Which Restaurants And Bars Can You Meet In Moscow

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Which Restaurants And Bars Can You Meet In Moscow
Which Restaurants And Bars Can You Meet In Moscow
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mission impossible restaurant
mission impossible restaurant

And also clubs for fans of speed dating (fast dates). Where to go, how much will it cost you and is the game worth the candle?

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  • 1 FastLife
  • 2 OnSvidanii.ru
  • 3 Come On By Date
  • 4 Attraction
  • 5 "Incognito"
  • 6 I don't want speed dating!


You receive an invitation on the official website fastlife.su. The interface of the site, by the way, is quite understandable, it is easy to understand the intricacies of functions and sections.

According to the organizers, during the evening you will be lucky enough to meet fifteen people.

How is the evening going? Everything is in the spirit of speed dating - you get a personal number and about five to seven minutes to communicate with each potential partner. In a special card, you mark the people you like. If your sympathy is mutual, you will be provided with the contacts of the right person.

What is the likelihood of meeting your fate at a speed dating evening? On the FastLife website, you can read the happy stories of couples who met, got married and gave birth to kids almost faster than going through a five-minute date.

According to the organizers, there is no dress code for dating, but wearing frayed sweatpants is highly undesirable. In other words, you should dress as you would for any other "slow" date.

Most often, quick dates are arranged in restaurants, so that the atmosphere is as romantic as possible. And in connection with the pandemic, FastLife decided to organize events online.

This is not the only organization in Moscow offering residents of the capital to experience all the delights of speed dating. But unlike competitors, FastLife has managed to earn a good reputation for itself and appear in many media.

Ticket prices vary depending on the age of the participants and the day of the week. In addition, the organizers often organize various events. Details should be specified directly on the website.

mr bean in a restaurant
mr bean in a restaurant


Another organization that offers speed dating parties. An obvious plus is the presence of an older age group, which includes women 45-55 years old and men 50-60 years old.

As with other establishments, participants under the age of eighteen are not allowed to party.

Girls are given discounts and the ticket is cheaper for them than for men.

For example, if you buy a ticket online in advance (five hours before the party), girls will pay 599 rubles, and men will pay 699 rubles. Please note that the final ticket price depends on the day of the week, valid promotions and the age of the participants. Details should be checked with representatives.

Parties are often held at the Beavers and Ducks restaurant on Pyatnitskaya.

girl in a restaurant
girl in a restaurant

The official site has posted numerous rave reviews. One of them belongs to TV presenter Evelina Bledans - she speaks of these events as a "funny story".

OnSvidanii.ru also offers everyone such events:

  • Individual selection of a pair - 4000 rubles for women and 5000 rubles for men;
  • Game dating - 699 rubles;
  • Mega-dating with the participation of 80 guests - 1200 rubles (dress code: cocktail);
  • Speak up and dating - 599 rubles.

In the section "Rules of participation", the organizers strongly ask the participants to treat the events responsibly - if you are unable to attend the party, please let us know in advance.

Come onDate2

And again about quick dates. Let's start with the features of this organization:

girls in restaurant
girls in restaurant
  • If you come with a friend, you will receive a 30% discount;
  • The ticket price for girls under 29 years old is 399 rubles;
  • During the evening, you can meet 15-25 people;
  • Entrance to events is from 20 years old.

The organizers claim that all meetings are held in the finest restaurants in the capital, as the party establishments are strictly selected. The duration of each date is seven minutes. You will be able to find out the phone numbers of those who liked you. In general, everything is standard here.

Come onDating keep up with the times (more precisely, with the same pandemic) and offer speed dating to everyone online.

The cost is 99 rubles if you make a prepayment online, and the party takes place on Wednesday. Age of participants: women 20-39 years old and men 26-40 years old.

The same event for the same age group but on Friday will cost 399 rubles (again, prepaid).

sex and the city
sex and the city

Come onDating also offer dating with foreigners. One of the reviews is about the romantic love story of a Russian girl and an American who now live in the United States.

Online dating with foreigners will cost 1999 rubles. Age group: women 30-39 years old and men 35-48 years old.

The cost and format of dates are relevant at the time the article was published. But, since the meetings are held regularly, anyone who wishes can sign up for a party of the format that suits him.


Dating Club "Attraction" organizes evenings for everyone who wants to have fun and get to know each other. For their parties, the organizers select restaurants and bars with a romantic atmosphere.

"Attraction" is glad to see not only young guys and girls, but also mature men and women aged 50+. The range of services offered by "Attraction" is quite extensive - in addition to evenings in restaurants, the company offers boat cruises, discos, dance evenings, quests and the now popular Speed ​​Dating events.

This stupid love
This stupid love

Apparently, the club is in demand, since an announcement is posted on the main page of the site that in case of congestion of the selected institution, the event will be transferred to another club / bar / restaurant, and all participants will be notified.

Those who like to play Mafia should pay attention to this establishment - on Fridays in the Vietcafe restaurant everyone can enjoy the salon game.

"Incognito" 4

A dating club that offers everyone not only the search for a soul mate, but also an immersion in the vibrant nightlife of the capital.

The atmosphere of the club is also conveyed by the official website of the establishment, made in mysterious black and exciting neon blue colors.

Talking about their merits, the administration of the club relies on the atmosphere of flirting and romance prevailing in the institution: "Even the most modest men and timid girls will be able to feel easy and free."

couple in restaurant
couple in restaurant

During normal hours, the club is open from 21:00 to 6:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Location - B. Serpukhovskaya street 44.

You can familiarize yourself with the menu and prices directly on the website, which is very convenient. The average price of a drink (according to the prices on the website) is 350 rubles.

I don't want speed dating! 5

Okay, then keep a list of just decent and atmospheric places in Moscow. They do not position themselves as dating clubs, but they are quite capable of introducing you to interesting people.

So, if speed dating is too newfangled and stressful for you, pay attention to:

  • Iggy Pub, Kalashny lane, 9;
  • Wine Bazaar. Dances ", Prechistenskaya nab., 15, building 2;
  • Lights, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 14s10;
  • Sapiens Est, Pushechnaya street, 4с1;
  • Grammys, Kutuzovskiy prospect, 2/1, building 6;
  • "Ugolyok", B. Nikitskaya, 12;
  • "13 °", 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 13.

Successful dates and atmospheric evenings!

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