Eternal Opposition: What To Choose Badoo Or Tinder

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Eternal Opposition: What To Choose Badoo Or Tinder
Eternal Opposition: What To Choose Badoo Or Tinder

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badu or tinder
badu or tinder

Tinder and Badoo (or, if you prefer, Tinder and Badoo) are the titans of the online dating industry. Each of these applications has a number of advantages and disadvantages. And a multi-million army of fans, of course.

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Which camp to join and which application to download to your smartphone? Now we will conduct a comparative analysis of these platforms together with you.


Tinder has been around since 2012 and Badoo launched in 2006. Thus, both applications can be considered as a kind of old-timers and "fathers" of modern dating sites and applications. Tinder is run by the North American company Match Group, and Badu is owned by Andrey Andreev, a Russian businessman (but the main office is in London).

Badoo is used by more than 470 million users (you can find out the exact number of profiles on the main page of the official website - there is a counter there). And the Tinder app has been downloaded over 340 million times.

What are the goals of the users of these applications? One-off sex, serious relationship, making new friends or just chatting. There are no special differences here, everything is purely individual. In addition, many users openly declare their intentions directly in the "about themselves" section of their profile.

Both applications are international and are used all over the world. Also, both apps are intended for adult users only.

Badoo is said to be in high demand in Latin America, France, Spain and Italy. But if you want to meet a guy or a girl from these countries, you can safely install any application - there are a lot of French and Spaniards among the "Tinder".


Download the application (one of or both at once) and proceed to registration. There are no differences as such. You can register with your Google or Facebook account, or register with your email address.

badu or tinder
badu or tinder

You indicate your gender, date of birth, name. Everything is standard. You are not required to complete surveys or purchase a premium subscription immediately. In this regard, both platforms are very convenient - from ship to ball, from Google play to matches.

Now let's move on to the differences. "Badu" offers integration with such "purely Russian" social networks as, Vkontakte, Yandex, etc. When integrating, all data from your personal page (from the selected social network) will be transferred to your new Badoo profile.

Tinder invites you to register using your phone number, Facebook and Google. A code will be sent to your phone number, which is required to confirm registration. If you have a Google account, don't reinvent the wheel and use it to register.

Further. Loading photos. If you've ever used Tinder, you know that there are many users without photos. There are also many who simply put a snapshot of their favorite dog / cat / parrot as the main photo.


"Badu" in this regard is much stricter - in order to view other people's profiles, you need to upload three photos. In addition, when starting work with Badoo, you will have to come to terms with the photo verification procedure. The following inscription will appear in front of you: “Repeat this gesture. Take your picture in the same pose as the person in the photo. Don't worry, nobody will see this photo. " The moderators will check this photo by comparing it with the photos in your album.

"What nonsense!" - you say. But this approach allows you to minimize the number of fake profiles on the site. On the other hand, an inquiring mind will always find a loophole.

It's funny that the forums are full of questions like "How to bypass the verification for bad?"

For example, a guy writes that he has created a girl's account and wants to bypass photo verification. In the discussion, a heated debate immediately flares up - "this is impossible, accept it", "yes there is a bot, you can deceive it", "no, you cannot fool the bot", etc.

Don't make it difficult for yourself - use your real photos for registration.

badu screenshot
badu screenshot


All in all, Tinder and Badoo are brothers. "Like", "cross", "superlike", "go back".

Do you like the user? Like him. If he / she responds in kind to you, you form a pair ("match") and you will be able to correspond.

Here, both apps use the same trick - you can find out who has liked you. But you have to pay.

Badu Premium, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold - get your money ready. The subscription price often depends on the period for which the "premium" is purchased. For example, if you decide to purchase Tinder Plus, a pop-up window will indicate the subscription price (note: monthly subscription, not the total amount!) For the period you selected.

"Superlike" (on Tinder it looks like a star-shaped button) is like a like, only super. Let's see how this works using the example of "Tinder": just likes are located at the top. As soon as their number exceeds 99, the inscription 99+ will appear at the top. If someone puts you "Super Like", you will receive a notification. Scrolling through user profiles, sooner or later you may stumble upon a profile marked with an asterisk - it was this person who "super-liked" you.


If you click on the "cross" (or "swipe" the profile to the left), no one will know about it. You won't break anyone's heart, don't worry.

"Go back" is a function that will help you return a randomly missed profile. If you want to use this feature in Tinder without restrictions, you will have to fork out again.

Interesting features of "Badu" - section "Favorites" and "Visitors". Do you want to discreetly walk on other people's profiles and find out who added you to your favorites? No problem. Go to the counter with payment, please.

Another similarity is that both applications have a kind of top users.

Your profile4

You can hide your age and the distance (in miles or kilometers) that you are from this or that user. But, as you might have guessed, not for free.

badu 1
badu 1

You do not have to indicate where you studied and who worked. Or specify - if you like. You do not have to report anything about yourself in the "About yourself" section. Or tell us about your preferences and goals that you pursue on the platform. Here, in general, democracy - roll a mini-essay about yourself (no more than 500 characters) or keep the mystery. Moderators do not care much about this.

You can provide a link to your Instagram. Many users of "Tinder" in the "about themselves" section write the following: "If I do not reply to messages here, write to me on Instagram - ….". But many "Tinder" people do not bother and simply connect their Instagram account. This makes the profile look more lively.

American fight, I'll leave with you

Both platforms are not at all against international marriages. When searching for people in Badu, select the country and city you need.

Tinder has a “Passport” function. You choose almost any point on the globe and start swiping Norwegians, French, Germans, Colombians, etc. Initially, changing location is a paid function. But in 2020, Tinder decided to help its users in this difficult time and opened free access to this function until April 30. The public was immediately delighted.

tinder 1
tinder 1


Most users agree that Tinder and Badu have such a huge audience for a reason. Yes, there are fakes and scammers. But there are far more live people on both platforms than on one-day sites.

The main disadvantages of applications, users unanimously call paid subscriptions and boorish people. Well, if the first one can still be dealt with, then the second should just be reconciled. If you want to completely protect yourself from ill-mannered individuals, you will have to stop leaving the house and disconnect the Internet. Even Disney cartoons have always had villains, what do you want from dating apps?

Verification of a photo on "Badu" is a separate topic. Some praise the developers for this approach, while others curse.

What do we have? 7

This is not to say that the heroes of our article are similar to each other like two drops of water. There are certain differences in design and functionality.

Badu is more like a social network, while Tinder is an ode to digital minimalism.


You can run into boors, perverts and freaks in any application.

Both platforms are popular among people of different ages, although it is believed that the "Tinder" people will still be younger.

The developers of both apps don't mind emptying your pockets. But you can easily get by with free access.

Which application is most popular among our compatriots? Here Badu wins by a small margin. And if you are in the United States, in conversations with acquaintances, you are more likely to hear a discussion of "Tinder".

Thus, choosing a dating app is still a matter of taste. Someone will like Tinder's minimalism, while others will feel uncomfortable in it. As mentioned above, both applications are very similar to each other. Install both and choose which camp you will join.

May the matches come with you!

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