Life Hacks, How To Fall In Love With A Man On A First Date

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Life Hacks, How To Fall In Love With A Man On A First Date
Life Hacks, How To Fall In Love With A Man On A First Date

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girl in a red t-shirt and on a yellow background
girl in a red t-shirt and on a yellow background

Falling in love with a man on a first date is not an easy task. The first date is like this: either pan or disappeared. Of course, the candidate may not be ice, but this is a topic for a separate conversation. But what to do if a "big fish" is swimming in the net? In this case, you can't screw up. So, life hacks in the studio!

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  • 1 First date tactics and strategy
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Meeting time
  • 4 Meeting point
  • 5 Phone barred
  • 6 Conversation topic
  • 7 How to end a date
  • 8 Rule of 3 days
  • 9 1: 0 in favor of the ladies

First date tactics and strategy

The first date is not a hukhry-muhry. It determines the further development of events. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between tactics and strategy. In a nutshell, for those in the tank: strategy is for a long time, tactics are current actions, that is, during the play.


A first date strategy should be developed as soon as communication starts. It doesn't matter where it happens: on the Internet or live. As soon as the subject begins to show interest, you need to immediately begin to prepare.

  • The first thing to think about is the wardrobe. He should be for all occasions, from cowards to a raincoat, because the biggest mistake is a ridiculous outfit.
  • The second is the venue for the date. Men often choose the meeting place themselves, but sometimes they provide this opportunity for the lady. And here it is important to arrange everything so that he does not die of boredom in the first 5 minutes. Yes, you have to work as an entertainer, but this is better than quietly fading out at a classic rendezvous.
  • The third is the dating scenario. Even if the man himself appointed the place of the meeting, the script rests entirely with the one who is more interested in its continuation. There is no need to wrinkle your nose contemptuously and cut in infantilism. Yes, interest depends on both, but if it was the lady who was impatient to keep this handsome man, then she should write the script.
  • The fourth is the end of the evening. This is where the classic works. You can ideally spend the evening, but specifically screw up at its end. If your plans are long-term, then you need to be extremely careful: reputation plays the most important role in the future.
  • The fifth is "a small gap between the first and second." All the rules for waiting for the second meeting must be strictly followed. She often breaks off precisely because of the mistakes made during this period.


Tactics are behavior under existing conditions. It is difficult to predict this or that situation, but it is possible. If everything goes according to a given scenario, then there is no need to be afraid of force majeure. But sometimes the situation gets out of control, and then improvisation is needed. But then again, improvise over wisely. Straw mat should be at hand. Therefore, the options must be calculated in advance. Let's just say that the first date is a real chess game in which you need to checkmate …

girl shows ok
girl shows ok

So, it's time to take a closer look at the first chapter.


"They meet by their clothes …" This truth is known to everyone. The wardrobe needs to be inspected. Even on a potato field, you can and should look charming, because picking a beetle or harvesting perfectly shows all the advantages of a "5 point", for example, or a breast. Moreover, under completely natural conditions. What concerns the appearance:

Hair and hands

You can appear in tarpaulin boots, if the situation requires it, but your hands and head should be in perfect order. Manicure is strictly required. But it doesn't have to be bright and defiant. That is, the claws of the old witch will definitely not work. Calm length, nude colors, minimal design. Men love "cleanliness." Of course, it is difficult to create the image of an "innocent maiden" at the age of 30, but there is no need to stick out a passionate nature either.

Hair should be clean and well-groomed. They need to be collected. Few people like it when curls climb into the face at the slightest breeze. In addition, if the date takes place somewhere in the open air, then the head runs the risk of turning into a haystack. This is only in advertising, the girls are standing in the center of the typhoon, and their curls gently and beautifully flow through the air waves. In fact, it is more like an explosion at a pasta factory. And then the appearance resembles "I fell from the hayloft, braked my head." So it's better to put them together in a simple but pretty hairstyle. Even if it is a simple ponytail, you can also decorate it.

girl winks
girl winks


The smell deserves special attention. Men are sensitive to aromas. And they hate it when a girl is associated with a perfume factory. The smell should be light, plume, make you approach, and not move 10 meters away. How to choose a scent? And it was enough to find out the preferences of the man. If he is sweet and loves cakes, then you need to choose sweet flavors. If he loves nature, then smells with forest, herbal, floral notes will do. This also includes oxygenated aromas.

Lovers of travel to warm countries can be pleased by using citrus, sunny options. The arsenal of perfumery weapons is varied for many. But if there is only one perfume, then they should be applied pointwise or it is better to do without them altogether. It's okay if a woman just smells clean. The man will catch the natural smell that interests him the most.


Here you need to clearly understand that the chosen style directly depends on the success of the first date. The point is that the wardrobe should correspond to the atmosphere of the date. If it is assigned directly to a restaurant, it is not superfluous to check what kind of institution it is. Restaurant to restaurant - discord. In some one you have to appear almost in an evening dress with a "Babel tower" on your head, and some may turn out to be quite democratic and will allow you to dress more practical and comfortable, but no less elegant.

girl covers her face with her hand
girl covers her face with her hand

If a date involves a walk, then there can be no question of any heels. To look like a wounded grasshopper after 2 hours of walking in the park is not a sight to behold. Accordingly, the choice of footwear in this situation comes first. In addition, the latest fashion trends allow you to combine sneakers and a dress, for example. The same goes for picnics. Do not be afraid to look like "Dunyasha from Khatsapetovka" if you have a trip to barbecue, for example. Of course, uncovering a closet is also not a good idea, but Louboutins are out of place here. Suddenly he will invite you to climb a pretty mound or decide to show a wonderful meadow in the forest.

