7 Smart Tips On How To Please A Man On A First Date

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7 Smart Tips On How To Please A Man On A First Date
7 Smart Tips On How To Please A Man On A First Date

Video: 7 Smart Tips On How To Please A Man On A First Date

Video: 7 Smart Tips On How To Please A Man On A First Date
Video: 5 First Date Tips That Make Him Want You More (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) 2023, March
girl in curlers
girl in curlers

Follow our advice and avoid common mistakes. We'll talk about the first and the second now. All that is required of you is attentiveness and a willingness to act.

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They are greeted by clothes

Let's be honest - looks are important. On the second and third dates, he gets to know you better. If you try, you will hook him by the end of the first meeting. By what you say. The way you look at him, what questions you ask him, etc.

Your charisma, intelligence, sense of humor and thinking are your trump cards. And you will definitely pull them out of your sleeve. Certainly. But we will start all the same with the trump card - your appearance.

This is the first date. First one-on-one conversation and first impression. And it, as we know, is very important.

Your appearance is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. And the man will feel it. Show him that you have a whirlwind romance with yourself.

Your outfit should keep you both high. You - from yourself. His - from the woman who sits in front of him.

Don't underestimate the sexuality that nature has given you. If you go to a restaurant or bar, wear a fitted dress and comfortable, feminine shoes. Date in more extreme conditions? Get out the jeans that accentuate your curves, and the shirt where you leave a couple of buttons unbuttoned.

Makeup must match the occasion. And your skills. If you are "on you" with brushes, sponges and other things, limit yourself to light makeup. Don't put a tower on your head like Marge from The Simpsons. Let your hair lie loose, exuding the light scent of your perfume.


If, having reached your age, you still have not learned to accept compliments, learn to do it right now. No "Oh, stop it", "Come on," "It's all makeup," etc. A man admires your appearance, and you try to convince him and poke your nose into your shortcomings.

What for?

girl in a pink hat winks
girl in a pink hat winks

Accept compliments with dignity, without modesty and pathos. Look into his eyes, smile and thank him for the compliment.

“I'm glad you liked my dress. Have you seen how it looks from behind?"

We will not leave him without compliments either. In no case. Praise his suit, tell him that this T-shirt suits him very much. Tell him you like the smell of his eau de toilette.

Add to your flirting compliment:

“I really like the smell of your perfume. Can I move a little closer? "

“You have a cool shirt. I like the material and the color. And the muscles that are visible through the tissue. "

If he arranged a date, praise his taste and ingenuity:

“Cool place. And the music is here as much as I love. It can be seen that you carefully chose the place for our meeting. I appreciate it"

“I'm so glad you chose such an unusual place for a date. The monotonous scenarios are terribly bored. Thank!"

girl on a red background
girl on a red background

“I like men who don't follow the usual attitudes. They are brave enough to come up with something of their own. "

If he's okay with a sense of humor, be sure to mark it. Maybe he spent all his energy on the humoresques that he supplied you all evening. Show that everything was not in vain:

“You are in complete order with a sense of humor. I like it"

I prefer to look at life with optimism and I like people with a good sense of humor

“You managed to make me laugh. You're funny. "

“I am glad that you are not only an intellectual, but also a funny guy. A combo of my favorite qualities in men. "


Men are afraid of smart women. It's true.

Men who do not shine with intelligence are afraid of getting lost against the background of intellectuals and prefer to communicate with girls more simply. Guys who are not interested in serious relationships are afraid of smart girls. Manipulators who need a wordless victim are afraid of smart girls.

It's true. With these individuals you can hide your mind and pretend to be a stupid doll. And with normal men, be a normal woman.

girl on a blue background
girl on a blue background

Keep the conversation going, don't be afraid to voice your opinion and disagree with the man.

An important point: if you do not understand some issue, you do not need to chat incessantly, fearing to be branded as an ignoramus. Better say, “It looks like you know a lot about this topic. I've always wanted to know more about this. Enlighten me."

Life and joy4

Men love cheerful girls. Cheerful and bright, who love life and know how to enjoy it. Are you one of those? He was very lucky! But he will never guess about it if you sit with a bored face and listlessly poke around in your plate.

Joke, smile, enjoy this evening. By the way, some men believe that a girl who eats food with pleasure is sexy. They draw a parallel between love of food and love of play in bed. So honey, if you want to order pasta and tiramisu, do it! Eat salad on Monday, when you and your friend go on a diet on a bet.

No need to talk about problems and complain about life. But we'll talk about this later.

Availability and inaccessibility5

You have to juggle these two concepts. No need to play as a cold and unfeeling bitch. If you overdo it with inaccessibility, a man may think that you are not interested in him. Will his interest in you grow? May be.

girl with inflatable unicorn
girl with inflatable unicorn

But if you are not the heroes of a teenage movie, where you are a well-bred shy girl and he is the captain of the football team, things can go differently. How? He won't ask you out on a second date. You have not yet had time to charm him, so as such he has no desire to “fight” for you.

Inaccessibility is not equal to disinterest, remember this. You like him and you are not afraid to show it to him. But you have a busy life even without him, and you are not ready to change all your plans for a second date with him. But you would like to go. Because you like him. But you will not sit by the phone and wait melancholy for his call.

Did you get the idea?

When he asks if you would like to go on a second date with him, answer in the affirmative (if so). But you don't need to immediately agree or say that you are ready to meet at any time.

What if he starts talking about a second date early in the evening?

“It's too early to talk about it. Let's enjoy the first date, and then we'll talk about the second. How do you like my dress, by the way?"

I know what I want6

Men are afraid of strong and determined girls. It's true.

girl shows like
girl shows like

By the way, the same men are afraid of the strong, about whom we spoke above.

Therefore, when on a date with an interesting man, do not be afraid to tell him about your goals in life. You don't have to show all the cards. Just show him that TV shows and manicure aren't your only hobbies in life.

You will have a great topic of conversation. Listen to him carefully as he talks about his goals. Pay special attention to the item "real actions on the way to your goals." Is he even worth trying to please him?


  • Don't discuss your problems with him. Don't complain - about life, illness, friends or relatives.
  • "I have nothing to tell, you better tell something."
  • "Yes, I'm not doing anything"
  • "I do not know. What do you think?"
  • "Will you call me?"
  • "When will we meet?"
  • “I am ready to meet you at any time. Maybe tomorrow? Day after tomorrow? After the day after tomorrow? Let's get married? "
two girls laugh
two girls laugh


Listen to sexy music before your date. Watch a music video, movie, or episode. Something that energizes you, kindles an inner fire. And in such a state, go on a date with a beautiful gait.

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