fresh and high-quality photo, in which you turned out great.
  4. Don't share photos with other guys. Let them be in a closed album.
  5. Write funny comments on successful and interesting photos.
masked girl
masked girl
  1. Remove tearful or depressive posts. Do not scare a man off with past or present experiences. Men like cheerful and funny girls.
  2. Do not publish inscriptions with obscene words and vulgar jokes.

Modify the page so that the guy understands: a charming and interesting young lady lives here. But do not forget about your own individuality. Do not expose records with classical music if you do not listen to anything other than pop and rock. Do not quote famous classics if you have never taken such books in your hands in my life. Do not drop sports posts if your physical activity is limited to lazy stretching in the morning. Be who you are, but show others your best sides.

What about without a like? 3

The first points are passed, and you are feverishly discussing how to attract the attention of the desired subject. There are several options. Pick one of them for yourself, or use all of them.

girl hides behind a package
girl hides behind a package

The easiest way to get a guy's attention is to like his photo. Play the most interesting and beautiful pictures with confidence. He will definitely pay attention to such an increased interest. And, of course, will go to the page to "his fan". To thoroughly hook a young man, write an enticing comment under the photo. Keep your emotions under control and do not overdo it by trying to please. Let your phrases show a friendly, not sexually inviting message. A man will appreciate good compliments. Perhaps the first one will write with a proposal to communicate better.

Group activity4

The second variant of "inviting communication" is a little more complicated, but it can also be effective. For him, you need to walk through the groups of the young man. Register with those that are closer to your interests. Take an active part in the comments on posts, offer your own news if the public is inclined to "subscribers' interference". Groups with humor are especially good for such a mission. Pay attention from which communities the guy throws posts on the wall, in which polls he participates. Girls can do such a task!

You can start chatting in discussions under a funny meme. Rate his funny comment, if any. The guy will like the support of an unknown girl. Like good comments persistently, reward your sense of humor or wit with a compliment. The young man will be interested in the "unknown fan".

girl with colored hair
girl with colored hair

Write message 5

The best and most courageous way is correspondence. Write to him first. In our time, no one is surprised by women's initiative. Take the first step and don't be afraid to fail. The worst thing that awaits you is ignorance. An acquaintance and long-awaited communication with a wonderful guy will serve as a bonus.

Before sending your first message, think carefully about what to write. Banal phrase: "Hello, how are you?" does not dispose to continue the conversation. The boy will consider you an uninteresting person, and will not want to waste time on empty talk. Oh, why talk to a stranger? If you have previously studied the profile of the handsome man, then it will not be difficult for you to start a conversation with him. For example, consider the following topics:

  • Write that you have found a like-minded person among the music world. You also love jazz (rock, rap, classical or Nikolai Baskov) as he does. And the general hobby inspired the idea of ​​meeting him.
  • Photos with beautiful landscapes will serve as an impetus for starting a conversation and further communication. Ask where the young man traveled, how you can get to such picturesque places.
  • If a guy is the same dog breeder (athlete, singer, poet, artist, culinary specialist) like you, then it is not difficult to talk to him. Glow interest in his studies, ask questions. Show genuine interest.
girl with pink tie
girl with pink tie

The male profile often shows skill in some area. Let's say he's fixing refrigerators or computers. Ask a question on this topic. Come up with a little trick to start a conversation

Continuation of dating6

Even if the dialogue was created with your submission, keep the brand! When the guy responds positively to the offer to meet, gradually give him leadership in communication. Do not be intrusive, do not become sharply timid and closed. Remember that a riddle is important in a girl, but do not forget that unnecessary difficulties in communication will alienate the guy. Do not rush to tell the guy the details of your life. With wisdom and growing interest, conduct a mutual dialogue.

Don't be chatty. Ask more questions about him. All inhabitants of the planet love to talk about their own person. Feel free to mention the name of the other person often. This little detail always has a positive effect on people.

Don't make mistakes7

Choose the most suitable option for how to meet a guy on VK, and try not to do stupid things. A successful and pleasant acquaintance will easily come to naught if you make serious mistakes in communication.

girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

In order not to alienate the man, remember a few taboos during correspondence:

  1. Do not mention former gentlemen. Girlfriends and a personal diary should know about them. Men don't like this topic at all.
  2. Do not scare your new acquaintance by talking about how you dream of a wedding, kids, about "a small house with a Russian stove." Many guys run away after hearing this information.
  3. Diseases should be described to the attending physician. Headaches, menstruation, aching teeth, ulcers, abdominal cramps and other unpleasant things are the most inappropriate topics for romantic, and even more so new, communication.

Follow the line of conversation, intuition will tell you what to do next.

If the gentleman is silent8

Do not bombard a guy with messages if after the first correspondence he is in no hurry to get in touch. Don't panic. A young man does not write for a long time due to various circumstances:

lollipop girl
lollipop girl
  • Waits for a pause.
  • He is shy and invents a reason to write.
  • Busy with important things.
  • Tired and does not want "boring chat" (in this case, he will write during the weekend).
  • Hiding from his wife or mistress (unfortunately, this may be the case).
  • Doesn't have enough enthusiasm.

If the boy does not need to communicate with you, accept it with dignity and calmness. There are dozens, millions of other interesting men in the world, among whom there will certainly be “your boy”.

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