How Can You Please A Penpal Girl On VK

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How Can You Please A Penpal Girl On VK
How Can You Please A Penpal Girl On VK

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girl with hairpins on her head
girl with hairpins on her head

Life goes by, all your friends have nice partners, and you continue to drag out a lonely existence. A social network is a great opportunity to arrange your personal life. If there are not enough worthy ladies in your close circle, do not despair. Feel free to flip through the tape, type in the necessary information into the search engine and look for a life partner on the Internet. Even in the absence of virtual communication experience, you will quickly figure out how to please a girl. There is nothing complicated in the art of flirting. Pay attention to a few important points.

The content of the article

  • 1 Profile design
  • 2 Review and "neutralize"
  • 3 In the beginning there was a word …
  • 4 Preparing for the interview
  • 5 How to behave further
  • 6 Stop - questions
  • 7 Watch your speech

Profile design i

Girls love confident, pleasant, cultured guys. The fairer sex is not impressed by timid squabbers, vulgar womanizers or drunken dorks. Before going on the hunt, start transforming your VKontakte profile. "Perhaps" and "I suppose" are bad advisers. Take a critical look at your own page and ruthlessly delete unnecessary details.

  1. Write your real name, surname, age. No "Your sweet dream", "Lonely wolf (vagabond, warrior, etc.)". Do not distort the name, like - Lyokha, Vovan, Dan. Not every girl wants to communicate with some Dimon. And “Dmitry” and “Daniel” are beautiful and endearing names.
  2. With age, lying is not the best idea. Write your date of birth honestly. The more information is indicated in the profile, the more interest and trust you will arouse in the girl.
  3. Delete (do you hear?), Delete all the photos where your silhouette flaunts with different young ladies, ex-lovers, drunk friends and alcoholic beverages.
  4. Brotherhood of the Wolf is an epic theme for teenagers. A grown man and a serious guy will not write about brothers, wolves, pride at every step. If you have such posts - remove them. Send in the "trash can" vulgar memes, pictures with naked girls.
girl with colorful hair
girl with colorful hair
  1. Fill the page with interesting groups that are close in hobbies and spirit. Don't forget about music, videos. By them, the girl will try to recognize your inner world.
  2. Do not overdo it by throwing a photo with kettlebells on the wall, a training plan, trying to impress. Of course, if sport is not an empty phrase for you, it's one thing, but if exercise is not for you, don't try to convince others of the opposite.

An important point: do not forget to indicate in the column with marital status that you are not married or you are in an active search. This is an important argument for dating a girl.

Revise and "neutralize" 2

It may not come to correspondence if the young lady does not like your avatar. Girls pay great attention to their appearance. No matter how smart, polite and wonderful the young man is, if he has not passed the "face - control" of a long acquaintance is not expected. Look at the main photo with a critical eye. A successful avatar taboo the following points:

girl art shooting
girl art shooting
  • Poor quality photo.
  • A snapshot of ten years ago.
  • Mass photo (your pretty face flashes against the background of a crowd of friends).
  • Illustrative portraits (you are in a cool car, smoke a hookah, poke a spectacular "fuck" into the camera, demonstrate biceps or six cc abs)

No matter how touching and cute you look with your mother or grandmother in the photo, take such pictures out of sight. For example, in the album, christened "Dear Relatives". Showcase a fresh high-quality photo with a decent background (no carpet on the wall!) And a charming smile.

In the beginning there was a word … 3

The page has been prepared, the "victim" has been selected. She is a beautiful, effective girl and you can't wait to start a dialogue. Take your time. Prepare the young lady gradually to communicate with such a "cool guy". Let her interest gradually increase. Let me know about yourself. Start with banal likes. Like a few of her photos every day. After a couple of days, leave a good comment, write a compliment. Girls like attention to their own person. Send a virtual present. Something from the field of flowers or beautiful words. But do not delay acquaintance for a long time. The young lady's interest will quickly disappear. Explore her page: hobbies, music. This way you will find a great excuse to speak.

girl art shooting
girl art shooting

Preparing for the interview4

The long-awaited hour has come - it's time to write the first message. For God's sake, do not make mistakes that will reduce all efforts to the abyss. In order for the acquaintance to be successful, remember that you absolutely cannot send to girls.

  • Intimate photos. No matter how proud you are of your "manhood", you shouldn't throw pictures with his image. In addition to the genital organ, you have other positive qualities: sociability, intelligence, sense of humor, gallantry. They will become assistants for meeting a girl.
  • Explicit proposals. Yes, men are like that. Looking at a pretty girl with a basket in her hands and a wreath of daisies, they immediately imagine her in the form of a passionate tigress in bed. Let these thoughts become a secret stimulus to achieve your goal. It is important for a girl to know that you value her communication, ingenuity, inner peace. Intimate offers will immediately alienate the young lady.
  • Don't write the trivial: "Hello, how are you?" Firstly, it is difficult to answer such a question to a stranger. Secondly, a dry answer awaits you: "Hi. Okay." Best case scenario. At worst - ignore or blacklist.
girl blows a bubble
girl blows a bubble

Write a polite compliment to the young lady, invite her to meet. Pay attention to your common passions. Ask an interesting question that encourages communication.

How to behave further5

If you are not familiar with the basic rules of the Russian language. Try to write without mistakes. Many girls pay great attention to the literacy of men. Be polite, gallant, positive. Persistent, but not intrusive. Try to be natural and charming. The following tips will help you to craft a decent dialogue.

  1. Do not shower the young lady with unnecessary compliments. Measure is good in everything. Don't be rude, don't use mat.
  2. Use emoticons and funny GIFs to spice up your conversation.
  3. Let the girl speak out: ask about her, her childhood, her best memory. The fair sex love to talk about themselves loved ones.
  4. Try to keep her in the mood. If she is upset - listen and support, she is not inclined to talk - do not worry.
  5. Try to keep the conversation friendly and romantic.
girl in white dress
girl in white dress
  1. Ask how the day went, what happened at work. Remember what the girl is talking about. She will appreciate that kind of attention.
  2. Don't forget about emoticons - they are very important for some ladies. Send cute pictures "Good morning", "Good night". Beautiful audio recordings and poems will also come in handy.

You don't need to be in touch 24 hours a day. If you answer messages every five seconds, then the girl will consider you a bum or henpecked. A busy man who devotes a certain free attention to a young lady causes more interest and respect.

Stop - questions_8212

It is necessary to conduct the conversation correctly. There are questions that you should not ask under any pretext. Remember them:

  • How much do you weigh?
  • How much money do you make?
  • How many men have you had?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • Do you have any pretty girlfriends?
  • Do you have a beautiful sister?
  • Why are you friends with such people?
redhead girl
redhead girl

And then like that. You cannot ask questions that will put the girl in an uncomfortable position.

Follow your speech6

Think about phrases in advance if you are worried about whether she will like you or not. In your words, in no case should you flicker:

  • mate and other curses;
  • cruel jokes and black humor;
  • arrogant notes;
  • vulgar, more frank;
  • obsession;
  • timidity.

If the young lady categorically does not make contact, analyze the possible reasons and switch to another object. Perhaps you did not evoke reciprocal feelings, and the girl does not want to offend with refusal. Be a charming, sincere and understanding interlocutor, and success will inevitably await you in the field of love.

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