How To Meet A Girl And A Guy In The Fitness Room?

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How To Meet A Girl And A Guy In The Fitness Room?
How To Meet A Girl And A Guy In The Fitness Room?

Video: How To Meet A Girl And A Guy In The Fitness Room?

Video: How To Meet A Girl And A Guy In The Fitness Room?
Video: How to Approach Girls at the Gym (5 EASY STEPS!) 2023, March
girl shakes shoulders
girl shakes shoulders

The gym is a great place to meet. It's great to find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend right here, in this temple of protein shakes and delicious buttocks.

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  • 9 Is the game worth the candle?

You already have at least one common hobby - you love to play sports and choose a healthy lifestyle.

Or, equally unsuccessfully, you are trying to overcome vicious cravings for fatty foods and lying on the couch.

How to flirt and meet at the gym? Read and memorize.

They are greeted by clothes

Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. If your figure is still far from ideal, and you are experiencing discomfort because of this, refrain from clothes in which the handsome men and beauties from Instagram are walking around.

Pick up a comfortable T-shirt / T-shirt, pants and quality athletic shoes.

Are you comfortable in these clothes, do they suit you and do you look pretty good? Great, you're on the right track.

Have you been going to the hall for a long time and want to demonstrate to everyone present the results of your efforts? In this case, you can afford anything - as long as you feel comfortable.

A sexy body, dressed in beautiful sportswear, is guaranteed to attract the attention of the public.

PS Sometimes attention is undesirable and even unpleasant - this is especially familiar to girls.


The audience is too busy with their own presses, deadlifts, hyperextensions, planks, burpees, etc.

It is possible that a couple of curious glances will be thrown at you. Especially those guys who have already taken a bunch of selfies in the mirror and are now wandering around.

Everyone else doesn't care much about you.

You are more likely to attract attention with your scared look when you look around and try to squeeze into the floor in order to fall a couple of floors below, straight to the food court.

If you don't know how to do a particular exercise, ask for advice. At the coach or one of the visitors. And there you can start a dialogue if you turn on your charm.


You can send a couple of glances towards a person you like, but it's better to take matters into your own hands. Praise the physical shape of a guy or a girl, ask for a couple of tips regarding nutrition and exercise, and then switch to abstract topics - who you are, how long have you been to this gym, what do you do besides sports, etc.

gym girl
gym girl

Those who are especially daring can offer to refresh themselves after class in a nearby cafe.

What are the odds? 4

A study published a couple of years ago in the popular British newspaper Dailymail proves that your chances are very high.

The research results are generally quite interesting, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with them:

  • 97% of those surveyed say that their attempts to make an acquaintance in the gym were crowned with success;
  • 66% were lucky to have sex for one night;
  • 61% of respondents received a date as a reward for their courage;
  • 24% of the lucky ones found a permanent relationship.

Also, according to the study, it is better to approach guys and girls who take special supplements, drink protein shakes and take pictures of themselves in the mirror with pleasure.

girl carries pancakes in the gym
girl carries pancakes in the gym

Apparently, the rest of the guys are simply not up to it. They are still trying to teleport back to their home couch and forget going to the gym like a bad dream.

Physical contact5

All the same research claims that most gym goers don't like being touched by anyone other than the coach. Especially girls don't like such liberties.

“I feel uncomfortable,” say 45% of women and 11% of men.

“The person who touched me was too sweaty,” add 77% of women and 61% of men.

Yes, it is not pleasant enough.

Social networks6

If you don't have the courage to meet in person, take advantage of modern technology. Find the guy you like or the girl who has sunk into your soul on social networks.

girl taking pictures in the gym
girl taking pictures in the gym

What to write? What do you want to meet / find yourself a company for joint trips to the pool. Or you want to start running in the morning, but you don't want to do it alone. Suggest a challenge. The loser leads the winner on a date.

Expert comments7

“We're looking for someone with whom we have common interests,” says Teresa Didonato, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland.

This is confirmed by numerous studies. Take one from 2018, for example. It showed that 83% of people who regularly go in for sports dream of finding a partner with the same active lifestyle.

In addition, scientists have deduced an interesting pattern. When you puff and sweat next to someone you like, you feel even more sexual desire than if you were just admiring the back of his head while standing in line at the store.

Of course, sweat pheromones come into play. But it’s not that simple.

girl shakes triceps
girl shakes triceps

“When your body is physiologically aroused, like during exercise, whatever emotions you feel are heightened,” explains social psychology professor Madeleine Fuger, Ph. D., author of The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships.

Research shows that this happens because our brains cannot distinguish between arousal and exercise (fast heart rate, flushed cheeks, sticky palms) and sexual desire (quickened heart rate, flushed cheeks, sticky palms), so the former is interpreted as the latter.

Real Couples Stories8

Take the story of 35-year-old Abby Margulis, a communications professional who met Charles while climbing, a sport she has loved since college. They started out as friends, both dated other people. But after seven months of communication, it became apparent that the chemistry between them was too strong. They started dating. Five years have passed - they are happily married and live in sunny California.

Now there are even special dating apps for sports fans - Sweatt, Weights N 'Dates, GymSocial and others. And these apps really work!

girl shakes ass
girl shakes ass

Just ask Alissa Simm, a 26-year-old account manager and marathon runner from New York, who met Jeremy, an avid tennis player, through the Sweatt app. “He seemed nice and smart to me. It was so easy for me to be with him because he understood and accepted my “jump-in-five-in-the-morning-and-run-for-a-run” lifestyle,”says Alissa.

“And when we went to the gym together (it happened right after our first date), I saw a very hot guy in front of me. I watched him do the exercises and felt a strong desire to get closer to him even more,”says Miss Simm.

Are these stories not enough for you? Okay, we're not giving up.

Veronica Bertrand, a 28-year-old teacher from Naples, Florida, met her fiancé through CrossFit.

“We went to the same events, we had mutual friends. And all this once again reminded us that we met for a reason. Most couples spend a lot of time away from each other. And after the quarrel, they move away even more and each do their own thing. We didn't even have the opportunity to distance ourselves from each other. We were doing the same thing. And together we grew up in it,”says Veronica.

girl shakes biceps
girl shakes biceps

Is the game worth the candle? 9

If both of you are crazy about sports, you have a good chance. If you both hate sports, you also have a good chance of a happy relationship.

But in a couple where one loves an active lifestyle, and the other only pretends, conflicts are inevitable.

Should you try to meet someone at the gym? Of course worth it! If you are lucky, then you will leave there not only with a beautiful ass, but also in an embrace with your loved one.

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