How To Have The Perfect Date With Your Girlfriend? The Opinion Of The Girls Themselves

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How To Have The Perfect Date With Your Girlfriend? The Opinion Of The Girls Themselves
How To Have The Perfect Date With Your Girlfriend? The Opinion Of The Girls Themselves
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pin-up girl
pin-up girl

You've already seen a bunch of articles on this topic. How to behave with a girl, what to talk to her about, etc.

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  • 1 Repetition is the mother of learning
  • 2 Mini trip
  • 3 Forgot about food
  • 4 Pasta, talk and walk
  • 5 Hot dog picnic
  • 6 Heart-to-heart conversations
  • 7 What Women Want
  • 8 Cheat sheet before the exam

The trick is that many of these articles are written by men. And not all of them really understand women and their secret desires.

Today we decided to collect the revelations of real girls. How do they imagine the Perfect Date? What is expected from a man? How can you surprise them?

Take a break from all your affairs and worries and immerse yourself in reading.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Before starting to study new material, let's check how you mastered the basic program.

Answer "Yes" and "No":

  • I believe that only I should speak on a date.
  • It seems to me that it is better to take charge of the bill. And if she offers to split the bill, politely decline.
  • You can come on a date in any dress.
  • Better to take on a date with a friend for moral support.
  • If I complain about her life and whine, she will pity me and immediately want to console me.
  • She needs to come up with something special and arrange a date that she really likes.
  • It is imperative to take her to a luxurious restaurant, even if finances do not allow. You can always leave her alone and escape through the back door.
  • If I constantly say vulgarities, she will understand that I am an alpha male and will give herself to me right at the table at McDonald's.

Correct answers: no; Yes; not; not; not; Yes; not; not.

Did you answer most of the questions correctly? Excellent, the basic level of knowledge of female psychology has been successfully mastered. It's time to move on.

Moving on to revelations and advice from spies on the other side of the barricades.

Mini trip2

“This was not an 'official' date. Although it could well be considered as such. We had fun all night. We explored an unfamiliar city, ate street food, watched a movie, walked on the pier, went sightseeing, visited an amusement park, played games, rode the Ferris wheel, played bowling, and sang karaoke. Remember when as a little girl you dreamed of all sorts of things you wanted to do on a date? We completed all the items on my list that night! And it wasn't even planned! Everything was so good. I will always fondly remember him for that,”- Reddit user under the nickname lottahermes.

What did the guy do from this story? He managed to create an atmosphere in which his companion was warm, calm and comfortable. They had a very extensive program, but they didn't fall off their feet. They enjoyed the evening. If you decide to schedule such a large-scale operation, make sure that the girl has time for this. Don't turn completing a checklist into a marathon run. Let everything take its course.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Forgot about food3

“This date was with a guy who is now my husband. We talked for several weeks, went to class together, hung out together once and held hands. That's all. On the day of our date, he took me to a college hockey game. Then we went to my house for dinner. We ended up watching the Space Jam cartoon and kissing.

Edited: we have not remembered about dinner”, - kams88.

As you can see, there were no fancy restaurants or rooftop picnics. But the girl considers this date to be the best in her life. This option is suitable for you if you already know the girl well and, for example, have been friends for some time. If so, a “home date” might be the best option for you. Until the wedding, as you can see.

Pasta, talk and walk4

“We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, and then walked around the city for six hours, just chatting about everything. We didn't really fit together in terms of relationships, but it was the best date I've ever been.”- JabberwockyJurist

girl with boxing gloves
girl with boxing gloves

Two in one - you will enjoy the food and the conversations. An Italian restaurant is optional. Invite a girl to a Japanese restaurant if she loves sushi. If she's a vegetarian, find a place that suits her tastes. She will appreciate this approach. Then go for a walk. Ideally, it will be on a warm summer evening and you have time to admire the sunset.

If it is thirty degrees outside with a minus sign, it is better to refuse a six-hour walk. And if you do go to the promenade, give the poor girl hot tea or mulled wine.

Picnic with hot dogs5

"College. The guy picked me up, we bought hot dogs, got a blanket and went to the park. We settled down on a hill. We ate hot dogs and watched a baseball game. It was a wonderful evening and we had so much fun together,”- pudgewazovski.

As you can see - again, no fancy restaurants. Hot dogs, blanket and park. Money is great. They provide much more room for romantic maneuvers. But if a connection is not established between you, you will not see romance. Even with fabulous money.

Invite the girl to the park. Take care of the food and bedding yourself. The atmosphere should be cozy - the city center does not roll here in the midst of a noisy holiday.

girl with shoulder tattoo
girl with shoulder tattoo

Heart-to-heart conversations6

“This was my first date with a boyfriend. And it lasted more than five hours. We walked and chatted. We drank tea and chatted. We sat and chatted. We ate and chatted. It was wonderful. Unbeknownst to myself, I found myself falling in love with him - right on the first day. Two months later, he said “I love you,” and I answered him the same,”- PillowofTidiness.

Great if both of you like to talk. Movies are not a bad option for a first date. This is, whatever one may say, a kind of canon. But in the cinema you will not be able to talk heart to heart and get to know each other better.

The more you communicate, the better you get to know each other, the more you become attached to the person. What if the conversation doesn't go well, there are awkward pauses? Defuse the situation. Joke that you are both worried and don't know what to talk about. You can exchange stories about The Most Horrible Dates in Your Life. Talk about common interests. Discuss what you love - this will make the conversation better. Do not abuse alcohol - otherwise the date will definitely be erased from memory.

What women want7

And now to the facts, lovingly collected by the brainy and curious scientific researchers.

the girl straightens her glasses
the girl straightens her glasses

Here's what women dream (and fear) on their first date:

  • 79% of women say that the most important thing for them on a first date is a comfortable environment;
  • 94% of women want to hear compliments about their appearance;
  • Only one in ten women think it's okay for a man on a date to constantly check his phone;
  • 80% of women believe that it is not worth ordering more than two servings of alcohol on the first date;
  • 82% of women want a man to hug them;
  • 71% would like to receive a kiss on the cheek;
  • Most women find it disgusting when a man is rude to service personnel;
  • 58% are against a man asking them to share his food or drink;
  • The vast majority of ladies believe that being late by more than fifteen minutes is a so-so start to a date.
girl bites her lip
girl bites her lip

Cheat sheet before the exam8

To conquer a girl on the first date, you must come on time, praise her appearance and hug her from the doorway. The date should take place in a comfortable environment for the lady. While you're with her, you only look at her, forgetting about your phone. You talk politely with the staff and don't drool over the wine list. You create conditions in which the girl wants to talk heart to heart. You listen carefully and actively participate in the conversation. Then you walk down the street and enjoy the evening. You kiss her goodbye.


You are ready for the exam.

Break a leg!

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