Meeting time3

If a man offers to choose the time of the meeting himself, then it is better to make a date during the daytime. Why? The point is that if the thoughts about the object are serious, then it is worth worrying about the reputation. The afternoon meeting will eliminate the inconvenient suggestions "go for a cup of coffee" or "where are we going?" The first date will not last 5-7 hours, and it is quite possible to end on a pleasant note, referring to business.

Meeting point4

Yes, if the man himself chose the venue for the date, then he will have to dance from his proposal. But if he left this right to you, then there is where to turn around with imagination.

  • Intellectual. For such "smart people" it is better to choose a place that will help expand knowledge in any area. It doesn't matter what it will be: an exhibition or a planetarium. Yes, even a library! The main thing is that he will feel himself in a comfortable environment, he will be able to be smart, and you will not appear to him as a dummy.
  • Music lover. With such a music lover, it is best to go to a concert, considering his preferences. Either it is a conservatory, or a tour of a famous performer. There you can both come off and chat.
lollipop girl
lollipop girl
  • An active, playful dreamer. With this, you can go to the park for a bike ride or visit a quest. By the way, the quest is a great idea in the sense that stress makes people feel great, they behave naturally, and there is a great opportunity for tactile contact. A man will gladly hold you by the waist, helping to get through some tunnel. Plus, it'll be fun. There will be no need to come up with a topic for conversation, suffer from minutes of silence and there will be something to discuss after the game.
  • Filmmaker. Everything is simple here. Movie premiere. An ideal option, after which there is something to chat about, unobtrusively recognizing a person's life positions. After all, the fate of the heroes, or rather its discussion, will perfectly reveal the credo of the interlocutor.

In fact, before going on a first date, many have time to more or less get to know their partner. Someone has been communicating on the network for more than one month. This is a time that brings many people very close, and people go on a first date with developed sympathy. This is where you need to make every effort so as not to knock off the whole veil of romantic mood.

Barred phone5

Probably, there is no need to remind once again about the "mobile" etiquette. We are talking about telephones. You should turn off notifications from social networks, because the hand instinctively reaches for the device when it “blinks”. Not only will it start to strain after 10 minutes of the meeting, but also a terrible bad manners are constantly distracted. There is nobody and nothing more important than the interlocutor on the first date. Therefore, the phone along with VK and Instagram will wait. This applies to both, by the way. If suddenly a call comes in, then nothing prevents you from answering it, but briefly, so as not to make the interlocutor languish.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Talking topic6

Maintaining a conversation is an art. Everything must be done so that the conversation has an easy, casual character. Woe to that madam who turns a date into an interrogation. The second will definitely not take place. But no questions asked. Therefore:

  • Items related to finance, material security in general should be avoided. Some people, however, come up with a bright idea to immediately find out the size of the salary, and the presence of an apartment with a car. Well, then you shouldn't be upset if the candidate for a long, joint life "merges" right away.
  • You shouldn't dwell on yourself as well. As much as I would not like to present myself in a favorable light, phrases like “I would never have done that” and stuff like that, we must forget. It is better to say "this is wrong" than to "yak".
  • False … a separate topic for conversation. Many people cut in an image that is subsequently completely different from the present. For example, a negative review of female commercialism crashes with a bang on the choice of a restaurant menu. Feigned kindness and respect die with a piece of paper thrown out past the urn or a dismissive tone to the service staff.
happy girl
happy girl
  • Conversations about childhood. You can choose a couple of funny episodes, but not arrange a "memorial evening". It is categorically impossible to broadcast about your love for your father and admit with aspiration that “you look like my dad”. It is unlikely that a man will like it, he is an individuality, not someone's copy. And who wants to play the role of daddy ?!
  • Questions about the ex. It will be necessary, he will tell himself. He will definitely touch on this topic. And here it is necessary to remember the point about "falsehood" and the phrase "I would never". It is enough to shrug your shoulders and answer that this is “her business”. You can support a man with an answer, like, "Yes, it happens," and curtail a scrupulous conversation.

How to end a date7

You need to end the date so that the person has a desire to see again. To do this, you need to correctly build its ending, which begins at the very beginning of the meeting. How? And like this:

girl in pink faux fur coat
girl in pink faux fur coat
  • Throughout the date, you need to periodically indicate some event that you would like to bring to life. For example, hint about a bike ride, but there is no companion. Or about the desire to visit a concert or exhibition and, again, the absence of a couple. Do it in a dreamy voice and in an affirmative mood, for example, "I will definitely get there!" This will give the man an opportunity to arrange, if not a surprise, then find a place for the next meeting.
  • The visit should not last more than 3 hours. Of course, time can fly by and even drag on. But it's time and honor to know. It would be better to gently bring it to the end. And there is no need to refer to a bunch of urgent matters. Suffice it to say that you have to get up early tomorrow, but you need to get everything ready for the working day. Then the man will not feel exchanged for someone else, even if it is a parent or a girlfriend.
  • Do not give in to provocation to spend a joint night. This may turn out to be a "test for lice." An attempt to lead to the house also needs to be gently suppressed, what if he's a maniac? A joke, of course, but "in every joke, there is some truth." It is better to get home on your own, leaving behind a trail of pleasant memories.
air kiss
air kiss

Rule 3 days_3

And one moment. This is the 3-day rule. In the evening, after the first date, you can and should send a message with gratitude for the time spent. Don't ask questions about your next date, though. The next morning, you do not need to cut off the man's phone. If everything goes perfectly, he will be the first to write, wish "good morning", take an interest in business. In general, you need to behave as quietly as possible, "lay low." The man is a hunter, and if he liked you he will continue.

1: 0 in favor of ladies10

The account is considered open if the man at the end of the first date immediately appoints the second. This is an unconditional victory over him for the near future. And if everything is done correctly, then the cherished stamp in the passport is close, and the bluebird of happiness is in the cage.

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