How To Start A Conversation With A Guy You Like?

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How To Start A Conversation With A Guy You Like?
How To Start A Conversation With A Guy You Like?

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Guy You Like?

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Guy You Like?
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girl and guy nerds
girl and guy nerds

First, you need to be brave. Read this article carefully, promising yourself in advance that you will soon move from theory to practice.

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  • 1 And experience, the son of difficult mistakes …
  • 2 Choosing a playground
  • 3 Conversation starters
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Knowledge is power. But only when you start to actively use them.

So. Are you ready for work and defense?

We begin.

And experience, son of difficult mistakes … i

The less experience you have with guys in general, the harder it will be for you to talk to the guy you like. Learn to communicate with the opposite sex - on the Internet, in public places, in a circle of mutual acquaintances. Take the initiative, talk to guys and get to know them yourself.

If live communication is difficult for you, start with social media and dating apps. Joke, learn to build a dialogue. When you feel more confident, start conquering guys offline.

Not all girls feel comfortable when dealing with men. It doesn't matter how old they are - fifteen or thirty-five. If you are one of the girls who are afraid of every compliment and "Hi, how are you?" in the notification bar, when you meet your dream guy, you just faint. Effective, of course, but you are unlikely to be able to talk.

So, start by leveling the following useful skills:

  • Get rid of fear of the male gender and attention from men;
  • Learn to accept compliments - do not feel obligated to respond with praise to praise, do not deny or belittle your merits;
  • Learn to maintain a dialogue with guys;
  • Get rid of fears and beliefs that decent girls are not the first to speak, write or breathe in the direction of a nice guy at all.

How would you like to draw an analogy … Okay, imagine that you are a character in a computer game, and the guy of your dreams is the "boss" who needs to be defeated. Until you earn "points" and pump your level, you will not see victory.

You don't want your pretty boy to be taken away by some other elf, do you?

confused girl
confused girl

Choosing a playground2

A cafe

Quiet and calm cafe. The aromas of coffee and fresh pastries are in the air. A couple are whispering in the corner, bending over the table. A couple of lonely diners, lost in thought, sip their lattes and cappuccino. The clattering of a laptop keyboard, quiet chuckles and conversations, the sounds of a coffee machine … You must do everything so that you two will be in the place of that cute couple in the corner. Are you ready?

If you know this guy (you study / work / see each other together), you can say hello to him. Sit down to him at the table, exchange a couple of phrases. Ask him if you should order the biscuits that are on his plate. If he asks you to try baked goods, do not refuse. Will he offer you to sit with him? Fine.

If you see that the guy does not intend to violate his privacy, wish him a good day and take leave.

Another option is to write him a message (again, if you managed to exchange contacts): "I am sitting, enjoying coffee, and who do I see in the opposite corner of the cafe?"

confused girl
confused girl

You don't know this guy, and he doesn't even know about your existence? We will fix this now. You can ask him for help - “Yesterday I also sat here and admired the view from the window. And I seem to have lost something here. Have you seen my earring / my diary here?"

If the guy decides to help you with your search, great. Will his search be crowned with success? It only depends on you. Offer to treat him with your favorite dessert as a reward for his help. If a guy is working on a laptop, you can ask him for a couple of recommendations: “I want to buy a laptop for study / work. Do you like this model?"

The gym

It doesn't matter if you go to the gym of your own free will or do it for its sake - we are already proud of you. The fitness club is a good place to have a conversation. The easiest way to get to know him is to give him a couple of compliments and ask for advice on nutrition / exercise regimen / technique, etc. You can also find the guy on social media and official communities of your gym. “Hi, I saw you at the club“…”. I'd love to meet you and ask you for some tips on protein shakes and muscle building."

When choosing clothes for your workout, don't overdo it with sexuality. If your chosen one regularly visits the gym, he has seen such "tigresses" more than once - especially if he is a trainer.

Book Shop

Unhurried steps of visitors, rustle of pages and an atmosphere of calm. It's time to break the silence of this literary temple and speak to your prince.

girl in the bookstore
girl in the bookstore

Have you already investigated and know which books he prefers? Hang at the booth with this genre. When he is around, ask him for advice. “I'm not very good at this genre. Could you recommend a couple of interesting books? " Or start describing the plot of a book, they say, you can't remember the title.

And if you are a literary connoisseur and an experienced bookworm here? Give him some advice: “Love King too? Try this book. Not Shining, of course, but I liked it."

Are you having an active discussion? Invite him to continue his literary debates in the cafe. Or take a promise from him that he will share with you his impressions of the book that you recommended to him.

In friends company

If he is the soul of the company, join this very company. Laugh at his jokes, take an interest in the details of his fascinating stories. Argue with him for something - there is a great risk that he will not resist the temptation to demonstrate to everyone himself and his talents.

Does the guy keep aloof? Come to meet him. Ask how he likes this party. Offer to take a walk and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

three funny girls
three funny girls

Did your friends tell you about this guy? Use this information:

“…. told that you have been to many countries. Do you like to travel more with someone or alone?"

Conversation startersConversation_starters

These are the universal phrases with which you can start a conversation with someone. You can use them in almost any situation - choose, turn on charm, act.

List of phrases:

“Have we met before?

Can you add a couple of interesting details to your phrase - "Did we meet you at the rock music festival last summer?" or “Aren't you the guy we were running away from Barcelona police with in an alien costume? Not? Sorry you would like it."

Sorry, could you help me with this?

Choose a book in the store, find the keys you dropped, or drag bags to your car. Act according to the situation. An important point - ask the guy to help you with what he will definitely cope with. Otherwise, both will be embarrassed.

the girl confuses the guy
the girl confuses the guy

Can I sit next to you?

Bus, cafe, shop in the park, etc. Smile a charming smile and use your charm and friendliness to the fullest.


You can't imagine more universal. Tired of looking for an excuse to talk to him so much that the desire to get to know him became stronger than any fears? Take it straight. Guys are okay with girls who take the initiative. Many consider it sexy. And why be surprised here? Courage is always attractive.


So, let's repeat the passed material:

  • Chat with a variety of guys, learn how to do it easily and naturally;
  • Get rid of the stereotypes that girls should not be proactive;
  • Use universal "conversation starters" if improvisation isn't your thing;
  • Act boldly and directly if Improvisation is your middle name.

Good game!

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